Saturday, September 21, 2013

Obama's Legacy

What will it be?  Well, given his love of the NSA and all things secret, he will leave the world in Internet tatters.  Now that's a legacy that beats the Shrub hands down.  Will it happen?  It may as Brazil takes action--

Brazil's controversial plan to extricate the internet from US control

Yep, he'll make us safe by making the rest of the world a much more dangerous place for life and liberty.

Oh come on it's 2013

Yeah, everywhere except in grit and cracker land.  There, it's still any time prior to 1860.  And what ante-bellum delight is in the spotlight this week?  Why good old Alabamian racism of course.  From the land of George Wallace we note--

University of Alabama confronts racial divide:

'It's time to evolve past this' Six minority women this week joined traditionally white sororities in the wake of national pressure. It's a step forward, but many say it makes little difference in the face of long-standing biases

After 12 Years of Total Cluster Fuck

It's time for today's Afghan War, oops, make that Afghan overseas contingency operation,  highlights.

10 years ago we created an enemy out the Taliban after we routed the jihadis.  The Taliban remains effective.

Three Nato soldiers shot dead in Afghanistan 'insider attack'

The former government party, the Taliban, now deemed insurgents, militants, or whatever is the current term of belittlement, have not left.  They are ready to resume power.

Afghan insurgents want peace deal, says ex-Taliban minister

And Pakistan (remember it's really the AF-PAK war) wants a Taliban restoration since the Taliban will not align with India.  All of Pakistan's foreign policy centers on India and nothing else.

Pakistan releases top Afghan Taliban prisoner in effort to boost peace process

One more Clinton fuck up

The private firm that gave Snowden and Alexis clearances would not have 45% of the nation's clearance business today if it were not for Clinton.  Have you forgotten "reinventing" government already?  He was the outsourcer in chief.

The story of how USIS became the biggest private name in background checks is unusual. The company was originally part of OPM. But during the Clinton administration, with the Cold War long over, there was less demand for security clearances. As part of Clinton’s “reinvent government” initiative, the employees of OPM’s security and investigations unit were transferred in 1996 to a private firm, wholly owned by the workers. It was a first for the government.

 I do not understand the Dems love for Clinton. This Democrat despises the man.  He did more damage to the nation than good. If Mrs. Clinton runs and is elected, she will outdo her husband in national harm.  We don't need another Clinton or another Bush in the White House.

Government business should be done by government employees,period.  There should be no out-sourcing at all.  When we contract, we lose sight of how big and expensive the government has become.  When we hire more civil servants we know how big the beast has gotten.  How many workers in the U.S. depend, directly or indirectly, on Uncle Sam for their paycheck?  I think if runs somewhere between 28% and 40% (the civil service size has been pretty much flat for a long,long time).

Have you really trusted the military all these years?


Declassified document: US narrowly escaped nuclear blast in 1961 H-bomb accident

And now you can ask yourself why the military and government in general classifies so much info?  If your answer does not begin, "so they can cover their asses, avoid embarrassment and keep their jobs..." then you do not understand our penchant for secrets.

I heard Eric Cantor on the tube this AM

It was a clip of him waxing on about the Food Stamps cuts being great for the American poor, especially the working poor.  Yep, the GOP has decided to deliver an ort or two of food and the opportunity to work.  Sorry, as I listened to the putz wax on about work, a phrase came to mind, "arbeit macht frei."  And we all love freedom don't we.

House OKs bill cutting food stamps by $39 billion over 10 years

And they say GOP doesn't have a big tent! Yep. They have the rich.  They have the whites.  They have male supremacists and their obedient spouses (female, none of that LGBT stuff).  They have old people.  They have at least one non-Christian, otherwise they have Jesus.  Oh, they are well armed too. The one thing they do not have is any heart or compassion, that belongs to the Dems.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Obamacare. Ready for prime time?

It does not sound like it is.

Yikes! This means it's time to play a favorite Obamacare game called Is It Time To Freak Out Yet? Previous rounds include but are not limited to the delay of the employer mandate, out-of-pocket spending limits, income verification processes and the small business health exchanges.

It might have been a lot easier and a whole lot more effective to have "reformed" health care by enacting it as Medicare for all. The Dems didn't so every screw up on Oct.1 and thereafter will be pounced on by the Trogs and trumpeted until election day in 2014.

Of course, once the average American (that's a polite way of saying moron) comes to understand what the Affordable Care Act actually does will wonder what were they afraid of and the matter will be moot in the 2014 races.

The GOP will be seen to have  lied to their "fans." Will the rabid anti-health care Trogs even notice the deception? Sure, but it won't matter, they'll be given new important issues to drool and knuckle drag over.  My god, do you mean the federal government provides food to non-working poor people.  God damn we have to do something about that.  The poor are going to cause the nation to go bankrupt.  See how easy it is to make shit up.

We're all the same, shame

I did a bit of re-write on a blurb about a place in Isreal.

They [Jews] are welcome here, says the mayor, as long as they remember one very important rule.

“This is a German city,” said Heinz Grafson of his adopted home town, “now and forever.”

To be more specific: “I would rather cut off my right arm than build a non-German school,” the mayor said in an interview on his terrace at city hall.

Ditto synagogues. “No, no, no. No synagogues or mosques, ever,” said Grafson. Nor temples. Or Ramadan lanterns or passover scenes. “And no menorahs, said the mayor of a town that abuts a large  city in Germany, celebrated as the childhood home of some guy with a mustache.

“Everyone can live here, that is the law, as long as they understand this is a German city,” Gafson said. “And in that way we are a microcosm of the state of Germany.”

He said that “95 percent of German mayors think the same thing. They’re just afraid to say so out loud.”

Okay the re-write is not great, come on it's a fast blog post, but you get the point.

Gee, the Germans had solution their "not real Germans problem" do the Israelis too?  If we're made in god's image, then god is one fucked up being or is a sadist.

Moron Watch II

Cuccinelli condemns EPA’s strict new limits on greenhouse gases for future power plants

Maybe if the folks working Virginia's coalfields lost their jobs and had to leave the state we'd never be blessed with another moron like Cucci etc. in elective office.  There's something about the crackerdom that brings out the lunatics.  Is it inbreeding?

Where would they go?  I suggest Mississippi, their immigration would elevate that state's average IQ to just below dull normal.

Moron Watch

E.W. Jackson calls for eliminating corporate income tax, suggests Cuccinelli agrees

Okay, if Corporations will no longer be considered to be people, then sure.  That means companies will not be able to contribute to politicians or any of their campaigns.  Oh, and since only people can redress their grievances, companies would no longer be able to hire lobbyists.  They could not longer qualify as any kind of an interest.  Now we can get rid of the corporate tax.   Think Bozo Jackson will agree with me?

Annals of Puke

Okay, read this first paragraph,

BLETCHLEY, England — A founding father of the modern computer, Alan Turing devised a machine that unraveled the enigma of Nazi codes and aided the defeat of Adolf Hitler. Convicted of homosexuality after World War II and sentenced to chemical castration, Turing — an avid fan of the film “Snow White” — was found dead in 1954 from cyanide poisoning, a bitten apple by his bedside.

Kind of makes you want to puke doesn't it. I wonder what we are doing to other people these days that will make our counterparts 60 years hence want to puke ?

Alan Turing’s story could be rebooted by calls to pardon late computer legend

Throw Away Culture?

Pope Frank is bothered by our throw away culture.  He's not partial to much of modernity.  Screw him,  let's throw away Pope Frank and the Catholic Church instead.


Mutual Assured Death?

Apparently that's all that any set of Syrian players has to offer, more death, more destruction, for years to come.  No one can win.  They are all losers.  All the various sides can do is kill for whatever reason they kill.  I think it's an Arab pastime and a form of Islamic worship, but that's just me.

Syria is looking a lot like Lebanon did during its civil war.  Hmm, would Iran be to Syria what Syria was to Lebanon back then?  We'll see.  I wonder will Obama have time to bomb Damascus before they all sit down to the peace table?  Would Obama do that?   Sure it's what Dubya would do, so that's what Obama will try to do.

Syrian government says war has reached stalemate

Death in Chicago

Punks with guns opened up in a park. 13 people were shot. Once again, Chicago shows the world that they love their guns and the attendant death and violence. Chicago has exactly the type of civil society its voters want. It's really that simple. The kind of place we live in, is what we accept via the ballot box. If we don't vote, we totally accept it. Those who dominate the vote build and maintain what we see in the news. There's money being made in Chicago's death and destruction. The question is how much, in what manner and by whom.

13 wounded, including 3-year-old, in late-night attack on Chicago park; no arrests made

Scrapbook of This Week's Immorality

Gee, begrudge food for the hungry because there might be a scrap of fraud?  That's GOP morality.  It's wrong, so into the scrapbook--

House passes GOP plan to slash food stamp funding

We could end the F-35 program, but no, the F-35 has lobbyists to keep the waste alive and continue the transfer of money (tax dollars) from the Treasury into the pockets of the well-heeled private contractors.

Damn if food wasn't enough, how about health.  The GOP begrudges health care to the working poor.  Hell, why not seems to be the way they think.  If they don't eat, they'll die, so who needs Obamacare?  Wow, the CR to strip funds for the Affordable Health Care Act is also immoral.  Yep, as we head towards government shutdown, it's one more GOP action that goes into the scrapbook.

A step-by-step guide to what’s next in the government shutdown showdown

Oh, if you voted for a Repub, go ahead and put your vote in the scrapbook too.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

LIke A Business or Like a Government

It's your choice, via elections, how you want the federal government run.  Do you want government run like a government or like a business.  Hmm, government run like a business has given us--

Snowden and the Navy Yard

They really are not the same.  The only thing accomplished by allowing government to be run like a biz, is the massive transfer of tax dollars to the the private sector.   Government has been for sale for a long time.  It's time to get rid of the bums (Democrats and Republicans) and have effective government.

Don't forget

When a tire comes off of the nation's speeding automobile, remember, it was the GOP that loosened the lugnuts.  They think inertia will drive a three wheeled car as well as one with four tires.   Crash.  Burn.  Oops, the tire that fell off was a drive wheel. Will they admit they fucked up when the nation's credit rating goes to "B?"  Nah, they'll blame it on god, it was his/her/its will.  Damn they're all Muslims.

Republican budget threats risk 'serious harm' to US economy, analysts warn


There's something very wrong when rich, old, white guys begrudge feeding the hungry.  That's a meanness which runs contrary to why we have the kind of government we do instead of a despotic monarchy which often ruled England for example.  Damn that's it.  The GOP wants to restore the monarchy of Charles II.  I assume Repubs all assume they would have positions at court and thus be on royal dole.  Gee, they'd be able to kill the poor with impunity.  That's mean.

House to vote on deep cuts to food-stamp program

Uh, Oh. A Pope Who Is Starting To Sound Very Christian

Christianity better watch out.  One leader of the various flocks, Pope Frank, may do something we haven't seen in a millennium or two.  He may live, believe and act as Jesus hoped we all would. Yep, love your god and love your neighbor.  No one needs anything else.  There's only love.  Too bad Christians don't get it.

In wide-ranging interview, Pope Francis sets vision for papacy

Psst, They're All Liars

Who?  Oh, any elected official.  What, inchluding Obama?  Yep, he's the prevaricator in chief.

Obama’s claim that non-budget items have ‘never’ been attached to the debt ceiling

There's Stupid and There's The Teabaggers

Come on, shut down the feds over Obamacare?  Funny, if you call it by its real name, The Affordable Care Act, they don't get as frothy.  It's not health care that pisses them off, it's Obama.  Remember the Teabaggers are the right wing of the right wing nuttery owned and operated by the GOP's rich, well armed, evangelistic white guys and their ever obedient spouses.

House Republicans plan Friday vote on defunding Obamacare

Bless my Macaca

He's truly supported by rural Virginians.   In your heart you know he didn't want to apologize.  Is this the kind of turd to have as governor?   Why do the Trogs back him?  Think about it.

Virginia GOP candidate Cuccinelli condemns anti-Semitic joke told by supporter at rally

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Still Wonder Why I'm Afraid of the Spooks?

Given the ace job the Navy has done in keeping themselves safe from bad guys, I figure the spooks are really just as sloppy and inattentive to detail.  As goes the Navy so goes the NSA, CIA, FBI etc.  We're placed more at risk by our "protectors" than much else.

Alleged Navy Yard shooter fell through porous security check system

Makes good sense to me.

I don't want a pistol packing anybody near me in a Starbucks or any other establishment.  If the packers are that fearful of people in their world, then they should build a bomb shelter, stock it, climb in and hermetically seal themselves away from the rest of us for all time.  Life would be so much better without all the gun nuts and gun cultists.

Starbucks: no more guns in our stores

Gun Owners, Take Note

Gun owners keep saying guns make us safe.  They are as stupid today as they always have been.

High gun ownership makes countries less safe, US study finds

Fall Means A New TV Season (Sorta, Kinda)

The networks TV season kicks in this month.  Wow.  I'm so excited I could just shit.  Come on, since cable stations like HBO, Showtime, AMC, and Starz have gotten into content, why are the networks still producing squat.

That's the problem, all they ever have produced is squat.  If all you've ever experienced is pure dreck  it can be regarded as good stuff.  Now that we have good stuff, who can stand the dreck?  Name one network show you like and anticipate in the same way you await Game of Thrones, Homeland, or   The Borgias?  See.   Then there's Netflix....

12 more dead and who really gives a fuck?

Other than family and friends of the slaughtered, no one.  Damn, it we did, we might have to control guns.  If we control guns (and the morons who want to own them) that would affect guns and ammo sales (that's the real 21st century meaning of the 2nd Amendment).

As I listened to all the folks getting time at various mics, they all expressed prayers fopr the families and shit like that but were really saying one of two things.  First, were the ones who were really pissed that this occurred on their watch.  The second, were those who saw mic. time as a bit of free and unexpected ticket punching for their career.  We've gotten used to slaughter and it's beneficiaries haven't we.

Navy Yard shooting unlikely to jump-start the debate over tougher gun control laws

Red State Success

There's is one thing the red states excel at, it's poverty.  Actually there are two things when you also look at the voters in those states.  Those red state dumb fucks elect folks who work overtime to keep 'em down on the farm, down on their luck and without any hope for a better life.  Come on, name one decent anything that's emerged from the new confederacy of red states in the past 20 years.  Who in their right mind would voluntarily choose to move to a place like Mississippi?

In four states, more than a fifth of residents are living in poverty

Talk about performing an anatomically impossible act, GOOPERs do it to themselves every day.

News from nursery school

The national daycare center, the U.S. Congress, may shut down the government courtesy of the GOP crybabies.  Yep, the Trogs have decided to shut 'er down unless Obamacare is defunded.  When will voters finally call these idiots, idiots?  Hell, the Trogs won't really shut it all down, they're pussies when it comes to a real shut down.  Either shut everything down and stop every bit of work and halt every bit of monetary flow or knock off the nonsense.

Government shutdown moves closer as House sets vote to defund Obamacare

Why won't the GOP behave like adults?  Oh, that's easy, their voting constituencies are childified adults. Hell, most GOP voters think man and dinosaurs coexisted sometime withing the past 10,000 or so years.  See, the GOP is the stupid party.

Wonkbook: The Republican Party’s problem, in two sentences

Ah, I was looking forward to the trial

I wanted to see GOP sleaze on parade as Cucci etc. ran for Gov.  Oh, well, now it will just be the reactionary Trog vs. the Jackass procurer unless we all decide to vote for the Libertarian.

Resolution reached in case of chef accused of stealing from Virginia Governor’s Mansion

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Afghan Success?

Bush and Obama have really fucked up their Afghan overseas contingency operation.  What's been accomplished?  Other than killing some jihadis, not much.  The Taliban were ousted, but they were and are not terrorists.  The Taliban is more a political group than not.  They're back and doing their best to kill anyone who disagrees as they return to power.

Top Afghan policewoman killed months after predecessor's assassination

Navy Yard Shooter

I guess a guy with gun violations and anger issues doesn't lose his gun ownership rights.  I guess the same guy is not seen as a security risk and can get a job at the Navy  Yard.  In both cases there is something very wrong.

If the first, we overly protect the gun nuts.  I'll go along with selling guns galore, if the gun sales force will allow us to strip some people, for cause, of their right to bear arms forever.

In the second, I have a feeling the security clearance folks were contractors paid, not for quality but for volume.  It reminds me of how Snowden was cleared.  Yeah, the returns from outsourcing government are wonderful.

Navy Yard shooter had at least two gun-related incidents in past

Pissed with today's Spookery?

If you are, you had best blame Congress since they passed the laws that enabled the NSA and others to become today's detriment to freedom, liberty and democracy.  Congress pandered to ginned up fear and passed some nasty laws.  Now they have to figure out if they have to undpander their past pander as they pander to a new set of donors and voters more concerned about jobs than jihad.  Oh, don't forget, it's not just the NSA--

ACLU calls on Obama, Congress to rein in power of the FBI

American Class System

Does your family make over $232,000? Congrats, you’re in the top 5 percent

Navy Yard

Once again a gun didn't do anything, but some guy with a gun killed a bunch of people.  I can't wait for the NRA, DOD, pols and others to defend guns, again.  I was watching the BBC this morning, they reported on the Navy Yard shooting and the news reader at the close of his piece, more as an aside, said something to the effect of "they still don't regulate firearms there, amazing."  It is amazing, but as long a the NRA shills for guns manufacturers and cons buyers into protecting their second amendment stuff by buying ever more guns and ammo, we'll see ever more death from guys with guns.   It sucks, but it does provide cable news with a "big" story.

Aaron Alexis, 34, is dead gunman in Navy Yard shooting, authorities say

Monday, September 16, 2013

Just because you are paranoid does not mean the NSA is not out to get you!

I can't wait for the NSA to be used by a Tricky Dick or J. Edgar Hoover type.  It's going to happen.  When it does it will be real ugly.  It will involve a Prez using the NSA to advance his or her agenda at home and around the world.   Selected companies will have become more equal competitors in the market until fraud, deception and abuse get exposed.  Just wait, nothing is safe anywhere as long as agencies like the NSA keep doing their thing unchecked and for all intents and purposes, unregulated.  What's their thing?  Here's a part of it--

Revealed: how US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security

Let's Have a Crusade

I'm surprized that America's Jesus jockeys haven't agitated and frothed for Obama to declare one.  After all, Muslims are attacking Christians in an Egyptian burg.  Look, only Christians can kill Christians or some shit like that or is it Muslims that have that rule.  Hmm, maybe Atheists should have a crusade against all the religious crazies (that's anyone who belongs to any religion) and eradicate them once and for all.

Oops, belay all the forgoing, it's Copts under attack, so maybe it's not real Christians being trashed.    American Christians know that if Copts really were Christian they'd at least call themselves Baptists, Evangefundies,  Lutherans or Catholics.

Egyptian authorities recapture Islamist-held town

That was fun, now on a serious note, Copts really are Christian.  Learn more about this branch of crazies--Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria


Joe Biden (age 70) for Prez?  Hillary Clinton (age 65) for Prez?  I don't want either of them and I don't want a Bush either.

Joe Biden: The anti-Hillary?

Since we don't seem to be bothered by old farts running for Prez, then how about a better than either of them old fart, Elizabeth Warren (age 64).

Rank Dumbness?

It's been a few years since Obamacare passed Congress and became law.  Roberts and the Robes said it's legit.  It's survived 41 House votes to bag it, and the citizenry (the beneficiaries) still don't understand the damn thing much at all.  I guess education was not one of the White Houses concerns.  That's dumb.  But then, Obama is not much of an explainer.  Even now as the law goes into effect--

Two new polls tell us Americans are very, very confused about Obamacare

ObamaCo seems to have not only ignored the GOP opposition, he's armed them for political battle through his and his team's silence on the law. Hell, maybe they don't understand it either.  It will be an issue in the 2014 election.

Is Willard Running for Gov of Va?

You'd think so.  Willard 1.0 morphed from a reasonable GOP Governor of Mass into an acid drooling evil Trog, Willard 23.6,  in order to win the nomination.  Of course in the process he guaranteed Obama would win.  Think about it, if Willard 1.0 had been nominated, could Obama have won at all?

In Va. Cucci etc. is trying to morph from an evil acid drooling, vile knuckle dragging Trog into a run of the mill repulsive Trog (he could never be a reasonable Republican).

Cuccinelli’s strong stands against illegal immigration could become problematic in Va.

This election sucks.  God, vote for a sleaze bag like McAuliffe or an idiot like Cucci etc.?  Both are equally repugnant.  Both need to the political stage.  What can a Virginian do?  Hey there is a third candidate.  He'd Robert Sarvis.  He's a Libertarian.

Sarvis for Govenor


The UN says Assad et al used WMD.  Maybe the UN should nuke 'em back to the stone age.  Oh, hold it, it's an Arab land, so they already live like paleolithic creatures.  Oh, well, I guess the UN will just have to muddle along and disarm Syria of WMD.  Maybe they could do a weapons swap, say AK-47s for chemical weapon.  They could give every Syrian a gun and ten thousand rounds so all could play the Arab pastime of mutual annihilation.

U.N. inspectors find ‘convincing’ evidence of chemical attack outside Damascus

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our Spies Are As Warped As Our Politicians

Think not?  Then give this a read--

Inside the mind of NSA chief Gen Keith Alexander

Atheist Churches?

Why not.  Religion is just a social organization that feeds the power, status, and financials needs of its members and the cadre in charge.  Atheists might as well get some of that social action too.  I wonder if atheists comes in sects?  What would a Martin Luther of the godless bitch about?  Is there an orthodox atheism?  Reformed?

Atheist Sunday Assembly branches out in first wave of expansion

Never Again?

Will we see a Lehman's and fiscal meltdown like 2008 again?  In theory, no.  New regulations will deter the greedheads before they  wreck it again.  Hmm, that means we really will see 2008 again since Congress repealed the regulations in the 1990s from the 1930s that kept us fiscally secure.  That bit of statesmanship gave us 2008.  Can we elect a better class of people to Congress?  Nah, we're screwed.

Five years after Lehman bankruptcy: Will we see the next crisis coming?

God Hates Oceans

It must be true since the Jesus jockeys told us that climate change is not manmade.  It has to be god who is forcing those created in his image to acidify the oceans.  Given mankind's history,  god must one sick being.  At any rate give it a read--

The Pacific's Perilous Turn

Legacy Update


Maybe we should quit even trying to police the world.  I don't think we've been all that successful.

Fiscal Trogs Are Suicidal

The right wing of the right wing wants to shut down government and eliminate taxes.  They do not see much need for government at all.  They must want to die when a bridge they're driving on collapses.  Why do people elect these self loathing haters of decency?

We have a rotting infrastructure.  It needs to be rebuilt.  That takes taxes.  Can you imagine a U.S. without the Interstate system?  They can and that is the future the GOP wants for all of us.  Is that your future too?  If so then support them until the dam breaks and you are washed back into a third world life.


Since Government isn't doing anything...

Let's wonder about the 2016 race instead.  Congress sucks.  Obama blows chunks  and the Court will do whatever the Chamber of Commerce wants.  Maybe we need to really change course.

Don’t underestimate Rand Paul as a 2016 presidential contender

Impressed by Ted Cruz?

Why?  He wants 100 of Jesse Helms in the Senate.  Hm, Cruz would be kicked out of Jesse's party.

The Crazy Ted Cruz-Jesse Helms Connection