Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Imagine What Tricky Would Have Done With Today's NSA

It's okay to be paranoid, after all, they have your phone number, all your calls and e-mail, and they know where you are, every minute of every day.  Somehow, I don't think this expands my freedom, secures my liberty, or makes me feel as though I lived in democracy.

NSA had test project to collect data on Americans’ cellphone locations, director says

Repubs Need To Rethink Themselves and Move On

It's happening--

This is, of course, precisely what Republicans were scared of: That a law they loathe would end up being enthusiastically embraced by millions of Americans -- and thus proving permanent. It's Obamacare's possible success, not its promised failures, that unnerve the GOP.

Get ready for a long shutdown

The Speaker could end it today, but he won't.  Why?

Why Boehner doesn’t just ditch the hard right

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Price of Legacy

Do you remember all those liberty chip spreaders that the Shrub sent to Iraq?  Man, he spread liberty chips about a foot deep all over the damn country.  Alright they weren't new spreaders designed just for liberty chips.  He went with the spreaders he had, not the ones he wanted.  He used converted manure spreaders, but hell a chip is a chip.  What's sprung up from almost decade long vast distribution of Shrub chips?


Oh, note, there are still no statutes commemorating our beloved douchebag of liberty, the Shrub, actions to make Iraq a land of free and liberty loving bunch of Arabs.

Hey, it's October 1st, that means....

Roberts and Robes are back!

They're ready to hit the road and appear at an arena near you. What is the name of this year's tour? It's the "Jamming the 19th Century" tour.  Those Trogs are so much fun.

This is bothersome

The next thing you know we'll see a neo-Savonarola appear on the scene.  Oops, he or she is already here.  Think about all the Tea Party people and their leaders.  I bet that might have tightened up the old sphincter didn't it?

I assumed everyone wanted to be well educated.  I assumed most people aspired to a college degree. Not so much the degree, but all the knowledge gained that led to getting the degree. That may have been true in the past, but less so today.

I hope the decline does not also forebode a new anti-knowledge movement.  I always figured you learned as much as you can.  It never ends.  You do so, not to impress anybody, but to shut down as many of possible black boxes you run into in life (and the render moot the lies and bullshit too).

I remember a line on the title page of a calculus book, "what one fool can do, any other fool can do."  If we don't even bother being fools then we become obedient tools.  I fear the nation's shop is well stocked these days.

Fewer people view college education as part of ‘American Dream’

Interesting Piece

How to reduce the gender gap in one (relatively) easy step

Who wants to end Obamacare?

Uh, oh, it's gotta be a bunch of well armed, affluent, evangefundical, old white guys and their obedient chattel (wives and kids).  How do I know that?  Well, look at the little things they include in the delay Obamacare bill--

Sen. Boxer: GOP lawmakers continue ‘their war on women’

I wonder if the knuckle draggers noticed?

Despite their childish attempts to stop the Affordable Care Act, its most important piece starts today.  Now an additional 30-40 million people can join the nations' health care system.  I know the system is more of a joke than much else.  It's all insurance based, it sucks, but it's what we have.  Too bad Obamacare wasn't a real health care system like what the Brits or Canadians enjoy.  I don't like "Obamacare" because it did not do, at a minimum, Medicare for all.

Obamacare site goes live, with some glitches

Happy Shutdown?

I do not understand how voters tolerate this crap.  Our government is shutdown, well kinda, sorta shutdown.  If the Trogs want to shut it down to rid themselves of the Affordable Care Act then they should really shut it all down, everything, including themselves.  Imagine the joys of life in government free state (what shithole in the third world comes to mind).  Ah anarchy!

Is it time to rid ourselves of Democrats and Republicans?  I think it is.  In 2014, reject both parties.  Vote for Socialists and Libertarians instead.  Virginians can vote for a Libertarian in 2013, I hope they do.

Shutdown begins: Stalemate forces first U.S. government closure in 17 years

I assume that I will be able to bill my Rep. and the GOP for any financial losses I incur because of their rank stupitiy.  I've asked my Rep., but the putz has not responded yet.  What do you think he'll say?

Monday, September 30, 2013

Repubs Have Trouble With Polls

I bet the Trogs have done their own polls and those polls show that 90% of us will blame the Dems and Obama if a shutdown happens.  I bet the pollsters are the same ones who worked for Mitt what's him name in 2012 and were sure we'd all be living in Willardworld after election day.  Here's CNN/ORC on the blame game--

Poll: Republicans would get most blame for shutdown

Miracles never cease

Since miracles can be pulled out of the Curia's collective butt at will, the Church will keep on manufacturing saints.  Two new ones are on the way.  I bet the folks who make and sell saint memorabilia, souvenirs and trinkets are ecstatic.  It's been awhile since there were any new ones, and these two have the kind of name recognition that gooses sales.  If the Vatican gets 10% of all sales, I wonder how much they'll make this year?

Popes John Paul II and John XXIII to become saints

Now that's a bipartisan oops!

When both Jackasses and Trogs oppose something and they are able to stop it cold, that's something to note.  The note in this case was a future CNN special on Hillary Clinton.

CNN's Hillary Clinton film scrapped as director blames lack of co-operation

For Breaking Bad Fans

I'm not one of them.  I did not watch the show over its run.  Last week, given the hyped wonderment over how it might end, I streamed the first two episodes.  I did not stream a third.   However for those who liked the show, here's a piece on the end of Breaking Bad--

‘Breaking Bad’ finale: What happened to Walt — and to us

And Dubya Said, "Let there be a new Iraq, it is my legacy to the world"

And in Dubyaville--Wave of car bombings mainly in Shiite neighborhoods of Baghdad kills at least 51

Can we give it back to him?

I was not ready for this one

There's more money in trafficking girls than in dealing drugs?  That appears to be true.  In Virginia?  Yep, in the Old Dominion.  I guess we're blessed with more than our fair share of really sick fuckers.  Hm, are these deviants evenly distributed or are they more abundant in red states?  I bet the red states have higher rate of deviance.  I wonder if the state legislature will try and solve this mess?  I doubt they will, they're still working on trans vaginal probes.

Gangs in Northern Virginia increasingly selling children for sex

Assholes At Play In the Fields of Graft and Corruption

Yep, Congress is still in session.  And yep, Congresstypes, the House Repubs in particular, are playing with fire.  There's a reason we don't let tykes play with matches, they might start a fire and accidentally burn their house down.   Who gave these babies matches?  Oh, damn we did.  We elected them.

Washington braces for the first shutdown of the national government in 17 years

It just occurred to me that if Congresstypes are babies, then C-SPAN and cable news really are purveyors of child porn.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pick a new fuck up

The Va. Guv's race will, unless voters do something different, allow either the Democrats or the Repubs to fuck up the state for the next four years.  McAullife?  Cucci etc?  Do folks want more of he same or would they opt for a new kind of fuck up?

We can fuck ourselves in a new and different way?   We sure can.  We can vote for Sarvis and see what will happen.  He may be so bad that having experienced these three--Dems, Repubs, and Libs, that Virginians finally opt for a future run by people actually committed to effective government, the Socialists.  2013 is a dismal election year.  How low will the turnout go?

Sarvis wins the Virginia gubernatorial debate

The NSA monitors every aspect of Americans’ lives

Think not? Still think they're just a bunch of honest folks hard at work  keeping us safe and shit like that? Hell they can't even tell the truth about what they do. Here's the next chapter on Uncle Big Brother's spyjob-- N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens

Education Reform?

I've followed education reform for decades.  First as a victim--I went to very good public schools.  Then as an observer interested in how we run schools and pass on what we know to the next generation.

Along the way, it did not take me long to conclude that the only ones who benefit from the various solutions to the perennial problems are the ones who sell that solution's paraphernalia  to school districts.

As we have become a lesser people by allowing ourselves to be captives of the military industrial complex, we've insured each succeeding generation will be a bit more a more diminished as we continue to allow the education industry complex to run our schools.   Here's one teachers modest experiences over his forty years--

Four decades of failed school reform