Saturday, September 28, 2013

Waiting for Tricky or will it be J. Edger?

Gee, the NSA assured us that they run such a tight ship no one could break the law and if they did no one could get away with it for any length of time.  Right.  Small infractions today, then there's tomorrow.   When will the next  Nixon be  in office (god, imagine how a Prez Cruz would use the NSA to accomplish his own agenda).

NSA employee spied on nine women without detection, internal file shows

It's just most odd

The GOP, actually a small number of Tea Party types in the House and Senate are still trying to defund the Affordable Care Act.  They will not compromise.  They will force the government to "shutdown" and will even force the U.S. to default on T-Bill payment just to get their way.  They think they are sticking it to the black guy in the White House.  I can't shake my thoughts that most of the co-opted Tea Party animosity remains racial.

Funny, as they try to play my way or the highway with Obama, no one seems to have noticed that they are doing the same thing to their fellow Repubs.  The Repubs are just a bunch of Obamas to the Tea Party.  At least Obama, thus far, has the balls to tell the Trogs to "bite me."  I wonder of Boehner realizes how pathetic he is?  Are the Repubs so fearful that they won't shut the Trogs out of the game.  Are there that many Districts that would rise up and TP the incumbents for passing a clean CR, raising the debt limit, and leaving the Affordable Care Act alone (it still is the law).  Oh well, if I lose any money over this mess, can I send the bill to the GOP, Boehner, or my Rep.?

House pushes U.S. to the edge of a shutdown

Friday, September 27, 2013

Stand Your Ground

I must infer that in Florida, black women are not entitled to stand their ground.  At least that's what the trial seemed to show.  Perhaps the re-trial will show differently.  However, I wonder which mattered most in the first trial, race or gender?  I bet gender trumped race.

Florida's stand-your-ground law at centre of Marissa Alexander's retrial

I think Mr. Hersh Is Spot On

Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the 'pathetic' American media

Virginian's, Do You Need More Reasons to Vote For Sarvis?

Democrats know the McAuliffe is a sleazebag.  Republicans, other than teabaggers, know Cucci etc. is a douchebag.  Now, the very type of politician that Cucci aspires to be and admires can derail his quest as they shut down the federal government.  A federal shutdown is mega dumb for the Old Dominion. Virginia is not in very good economic shape if one removes federal spending.  There's not much there, there unless it's financed by the feds.  In other words, without Uncle Sam, Virginia is just one more fiscal shithole left over from the Civil War.

In an uphill Va. governor’s race, Cuccinelli threads careful path on shutdown battle

Take a chance, vote for the Libertarian.  He can't fuck it up any worse than Cucci or McOtherGuy, hell he might be so much better that we begin to replace both parties.

This is governance?

Between the two parties the nation is heading first to a shutdown, then to a default on its debt.  This is idiotic.  But, what do we expect, we elected them.  They do exactly what they think will get them reelected.  Funny how six or so Senators and a couple dozen Reps de-rail the remaining 94 and 311.  If we don't think much of Congress, then it means we really don't think much of anyone outside of our own little home town.  It's hard to run a nation when its people use a household as its model.  Government is not a household and it's not a business either.

Both the debt ceiling and annual budget mess should be taken off the table permanently.  Look, both of these are the result, not of Presidents administering the Executive Branch, but of the actions first of the House of Representative, then the U.S. Senate and finally the President.  We have a mess, but most of the blame for it belongs to the two bodies now trying to divert attention from their complicity in amassing debt and borrowing,  to creating a new fiscal wreck hidden by their bullshit about the Affordable Care Act.

It's time for voters to reject both the Democrats and Republicans.  Elect Socialists and Libertarians and limit them to one or two terms each.  It's time to remove public service from the list of careers.  It's not a lifetime job, it's a short stint after a successful career elsewhere.  No more professional pols!   

Republican hard-liners block strategy to avoid federal government shutdown

Who Gives A Shit?

We are permanently warming the planet by what we do every day of our lives.  We burn too much stuff.  Climate change will make life a lot rougher for most people within 100 years.  I have been reading about this for a long time, almost 40+ years.  The science, as in knowledge, has been there for a long time too.

I do not understand how people can reject this bit knowledge.  If they do, all I can surmise is that they reject science as a source of knowledge about the natural world.   Funny, in terms of climate we reject the science of climatology but accept whatever a some shill for Jesus says.  By this logic, we'd opt have a heart transplant done by a minister rather than a cardiologist since the reverend knows that the the body has a soul whereas the doc just knows where and how to cut and replace.  We are, collectively, our own weakest link in the chain of our lives.

IPCC report says humans almost certainly cause global warming

Thursday, September 26, 2013

War Brings Out the Worst In Our Goverment Officials

Gee, the NSA bugged phones for Tricky and LBJ.  It never occurred to either of them that the reason the nation was in turmoil was that they and other elected and appointed nincompoops had this nation involved in a war that we never should have been involved in at all.

Since WWII, I'm undecided on Korea, this country has not been in a single war, military action, or overseas contingency operation that can be justified morally or Constitutionally as necessary to the defense and survival of this nation.  We have waged war for the same reason Clinton got his blowjob in the Oval Office, we have because we can.  It's time to end the permanent war mentality in our government.  Elect Socialists and Libertarians, it might work (until they both get bought off too).

Declassified documents show NSA listened in on MLK, Muhammad Ali and Art Buchwald

Try a little plug in

Take the Russkies language on gays and plug in blacks.  Uncomfortable?  Hmm, try plugging in women.  Getting nervous?  It's okay to go along with gay bashing but not other groups.  Screw Putin, cancel the games and while we are at it, let's declare the Olympics over and done with forever.  The world would be a better place without it.

IOC decides not to fight Russian anti-gay law before Winter Games

Fuck Em!

If the GOP forces a shutdown over funding of the Affordable Care Act, then it's time for the voters to force a shutdown of the GOP.  If the CR is not passed now and the debt ceiling is not increased then it really is time for voters to rid themselves of this govermental plague.  Return the House to the Democrats and make sure the Senate had well more that 60 Democratic Senators.  It can be done in 2014.  Vote for governance, not anarchy, vote for Democrats.

House Republicans reject Senate spending bill, explore strategy to avoid shutdown

Yep, It's Time for the Libertarian

Did you watch the Va. debate last night?  I did and confirmed what I have thought for some time that neither of them are fit for any public office.  McAuliffe proved he is a sleazebag who has no answers (he just wants to be Governor).  Cucci etc. proved he is a douchebag of liberty who would return Virginia to the 18th century ( provided he was in charge of course).  It was a wretched exercise in political puke.

The leaders of both parties have put forward assholes unworthy of this or any elected office and that is saying something.  Those leaders need to drummed out of their parties.  A pox on both parties.  It's time to shake it up a bit.  Vote for Sarvis, at least he's not McAuliffe or the Cucci guy.  At worst he'd be just as piss poor, at best he might be well above mediocre.  So, vote Sarvis.

McAuliffe, Cuccinelli take their bitter battle to the airwaves

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

They Are Pols

That means they are liars.

How unpopular or popular is Obamacare?

Idiot Watch

Today's idiot is a Texan, Sen. Ted Cruz.  He's trying to make a bid for 2016 by ranting for hours on evils of providing health insurance to all Americans.

After 19 hours, Sen. Cruz still talking in an effort to defeat Obamacare

Has the health insurance industry told Cruz that health insurance is a good idea?

I Can hardly Wait

As we continue to "trust" military officers and their civilian bosses, we continue to drone on and on.   When they start flying drones in U.S air space what can we expect from crash prone planes?  Hold it, crash prone?

When did any of the bemedaled set describe these deliverers of surgical strikes on bad guys and others as crash prone?  I guess you have to live outside the U.S. to learn about that.  Sadly that's like a lot of our military and foreign policy these days, we learn about if from our victims.  I had hoped for a change from opacity to transparency, but all we got was same old shit, every new day.  What's a surgical strike anyway?

U.S. moves drone fleet from Camp Lemonnier to ease Djibouti’s safety concerns

Hmm, if they are the ones keeping us safe from bad guys, who will keep us safe from them?

He's This or That

He's either a serious abettor of pedophiles or a complete idiot.  And to think he headed his church.  Amazing.

Benedict emerges from silence, defends his abuse record in letter to prominent Italian atheist

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Give it a read

Do you agree?

NSA surveillance goes beyond Orwell's imagination – Alan Rusbridger

What about Brazil's action?

Brazilian president Rousseff launches tirade against US over NSA surveillance

Can we have free speech, privacy and continue to live under a democratic government if the NSA persists?

Stephen Fry joins demand to end NSA and GCHQ mass surveillance

The Economy Still Sucks

I didn't realize Halloween was an economic indicator, but then again I did realize how much money we spend on this holiday.  I also did not realize that we spend $330 million or so on pet costumes.  I'm not sure what that says, but it says something.

Consumers to spend less on Halloween gear

Bless My Trans-Vaginal Probe

The Democrat has taken the lead thanks to the GOP's recent record on women's health and women's rights.  Damn, even women dumb enough to have voted Republican in the past seem to be shifting to the Dem or Libertarian.

This remains a very odd election.  Both parties have nominated sleazebags that no one wants to vote for.  Die hard Dems vote against Cucci etc.  Die hard Repubs vote against McAuliffe.  Now if everybody would vote against both of them and elect the Libertarian it might be a very interesting administration.

Here's some recent polling (I would not bet on the Cucci guy winning).

McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race

Have the Repubs Rid Themselves of the Trogs II ?

See next post too.  Perhaps the Repubs have found the rallying point to trivialize the right wing of the right wing.  That point being "stupidity."  The Teabags have gone so far, that even a diehard Repub may be willing to admit those folks are too damn dumb to be part of the GOP and laugh them out of power.

Haley Barbour blasts Senate Conservatives Fund and Club for Growth

The votes may be taken care of, but what about the money?  If the money crowd is embarrassed by Teabag stupidity, then it's over for those loons.   All we can do is wait and see.  This post and $1 will get you a pretty 25 cent cup of coffee.

Have the Repubs Rid Themselves of the Trogs?

They may have, but if they have, in your heart you know every Repub really wants to be a Trog.  When Boehner sent the CR bill (with the defund Obamacare clause) to the Senate he also sent along a  demand for Ted Cruz to put up or shut up on his troggish ways.  I think the Speaker expected Cruz to fall on his well despised ass.  Apparently Cruz now has a sore butt (we'll have to wait for the end of the week to be sure).  As Cruz, Lee and to an extent Paul flame out on Obamacare this may be the opening the Speaker needs to trivialize the Trogs in the House.  Can Boehner shut down the 30 - 40 teabagged idiots that make his life hell?  I think he can and will.  We'll have to see what happens next on the debt ceiling.

  How Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn busted Ted Cruz’s Obamacare bubble

Wouldn't i t be a hoot if failing to defund Obamacare became the issue that ended the Teabag influence in the GOP?  Can Boehner's move negate the power of the Trogs and values voters (Jesus jockeys) and allow the GOP to return to being the party of business interests and moderate dyspepsia?  Will the GOP see sensible candidates in 2016 or more idiots like the ones who ran in 2012?  If the Teabags are not shut down then idiots will run.  If the Teabags go, then so will the evangefundies leave as normal people move to nominate someone like Chris Christie (without him having to pander to lunatics as Mitt Romney had to).  Without the Teabag presence the RNC can exert control over the Party.  Interesting times.

Monday, September 23, 2013


If you overreach for power, but forget that the real power is owned by another group which perfers to remain more behind the scene than not, then you may wind up biting  your own ass off.  The Muslim Brotherhood is now buttless--

Muslim Brotherhood banned by Egyptian court

I wonder if Ted Cruz and his teabaggers are about to taste ass?  Maybe, but then I'm not sure how the money crowd really feels.  Stay tuned---Ted Cruz scrambles to salvage strategy

Obama's Correct

However, until most people become disgusted with those who own guns, it's not going to change.  Right now, gun owners are tolerated and perhaps admired.  They shouldn't be.  If someone comes over to your house with a gun, ask them to leave.  People who pack have more than one screw loose.  Is it too big a matter to deal with because that of gun culture?

Gun culture?  My ass, that's like saying it's okay to own slaves because that's what your granddaddy did.  Yeah, slave culture.  Hey, why do we allow women to have the vote or own property, after all in Male Culture.  Now about who can vote...

Until most of us regard guns and the owners of guns as dangerous, we'll keep on killing ourselves off.  Guns suck, but the people who buy them blow chunks (just hope one of their chunks does not hit you).

Barack Obama urges resistance to 'creeping resignation' on gun laws

Headlines That Made Me Laugh

Here's the latest one--

Can states protect kids from recreational marijuana?

My answer is "suuuure they can."

All Praise the 10th Amendment

That's the state's right amendment.  The GOP laps that shit up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  States should run everything, the Feds should not even exist, right?  The House has recently tried to help out the States.  The House not only cut the Food Stamp program budget, they also changed some rules too.

The new rules mandate how the states will administer Food Stamps.  The new rules will increase state responsibility and fight fraud (that means federal dollars will decline but the states will have to spend more local tax dollars and and increase state staff to comply).

The GOP has a very warped perspective on the the 10th Amendment,  With more help from the GOP every state could be driven into federally mandated bankruptcy as they comply with federal requirements to run everything.

How the GOP food-stamp bill adds to state bureacracy

Misogyny In Virginia

Hm, is Virginia for lovers?  How does Cucci etc. see that?  His perspective on love is one sided and male, the woman's view does not matter at all in Kenland.   Do the female voters of this state really want a misogynist in the Governaor's mansion (they have already filled the state house with them--remember trans vaginal probes), so maybe Viriginia's women really see themselves as servants of their male masters.  I doubt that, but their votes for Repubs does suggest that Virginia's women who vote are full of self loathing and prefer second or third class status to simple equality and equity.

Will the women vote for Cucci etc. after reading this?

Terry McAuliffe’s claim that Ken Cuccinelli wanted to make it harder for moms to get divorces

Are you ready for 2016 sleaze?

It started this weekend with 48 hours of Hillary shit.  She has an article about her in New York Magazine.  Hold it, that's not a sleaze job, it's a setup for her finally telling us that she's running for Prez.  Where did the sleaze creep in?  Oh, via her creepy main squeeze, Bill.  Bill has some really bad taste in aides, butt boys, if you will.  No, not that kind of butt boy, I mean a bag boy.  Oh, god, not that kind of bag!  Get  you mind out of my gutter.

Here's an overview.  Take the time to follow the link and read the entire New Republic piece too.

Meet Doug Band

The GOP in 2016 will use every bit of crap they slung at Bill and Hillary during his terms of office as well as everything Bill has done since as he became a professional philanthropist using other people's money, and Hillary's State Dept. gig (think Benghazi a lot).   If she runs in 2016 it will be deja vu all over again as we return to the good old days of 1992.   Is there a new Ken Starr being groomed if she wins?

Pols for sale

Where is the hot deal today?  Why in good old Virginia.  Both of the dorks running for office have been walking the streets for cash.  Of course McAuliffe takes in more, but he's been a campaign cash whore for a long, long time.   Is it in-state money?  Nah, it's all outside green.  I'm tired of every damn race becoming a national race (via the cash that buys the political hookers).

Hold it, I said "both" of the dorks, there's a third candidate who has not raised that much cash at all.  He's the Libertarian.  Hm, a vote for him might be a vote for returning state elections to the voters of the state.  How about it, vote for Sarvis and tell the rich pricks to go fuck themselves.

Groups flush with out-of-state cash flock to Virginia governor’s race as testing ground

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Life's Just The Way The Shrub Imagined It Would Be In Iraq

After all that hard work, commanderation, and decisionating, Dubya bequeathed the world a nation created from his understanding of civics and guvment.  It's a wonder alright.

Iraq is one giant hotbed of death by detonation.

Iraqi officials say suicide bomber detonates explosive belt at Sunni funeral, killing 16

I Guess They Are Not Backing The Sleazebag

That does not mean they are gung ho for the Old Dominion's Douchebag of Liberty, Cucci etc., either.   They refers to the editarial staff at the Richmond paper.

Today’s Top Opinion: Unserious

With respect to the Dems, how could they have nominated this guy?  I guess they held an election and one person showed up and voted for himself.  McAuliffe may drive some Dems to vote for the Libertarian, Sarvis.   Ditto with Cucci etc. and the Repubs.

Tell the Fundies!

Oops, religion keeps showing up in the middle of political power fights.  Hmm, if the Taliban kills Christians then maybe it's time for an Evangefundie Crusade.  All the fundamentalists, evangelicals and other assorted Jesus freaks can sign up, get armed, and be sent to foreign shores to kill jihadi Muslims.  The rest of us left in the U.S. would be well served by the selfless elimination of the faithful.  Arabs would likewise be well served, their crazies would eat sand and die.  Bring on a new Crusade!  It's for future world peace!

Dozens killed as suicide bombers attack Christian worshipers in Pakistan