Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Wait

After Snowden blabbed about the NSA, we were assured that no one in our Spookery was doing anything wrong.  The oversight was there and it worked.  We heard that kind of talk from Obama, Feinstein and Rogers.  We were told to relax, the spooks keep us safe.

We were told nothing was wrong, except for an occasional screw-up, but that's to be expected given the volume of data.  Of course we follow a simple pattern--deny anything is wrong, admit maybe one thing occurred, and then have to own up to more than first admitted too.  It's kind of how we dealt with civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

As the admissions have grown it's time for the next escalation.  Now the NSA admits it has regular screw-ups, make that wholesale screw-ups, but, of course, no American has been hurt.  Oh, the audit was squelched to make sure the Patriot Act was renewed.

As we go from denial to one thing here and two things there to a thousands of things last year alone and political manipulation of info,  get ready for the ultimate round.  Yep, I bet we'll be hearing about the use of NSA, CIA, and FBI for political purposes.

NSA abuses contradict Obama and congressional claims of oversight

Gun Nuttery

What will it take to control guns?  Slaughter in elementary schools doesn't have an effect.  Ditto with theaters and colleges.  Hmm, what would happen if during a meeting of the RNC, a gun nut showed up and mowed down 20 or 30 of the top Repubs as the head of the NRA was speaking.  Would that have an effect?  Nah, even the fat man won't sing a song of gun control now that he's decided the nation needs it's second really obese president.

Christie vetoes New Jersey gun ban

A rose is a rose, right?

Sure, except when the rose is a drone.  A drone is a drone is a drone unless it's an unmanned aerial system (UAS).  I'm sure, with the right advertising we'll all quit talking about drones.  I know pols will, if sufficient funds are donated by UAS firms to reelection collection plates, quite using the "D" word.  You can buy a change in nomenclature.  I wonder how much it will cost?

Why drone makers have declared war on the word ‘drone’

Are you reading tweets or gheets?

Most celebs don't write their own books.  They all have ghost writers.   Tell me how all these marginally literate folks can use social media.  Yep, they have it all ghosted by a Social Media Management Firm.

Want to Be a Superstar, but No Time for Social Media? Fake it with Ghost Tweeter.

Retail Religion

I was amazed, longer ago than I wish to remember,  at how well religious claptrap sold when I worked for S.S. Kresge's.  The religious book rack was the most valuable 2 square feet in the store.   For example, when Dr. Billy published a new book on Angels, they flew out of the store faster than sin.  Chuckie Colson's gibberish sold well too.  Back then the NYT did not include religious books in their bestseller listings.  Guess what kinds of books sold better than anything else.  Yep, hold drivel.

It appears Jesus's retail side has become pretty much a Protestant thing.  The Catholics just haven't been able to compete with the hucksters who built god's retail shop like Falwell, Roberts, and Robertson.  So many others have come along and shill the lord quite well.

Uh, oh, Prots better watch out.  Catholics have a new store manager.  Sales are beginning to boom as Pope Frank begins to push the products.

Pope Francis could boost sales in lagging Catholic retail market

Today In Islam

Gunmen kill 11 near Syrian Christian villages in attack resident describes as sectarian

Security forces attack Cairo mosque, trade gunfire with anti-government protesters


As Islamist rebels rise in Syria, liberal activists take a step back

Deadly Blast Rocks a Hezbollah Stronghold in Lebanon

Afghanistan construction workers killed in camp attack

Some days I think Arab Muslims really worship Kali.

House Trogs Withhold NSA Info

I guess there must be some kind of Spook Industrial Congressional Complex (at least for a few Trog Committee members).  It's so Republican to suppress information.  Oh, that's not fair, its' so Demican and Rebublicrat.  I wouldn't call the White House a font of truth and transparency, would you?

We attract the wrong kind of people to public office.  It's not supposed to be a career, but we've allowed it to become so.  If you think experience matters, then how do you explain the mess we have in Washington and in so many states.  We elect experience all right, experience at getting elected not at governing.  Why don't we all vote for either Socialists or Libertarians next election.   The change might be refreshing.

House panel withheld document on NSA surveillance program from members

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sleaze is sleaze no matter the gender

Bob McDonnell is a sleazy king of guy.  He's popular in Virginia, that should tell you something about a lot of Old  Dominionites.  Wow,  he married himslef.  His wife is comparably sleazy.  Hmm, do you really want to vote for the scumbag or the douchebad this November.  There is a third choice, the Libertarian.  Bag the Dems and the GOP, they're all the same.  Let's try a new party and a new face.

Va. First Lady bought stock in Star Scientific


PolitiFact.comFollow us on Twitter

Who took more vacation time, Bush or Obama?

President Obama is winding up his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard this week, and like many presidents -- George W. Bush, FDR, even John Adams -- he got criticized for taking a break.
MSNBC’s Al Sharpton went to bat for Obama, though, noting the president "has taken 92 days of vacation since he was sworn in," compared to 367 for Bush at the same point in his presidency. We checked Sharpton’s math to see if he was right. Our ruling? Mostly True.
Other fun fact-checks this week looked at these questions:
You can find the answers to those questions and more at Hear something that needs a fact-check? Drop us a line
We hope you’re having a great summer!
-- The reporters and editors at PolitiFact

GOP -- How to win friends and influence people

The GOP's idea of people is pretty much older, well  armed, evangelical white guys.  Now if ABC, CBS, and MSNBC will just do a Hillary thing then the GOP will only be on FOX.  A GOP primary zoo free TV season sounds refreshing.
RNC votes to exclude CNN, NBC from 2016 presidential primary debates

Bless My Oversight, We're So Trustable II

Still have any faith in Obama?  Still looking for that hope and change shit.  Well, quit, it's no we can't time.   He may personally be a nice guy, but he is dismal as president.  Trust his assurances about NSA oversight?  Come on, listen to the FISA judge--

Court: Ability to police U.S. spying program limited

Bless My Oversight, We're So Trustable

Kind of sucks doesn't it.  Why do any of us trust any elected or appointed official in our government?  They all need to be replaced.  Replace, but not with clones.  We need a better breed of cat in all these offices.  Anyone who wants the office is exactly the person we should not nominate much less elect.  There's not much difference between any elected or appointed person and Anthony Wiener now is there?

NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arabs At Play

It seems  that Arabs live to kill each other off.  They use their religion as the basis for their sectarian  slaughter.  I guess they're still stuck in the 14th century or earlier.  I'm delighted that we (West European) mostly moved past our days of sectarian killing--Prots and Catholics went at it for so long.  However we did develop other justifications for massive murder.  People need to realize all the godly stuff is pure bullshit.  God is used by people to assume and exercise quite terrestrial power.  Maybe Arabs can learn to live with themselves, but the god stuff has to be removed from the public square.  Keep the killing to sets of power seekers going after each other for no reason other than being the one in charge and we might reduce the number of kill offs we each get to experience.  Gee, god doesn't kill, people do.  Now where have I heard something like that before?  

Deadly Lebanon blast in Beirut stronghold of Hezbollah

43 is still in the White House

Bush/Cheney and Obama/Biden it's all the same.  Who needs a Constitution anyway?  Hell, who needs law.  It the lawyers can't provide a passable justification then have a willing Congress pass your heart's desire.  Congress is too busy fund raising for the next election to read any bill.  That way all is legal unless the Supremes act.  Oh, shit, the Roberts and the Robes have been paid off too.  Basically, the American people are fucked as those in office perpetuate themselves, satisfy their self-interests and never bother with the trivial matter of governance.  How'd this shit happen?   Come on, governance is not 39+ House votes to be rid of Obamacare.

Hey, it's not shit, that it, unless you think the average American is a shit lover.  We voluntarily did it to ourselves.  We created Washington.  We voted for the miscreants in both parties.  Our world is exactly the way most of us want it to be--the 25%+1 who vote for the winner in our  elections are allocated the 50% who do not vote, so 75% really like it the way it is.

National polls don't mean much unless all those polled folks take the time to vote.  

Obama’s surveillance revisions omit limits on warrantless email searches

Place Your Bets

Will it be Damascus on the Tigris or not?  Is Iraq headed into Syria like oblivion?  Let's see, how many think Iraq is better off after Bush and his Uncle Dick helped them out?  How many think they'd be better off if Hussein had remained in power?  Ouch.

Iraq will not become another Syria, says government, as car bombs kill 34

Our Wars

The douche we currently have in the White House decided we're not engaged in a War on Terror.  Nope, he decided we're in an Overseas Contingency Operation.  No one knows what the hell that means,  so no one gives a shit.  He and his successors can OCO without end forever.  Hmm, how about the War on Drugs.  Can we bury the DEA and all that drug stuff under the rubric of Domestic Contingency Operation?  Every state could legalize pot and the feds could wage a DCO and all would be oblivious.

You'll Need More Than An Aluminum Foil Cap

Want to survive the Domestic Drone Dragnet?  Then you better buy anti-drone wear.  Will NSA locate you so the FBI can bust your ass?  Better secure your cellphone.  Today's hi-tech is giving conspiracy nuts and survivalist nuts new things to worry about.  Fortunately for them, there's always a new willing a able entrepreneur who will meet their rather odd needs.

Government surveillance spurs Americans to fight back

Arab Sproing -- Egypt

The sectarians are being killed by the military.  The military will restore order.  After order is restored the government will be reinstated.   Gee, isnt' this a replay of Egypt's past political order?  Too bad the Muslim Brotherhood could not rid themselves of the desire for a Islam only democracy.  Can you really put those two words together meaningfully?  I doubt it and I doubt we'll ever see a real democratic government in Egypt.

  Morsi supporters call for protest marches as crackdown death toll rises in Egypt

Morons at the gate

The morons are knocking on the gate.  They have demands.  No Obamacare or else!  Else is a shutdown of the federal government.  If they weren't morons they would not make such an idiotic demand.  What happens if we truly shut it down with no exceptions.  Every time you make an exception, don't you support government and taxation?

Okay, we shut it all down.  Imagine a world without Social Security and Medicare.  Are you ready to assume full responsibility for your parents?  Are you ready to see elderly paupers?  Are you ready for disease to run much more rampant than it has for decades due to Medicare, Medicaid, and Public Health Services?   Bring back the good old days of infectious disease.  

Oh, don't forget, about 30%, at least in the public and private sector, of working incomes depend on payments by Uncle Sam.  Imagine a world without contractors, grants or loans.  Imagine Washington without any lobbyists.  Hope you don't have any money invested in hotels or entertainment.

Health and incomes are just two areas.  Look around you and imagine how your life would turn to shit without federal expenditures of one kind or another.   Oh, do you really think your burg funds all those bits and pieces that make life civilized.  We taken them for granted and forgot how we came to live as well as we do--no, it wasn't due to capitalism and a beneficent market.  

Are you ready for the good old days?  I'm not.  Then again I'm not a moron making idiot proposals lapped up by cretins with votes.

Hmm, what would you keep going despite the shutdown?  What do small government really mean?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Idiot Watch

Autumn Chaos: Five Reasons To Fear Shutdown, Default

Attention DNC and RNC Chairs

Y'all have the cash.  Ya'll have young Dems and Repubs on campuses.  So pay them to be your social media shills.  Hmm, DOD, CIA, FBI and NSA need to get cracking too.  Pay students to promote you just as the Israelis do--

Covert Twitter Ops: Israel's Latest

Uh, they shouldn't they be welcoming the guy instead?

At San Diego Hooters, Mayor Bob Filner is not welcome

Uh, Oh!

Sugar even at moderate levels toxic to mice health, reproduction

NJ Primary

Wow, Cory Booker won!  Yes indeed, about 60% of voters said he's our guy.  60% of Jersey voters?  No, not quite, it's a primary for god's sake.  Jersey had a huge turnout.  They saw a massive 9% turnout and vote (that's actually a very large turnout for a primary).  That means Booker is sorta, kinda okay for at least 5.4% of the possible NJ voters.  Of course,  94.6% could not bring themselves to vote for him or anyone else.  Perhaps all the candidates in both parties more reek of self-promotion and self-interest than much else.  Does anyone really expect Booker to be a diligent senatorial workhorse or just grandstand his way to punching his White Ticket?  

Once again, people showed us they don't give a shit about their democracy.  The most important election is the primary--it's when you select a candidate you would like to have in office.  It's sad.  It yields the mess we have in Washington and in state capitals across the country--gridlock or idiot rule.

Cory Booker wins New Jersey Senate primary

Once Again Religion Comes Through

And where did religion screw the pooch again?  Why in Egypt of course.  After shafting any ideas of freedom and liberty,  the Muslim Brotherhood has been ousted by the military.  It's back to the good old days.

Who will be the new Mubarak?  Will the Brotherhood be permanently busted?  Will Morsi ever be seen again?  To all the faithful dolts in the USA, if you want to know what a real "Christian" nation would be like, take a peek at Iran and substitute the faiths, then read some European history.

The Arab states will never establish anything that any reasonable person could call democratic until they rid the state of their religious baggage.

Egyptian security forces storm protesters’ camps

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gee They Don't Even Know Their Own Rules

That's what keeps the debilitation in the world's greatest debilitating body, the U.S. Senate.   Oh, I forgot, it they used the rules, there's a risk that the result might go south.  That might affect reelection.  We all know the only reason anyone is in the Senate is to be reelected to the Senate.  For god's sake don't try to govern.

Senate intelligence panel could seek to declassify documents; it just doesn’t

2016 Dreaming

Afer the GOP's 2012 crazy 22 ring circus, I hope Reince keeps his word.  If a station airs any adoration of Hillary piece, he won't let them moderate any GOP debates.  Hmm, I hope CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC,  PBS and MSNBC all air homages to Hillary.  We can have GOP free TV in 2016.  Oh, we should all be generous and request that not only GOP TV debates not be aired, but that Presidential debates also be cancelled.  Mr. Priebus needs our help--demand lots of Hillary TV!  Let the news folks know!

Reince Priebus: Fox’s Involvement In Hillary Clinton Miniseries Won’t Affect Debate Ban

We Are Blessed With Idiots -- Gun Shills

Gun sales to teens

We Are Blessed With Idiots, III

Weiner trashes the media for its focus on sexting scandal

We Are Blessed With Idiots, II

Bob Filner’s office locks changed

We Are Blessed With Idiots

Tot shoots dad in butt near Tucson

Virginia Voters -- Note for the future

Sleazy Bob McDonnell has "given back" all those gifts.  He's really, really sorry.  He presented himself, as did the AG Ken Cucci etc., as a Mr. Clean kind of guy.  Mr. Clean turned out to be about the same as every other pol in this country (ditto for Ken)--self serving, self promoting, and self-perpetuating.  Why'd he give them back?  Did he have a moment of insight into his flawed character?

Nah, it's a calculating oops.  Oops as in, voters perceptions of those gifts might affect a future run for another office.  His damage control to attract back voters is to first say it was all legal.  It that fails, then he apologizes.  And it that fails give back some cash.  Is their an interest charge for the time Bob has the benefit of the gifts?

In that idiot's mind, his problem is solved.  However, I hope no Virginian forgets.  Bob did not have to accept one thin dime from anyone.  He did.  He's part of the problem and always will be part of the problem.  I'll forgive him, but only if he leaves the public sector and never returns.  Gee, he could teach political ethics at UVA.    If he comes back for another office, I'll be the first to remind all that Sleazy Bob McDonnell is unfit for any public office--elected or appointed.

McDonnell says he and his family have returned all ‘tangible’ gifts from donor

Bless My Muja whatchamacallit

When the Russkies did Afghanistan, the Muja etc. developed.  Muslim religious (young, unemployed, bearded men) flocked to the wasteland and became freedom fighters.  They contributed to ousting the Commies.  Of course, they weren't fighting for religious freedom.  They fought to gain power and rule everybody in a very sectarian fundamentalist Sunni manner.  The Mujas also became al Qaeda.  After all restoring the good old days of the 9th century Caliphate would make for an even bigger theocracy and, what the hell, could lead to eventual world domination (go ahead and think Nazis if you'd like, Aryans or Sunnis it's all the same looney bullshit).

Syria is beginning to look a lot like Afghanistan, from a power mad Sunni perspective. Sunnis account for 74% of the population, 13% are Shia (Alawite, Twelvers, and Ismailis combined),10% Christian (the majority Antiochian Orthodox, the rest include Greek Catholic, Assyrian Church of the East, Armenian Orthodox, Protestants and other denominations), and 3% Druze. Note, Sunnis are in a minority in Iraq, but they had power when Saddam Hussein ruled the rubble and killed Shia.  Today, Shia Iraqis have power in Iraq and have been extracting a bit of vengeance on the Sunnis by killing Sunnis.  The Arab world is ever so peaceful.

Iraqi Sunnis joined al Qaeda Iraq.  Today, foreign Sunnis (today's Mujas) have shown up.  They see a kindred population in Syria where there's a ruling sectarian minority they can slaughter (for the glory of god, of course).

Al Qaeda Iraq has become the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. It's just a name change. It's the same grubby power seekers who obtain power by killing anyone in their way.  They justify their actions as being commanded by god. The only thing more disgusting than the sectarian power seeker is people who believe the religious garbage they hear.  Gee, god mad me do it.  Now that's a dandy Nuremberg Defense, theistically speaking.

 Al-Qaeda expands in Syria via Islamic State

Not Time, But Eternity?

Mormons marry for time and eternity.  I think that means they stay married while alive and remain so in whatever comes after (folks have alternative versions of what's next).  The time part doesn't apply to deported vets, but the eternity part does, vis a vis, burial in the U.S.

Yep, an alien joins the Marines, does his hitch, gets out, breaks the law, is deported and has to stay out of the USA.  Out, until he dies, then--

...they are welcome to return when they are dead. Honorably discharged veterans, even deportees, are entitled to burial at a U.S. military cemetery with an engraved headstone and their casket draped with an American flag, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA will even pay $300 toward the cost of bringing a deportee’s remains to the United States.

We do have an interesting government don't we.

Monday, August 12, 2013

I bet "Lil' Cracker" is okay

No Messiah for You!

Hmm, I wonder what might occur if some Grit named they inbred urchin god?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shake Your Head Time

It's time to take that one step back and shake your head--

US military plan to extend same-sex marriage benefits met with concern

Why not allow gay folks to be married on federal property and call it done?  If you have to get inane, just prior to the marriage ceremony, change the participant's official home of record to be a state where gay marriage is legal.  Perform the ceremony on base.  Then immediately after, if the participants wish, change their home of record back to whatever backwoods they came from.  We seem to have more backwoods than we need.    

Let we forget

The Shrub's other wartime legacy to the American people still takes lives of soldiers.  Yep, we're still in Afghanistan.  Yep, it's now part of Obama's worldwide, unending, never will end,  Overseas Contingency Operation!

No matter whichever jerk or jerkette is elected in 2016, the operation will continue--too many Americans make their living keeping us safe from one thing or another.  Quick how many employees in TSA?  Try 56,000+.   See.  I wonder how many other folks depend on terrorism for their income as federal employees or contractors?  With this kind of dependence we cannot shut down anything except social services which help the least amongst us.

Three US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

It's too bad they can't be quietly locked away in the attic...

Confederate flag will fly along I-95

Attention Virginia Voters

This Fall, we'll be able to vote for a douchebag or a scumbag.  I'll let you decide which of the candidates is the douche and which is scum.  I predict a miserable rotten campaign that turns out record low numbers.

Conflicts emerge as hurdles for Cuccinelli’s run

Look At What The Shrub Bought For Us!

Wave of bombings in Iraq during holiday kills 69