Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Legacy Lives On

No commemorative statues have been built to Dubya or Uncle Darth in Iraq yet.  However, the guy's legacy lives on.  It's thriving.  Yes, the Shrub left us an Iraq he built to reflect his ideal kind of nation.   He's really kind of warped.  And to think the American voter elected the putz not once but twice.

Iraq violence: Suicide bomber attacks funeral

Now that Syria is going on the back-burner

One issue we've been overlooking as we watched Obama almost start WWIII, is the continuing saga of unconstitutional government overreach by the NSA, the White House and other spooky groups.  Mr. Snowden has opened a lot of eyes, including the judges who, in theory, regulate the spookery.

Fisa judge: Snowden's NSA disclosures triggered important spying debate

Crap Shot

What olive oil do you like?  It seems to be an industry open to a lot of fraud, especially with domestic producers getting into the game.  Have you tried Calif. olive oil?

Claims of olive oil quality ripe for fraud, trade agency says

Do you trust the USDA?

When the regulators pretty much do the bidding of the industry they regulate (with Congressional direction) do you really trust them when they say the new regs make food safer?  I don't.  We need to replace Congress and both parties with people who want to have effective government, period.

USDA official defends pilot program for meat inspection

Then we replace the senior civil servants who willingly did Congress's bidding.  If you abet crime, you are a criminal.

Surface Value

Gee, no bombs for Syria! The Russkies, us, and the Syrian guy have come to an agreement over the chemical weapons. I'm sure the Repubs will trash Obama, hell it doesn't matter what he does or says, they'll trash him just because he's Obama.

 At any rate, I don't care how the Dems spin this, it's a step in the right direction--bombs were not a solution to anything. I'll even let the Dems assure us the mega threat of missiles scared Assad into agreeing with the Russians to tamp it down and get out of the chemical business.

 Now if we could figure out a way to for Arabs to find a new pastime other than killing each other off over any difference amongst themselves, large or small. They really need 7-11s, blue jeans, and rock and roll (and no head scarves of any kind).

  U.S., Russia reach agreement on seizure of Syrian chemical weapons arsenal

Friday, September 13, 2013

Maybe it's time to elect Libertarians

Why?  Well, I don't think they take well to Warrior Cops.

Warrior cops?  Yep, whens the last time you didn't see a bunch of infanty types at a crime scene on TV.  We have SWATified the peace keepers.  It's not good for civilization.

Beware of Warrior Cops

When the Police Become a Standing Army, Liberty is Sacrificed Without Security

PIty Poor Petraeus?

I thought the guy must have found a rock to hide under.  He did, but the rock is teaching a course at CUNY.  Some students, taking Civic Protest 101 adopted Dave as a personal project. As Gen. Dave professes about "Are We On the Threshold of the North American Decade" the 101ers do their best to make his life hell.

Protests of David Petraeus's lectures to continue, say CUNY students 

Based on what we see in Iraq, Afghanistan, our spookery and the state of monogamy it's a safe bet that Dave will live up to his past and find a way to fuck up CUNY.

Spring On HIatus

A bunch of Egyptians got together  in some square a while back.  They rabbled.  They roused.  They pulled off a Tunisia.  Since "Arab Tunisia" does not sound as catchy as "Arab Spring" they decided to chuck their dictator and head into Spring with hopes of stuff like freedom, liberty and democracy.

Folks kinda, sorta succeeded, with military backing of course.  They wrote a bunch of rules.  They had a slug of elections.  They elected a Prez and a legislature.  Unfortunately, the people they elected were more concerned with restoration of a Islamist state (and the Caliphate) than little matters like democracy and freedom.  It sucked.

So it was back to the square.  Again they rabbled and roused.  This time the military pounced and took it all back.  The Islamists have been put back in the same box they had been in for 40 years and the former Prez is headed towards a trial.

Spring is on hiatus.  Oh, when you see a ref to "Egyptian government,"  read it as "Egyptian military"--

Egypt’s government extends state of emergency for two months

We Keep On Fucking It Up

Sharks and Rhinos are endangered because some idiots with more money than sense have decided the fins and horns cures something, tastes good, or gets them laid.  Then there's the elephants.  They're on the way toward extinctdom because the same morons want ivory.  Where there's a rich buyer there's always the equivalent, but poorer, procurer.  Here's one more instance of our living up to our true human character--

Civet cat coffee's animal cruelty secrets

The only part about the cat cruelty that is decent, is that it's rich fucks sucking down catshit  (if it passes out of cat's ass, it's shit).  We can, at god's direction of course, totally fuck up the planet and return it to the brown slime mold from which we all descend.  He must have given the order some time ago.

Are you ready for the past to become the future?

Huh?  Oh as we leave the Bush/Obama wasteland (Afghanistan) the natives will resume doing to each other what they still occasionally do to us.  They're practicing for 2014.  They're killing each other more than G.I.s these days.  Get ready for the Taliban to return (time to invest in Burkas?).

Taliban insurgents attack U.S. consulate in Herat, Afghanistan

We're not hunting down the ever evil Taliban. Nah, we're too busy winding down and shipping our shit home.  Even the exit matches that last ten years of war, it's one more long slow cluster fuck.

In Afghanistan drawdown, U.S. forced to take costly option in transporting military gear out

Maybe we'll death stuff in Syria.  Have you noticed how it's the same folks who gave us Afghanistan and Iraq who are trying to give us Syria?  Why haven't we fired the lot of them?

Muslim Whack-A-Mole

The Islamic pastime must be killing.  Maybe it's an unwritten 6th pillar, then again it's just one more religion being used for political purposes.  It took a few centuries after Martin Luther for the Christians to more or less quit killing each other for the glory of god.  Maybe Muslims need a Martin Luther.

At any rate as our attention begins to shift away from Afghanistan, it opens an opportunity for a bit of war renascence--Pakistan, India spar in Kashmir in worst border violence in years

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What will MSNBC call their show?

A return to TV punditry?

How about the Dick show?  Suggestions?


Treasury sold off more GM stock in August for about $800+ million.   Yeah, it's from the bailout.  We, the taxpayers, still hold a grundle of shares.  GM is trading somewhere in the mid 30s.  To break even on the GM bailout,  we'd have to sell all the remaining shares for about $76 each.  When we read about GM turning a profit, remember they still owe us $14 billion.  So much for all that big business capitalism bullshit.  Now about some interest...

Why'd We Elect That Guy?

It gets a bit old to keep responding--McCain or Willard.  Eventually I may windup thinking either of them would have been better (nah, just kidding).

Declassified court documents highlight NSA violations in data collection for surveillance

Old Dominion Blues

God, both parties have nominated people that most members would love to vote against.  I'm a Dem and have real problems voting for McAuliffe, but Cuccilnelli?  Come on.   I have a feeling most Dems feel the way I do.  Yep two Dem party screw ups in a row (have we forgotten Deeds already).

I bet most GOPers think Cuccinelli is nutzoid, they don't want to vote for him at all, but McAuliife?  Okay, maybe we should all write in Bolling?  Or, what the hell, let's reject both parties and give the Libertarian a surprize and make him the next governor.

There’s a Governor’s Race Underway (But Who Cares?)

Oh, Cucci is finally pulling a McDonnell--Cuccinelli donates $18,000 value of Star chief’s gifts

Gun Nuts Won

I guess the only hope for gun control is that when members of our gun culture crowd get constipated they will break their blockage with a sure fire remedy--a Glock suppository.

2 Colorado Lawmakers Lose Jobs In Recall Over Gun Votes

Both Pervs Lost

New York City Voters Reject Spitzer, Weiner

Did you watch Obama's speech?

I bet the speech writers had to do a fast re-write yesterday.  Putin, of all people, saved Obama's ass.  Remember Obama pretty much condemned himself to making war on Syria when when he said "red line."  Needless to say, about the only folks who approved unilateral bombing of Syria lived inside the Beltway.  The rest of the nation balked.  They not only balked, they let their Congress types know it.

When Obama realized he and the Dems would wind up sucking cheese in 2014 and 2016 if he actually bombed Syria, he punted.  He dillied.  He dallied.  He even denied his red line.  Then he decided to be all Constitutional and seek Congressional approval for the action his verbal screw up mandated--red line, crossed, and bomb punish them.  It's really an act of war by one nation on another.

Congress has to listen Obama's experts and to voices outside the beltway.  They did.  Voters articulated their concerns a bit more persuasively than Obama's shills.   There was no way Obama's request would be approved in the House.  Obama had put one cheek in the wringer and now had put the other there too.   Hell, he was even turing the handle every time Kerry spoke.

Can you imagine Obama being told "No" by Congress?  He did.  He saw a bleak rest of term ahead or an impeachment if he decided to bomb Syria over Congressional disapproval.  Talk about a mega-sucking sound. Then, then, a savior came riding in out of the East.

Yep along came the KGB guy, Vlad the Putin.  Putin had picked up on Kerry's offhand remark about ending the threat to bomb Damascus if Syria and the UN disposed of the chemical weapons.  Gee, in one poke of the eye, Putin gave Obama his out--diplomacy instead of certain personal misery.  Hell, Obama even asked Congress to delay voting, after all, everyone wants to give diplomacy a chance  (in diplomatic circles, no one goes on record for anything, ever).

So what was in the speech?  Was there anything new about the speech?  Nah, the only novelty was that it was the Prez telling us what we already knew and it came from some flag adorned hallway in the White House.  And then today, Barry gets a bit of respite since all the news stations will spend time wallowing in the mandatory 9/11 remembrance coverage.

Obama takes Syria case to the public in White House address

Concerned about chemical weapons?

Sure, we all are.  Okay, yesterday I pointed out that the Fearless Fosdicks we allow to run our government are not all that concerned about other sources of long term,  continuing death among non-combatants due to weapon debris that litters the landscape, such as that left from cluster bombs.  Yeah, ObamaCo does not lead any charge to ban them.

Oh, note he and his also do not try to get the United States to sign the ban on land mines.  The U.S. is not a signatory to the Ottawa Treaty.

I have no doubt that when push comes to shove our military and any military will use any weapon perceived necessary to "win."   Always bear in mind that the U.S. has lead the world in the actual use of WMD.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weapons of mass destruction

WMDs are once again in the news courtesy of Syria and Obama.  Syrians used them and Obama decided to score a point or two over the matter.  I doubt if we'd be where we are if Obama had not uttered the "red line" words.   Regardless of how you feel about chemical weapons in Syria, how about the past?

I have an aunt who could not have children due to WMDs being used near her when she was a child.  Oh, she's Japanese.  The bombs were WMD but okay becuse they "helped" us out.

Alright that was WWII.

How about cluster bombs?  Those things are WMDs to me and they keep on killing decades after the wars end--

From a piece in Wiki:

Civilian deaths from unexploded cluster bomblets

In Vietnam, people are still being killed as a result of cluster bombs and other objects left by the US and Vietnamese military forces. Estimates range up to 300 people killed annually by unexploded ordnance.

Some 270 million cluster submunitions were dropped on Laos in the 1960s and 1970s; approximately one third of these submunitions failed to explode and continue to pose a threat today.

During the 1999 NATO war against Yugoslavia U.S. and Britain dropped 1,400 cluster bombs in Kosovo. Within the first year after the end of the war more than 100 civilians died from unexploded British and American bombs. Unexploded cluster bomblets caused more civilian deaths than landmines.

Israel used cluster bombs in Lebanon in 1978 and in the 1980s. Those weapons used more than two decades ago by Israel continue to affect Lebanon.

During the 2006 war in Lebanon, Israel fired large numbers of cluster bombs in Lebanon, containing an estimated more than 4 million cluster submunitions. In the first month following the ceasefire, unexploded cluster munitions killed or injured an average of 3-4 people per day.

By the way neither the U.S. nor Syria are signatories to the treaty that bans cluster bombs.  Wwe need to clean up our act before we bomb anyone for being "bad."

New York Mayor's Race Dem Primary Today

Maybe we'll finally be rid of Anthony Dickhead.

Anthony Weiner faces elimination in New York City mayoral primary

Worth a read

Syria’s plan to give up its chemical weapons could make things worse, not better

Kerry is not a really a dove

Hell, Kerry is just one more self-serving, self-interested, self-enriching pol who has dedicated himself to perpetuating himself in public office.

Kerry’s claim that he opposed Bush’s invasion of Iraq

Poke in the eye

Seemingly, Kerry made an off the cuff remark about Syria giving up it's chemical weapons that Russia then adopted.  The Russians added Syrian agreement into the mix.  Now Prez what's his name will give  us a really neat speech tonight at 9:00 pm about the need to bomb (commit an act of war) Syria anyway (unless they give up the chemical stuff).  Putin has poked Barry in the eye.  I wonder if Congress is feeling a bit of relief?  I bet the GOP wants to get back to important stuff like defunding Obamacare.

Syria accepts Russian proposal on weapons; France to bring resolution to Security Council

Oh, if this UN thing actually works, then expect a vast cast of characters to compete for the "I'm responsible for making it happen"  award.   We really need to replace the entire cast don't we?  Can we start in 2014 and not reelect anyone?

The Lonely Globe

I am amazed at the quite rapid growth and vast breadth of social media in this country and around the globe.  Actually I am appalled.   I should not be.  The surge in social media confirms Mr. Riesman's  1950 analysis of cultural types in modern society.

The Lonely Crowd

Monday, September 9, 2013


Simple question, do you really trust anyone in our federal government?  If you do, why?

Getting Guvment off their backs

What happens when we reduce the number of government officials on the backs of, say, meatpackers?  Oh, in addition to packing meat they pack more contaminants.

USDA pilot program fails to stop contaminated meat

The issue is not one of big or small government, it's a question of effective government.  We no longer have much effective government left.


I have not been posting much, but I have  been following the news on Obama and Syria.  I hope the House will reject Obama's drive towards war--deterrence is not a military operation.   Come to think of it, punishment is not really a military function now is it.  If you are for or against this operation, have you written your Senators and Rep?

If Obama bombs Syria, with or without Congress, it will be a bigger disaster than we can imagine.   No matter how you cut it, if the U.S. bombs Syria, it will be an an act of war.  

Why Did We Elect This Guy?

Oh the answer to that one is easy, McCain & Willard.

As we head into Obamacare's big kickoff, please note--

Stories from Obamacare’s 31 million uninsured