Saturday, October 12, 2013

Award Time

I think Obama and all the folks on his Affordable Health Care web enrollment team deserve an award.  I hereby award them the Distinguished Clusterfuck medal with "F" device*.

Federal health exchange sending confusing enrollment information to insurers 

*"F" device for a clusterfuck that goes beyond the bounds of normal fuck ups.  It stands for fucked up beyond all recognition.  Sometimes it's called the FUBAR device. 


Gov. McDonnell either took money to help Star Scientific or he didn't.  If he did, then he's guilty of being an idiot and selling his office (that's a tad illegal).  No quid pro quo, even in the State of Virginia.

Hold it, if just took the money and didn't help Star Scientific, then he's still guilty of being an idiot, but that only makes him a dishonest pol (that's not illegal, it's normal).  The State of Virginia is blessed with dishonest pols in office.  So why is Bob in hot water?  He took the money and did squat, so what's the big deal?

Doing squat for cash is legal in Virginia, if you report it on "Virginia I Did Squat For Cash," VA Form 2357-3.  Gov. McDonnell did not report all of his squat, ergo he's a crook, a dishonest crook and once again an idiot.  Virginians do have a partiality for morons in the statehouse--McAuliffe?  Cucci etc.?    

The Feds may have a slightly different take on quid pro quo variations, but I'm confident that the 10th amendment (state's rights) will keep Bob out of the slammer.

Star Scientific chief thought McDonnell was helping firm get state funding

What word do you use when you think of the GOP and Obama and the Shutdown?

Here are a couple of word clouds.  Okay, Repubs, Obama.  Got your words, go to the clouds.  Mine weren't there.  I guess they don't include terms such dickhead, shithead, or ratfucker. Repub or Dem, they're our elected douchebags of liberty. Sucks doesn't it.

The shutdown showdown — in 2 word clouds

Friday, October 11, 2013

Shutdown or no, it's time to go vegetarian

I bet Foster Farms is a generous contributor to both parites, so it's okay for them to kill people and stay in business.  Boycott them out of business.

Poultry Plants Linked to Salmonella Outbreak to Remain Open: USDA

What else can you say, religion is just plain old fucked up

Rabbis who beat men into divorcing their wives: villains or heroes?

Be Nice If We Could Blame This on BP


It's just weird.  I'll continue to not eat oysters and never go swimming.

Another reason to adopt the guillotine

If states persist in killing people, they really need to switch to a method that will not endanger the supply of anesthetics to their hospitals.  They should switch to the guillotine.  The guillotine is fast, lethal, easy to maintain, economical, and does not require any real skills (can you pull a cord?).

Drug shipments to US suspended over Missouri execution fears

God, we elected all those douchebags

They are still at it, doing nothing which keeps the government kinda, sorta, shutdown as we edge closer to default.   It's sad, but fitting.  Come on, it takes a really fucked up mind to want to be a career elected official.   It's almost as bad as the inbred European royalty that trashed Europe for so long.  Gee, maybe inbreeding leads to elective success.  I wonder which pol is the most inbred?

Obama, Republicans in debt talks on two fronts

Still Trust The Military?


Air Force fires commander of land-based U.S. nuclear arsenal

Idiot Watch: Twofer Friday

Rand Paul  &  Ben Carson

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Still Hoping for Transparency?

Well, there's been some change.  Obama has changed himself into Tricky Dick.  And folks thought they were electing a Democrat.  Weird.

Obama's efforts to control leaks 'most aggressive since Nixon', report finds

Now the Naval Academy Has Joined the Ranks of the Air Force Academy

Two of three ex-Navy football players charged in rape case will face court-martial

Obamacare Oops Continues

The web site didn't.  It's normal, right?  Yeah, it's normal in government IT.  Funny how agencies keep on using the same contractors and keep on expecting different results.  Remember the folks in charge  are the same people who brought us this really fine shutdown and impending debt crisis.  Oh, make sure we include voters and non-voters as part of the mess--non-voters allow the rest of us to elect the bozos who make the rules and hire the appointees who run all those federal shops.  Hmm, now that I think about it, not much as changed in 200 years.  It sucked then, it sucks today, and it's sucked in between.

Some say health-care site’s problems highlight flawed federal IT policies

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I knew I should have moved to New Zealand long ago...

The conservative shift in public opinion has happened in all 50 states

Yeah but...

Okay here's one line on Obama's tech screwup when Obamacare went on line for folks to buy life insurance on Oct. 1st.

Why Obama’s tech-savvy team couldn’t make Obamacare glitch-free

Yeah but, with access to all those slick tech savvy Obamaites, why didn't Obama use them to make sure the rest of the government he administers did the damn job right. There is no reason for this kind of error. It's lame to say "well it's a computer system, so expect it to not work right or at all."

If we used that logic on anything else, then we should expect anything new to flat ass fail. Gee, here's a new candy bar from Hershey's, oops, it's has a horse shit filling.  Come on, it's new.  What do you expect from a new candy bar anyway?  We'll get the shit out and caramel in within a few weeks.  Hope no one dies in the interim.

Funny, it seems to be government computer systems that fail regularly--government hires contractors to do the job. I guess contractors do do a job, but the job is done on the American taxpayer and we accept it as normal. That's really fucked up.  Check out the history of SAIC sometime to see how much money there is to be made by fucking up on a regular basis.

Don't forget

Obama will nominate Janet Yellen to become the next chair of the Fed.  She's a great pick.  However, there are a couple of things you need to remember, not about her, but about Obama.  Yellen is Obama's second pick.  His first choice was Larry Summers--less qualified, more dangerous, but a guy.  Summers knew that even the Dems in the Senate would not vote for him (he backed the policies that led to the 2008 wreckage) so he bailed.  Obama was more or less forced to nominate Yellen.  So who is Janet Yellin?

Nine amazing facts about Janet Yellen, our next Fed chair

As with any Obama nomination, expect the Repubs to attack her viciously with 100% made up shit.

Idiots at play with our tax dollars

Have you noticed during all the shutdown brouhaha, that the Prez and his folks are paid along with Boehner and those of his ilk?  I think shutdowns should require that all elected and appointed officials lose their pay and benefits during a shutdown.  The lost pay would not be retroactively paid back after the shutdown.  They lose it, period.

Oh, include all their staff positions while we're at it.  No government, then no pay for the ones who are supposed to the adults in charge.

Hmm, maybe it should also be a law that the I.R.S. has to shutdown too--any money sent to them during a shutdown is returned to sender permanently.   Let's see, if the hot air crowd has no money and their business has no income, then I bet we'd never see another shutdown.  Also, make sure to do the same if the debt ceiling is not raised.

Here's today's summary from the Post--As financial markets show signs of worry, White House plans meetings with lawmakers

One other little sweetener, if there is a shutdown, then Congress, congressional staff, appointees, and White House staff would lose one year of retirement years of service credit for each week or maybe day that the government is kaput.

Seems reasonable.  How do we elect folks to make it happen?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Idiot Watch: Mississippi

Mississippians never let one down.  They remain fantastic bad examples for the rest of us.  When faced with a problem, all one has to do is imagine what a Mississippi cracker would do and then do the opposite.

Judge Ordered Sikh to Remove 'That Rag' from Head, Says ACLU

More evidence of fundamental incompetence


As the teabaggers led the GOP to attempt denial of health care to millions of uninsured Americans they  screwed the pooch.  Many, many times at that.  The latest failure is in military death benefits.  The GOP shutdown has forced the denial of payment of death benefits to those families who lost one of theirs in the Afghanistan War since the shutdown began.

They've screw the pooch so many times we ought to charge them, the GOP, with bestiality and be rid our government of these perverts.  Remember what the GOP has done to ordinary people all to deny health care, remember it in Nov. 2014.

Did you watch the Daily Show last night?

If you did, then answer the question, "Jon Stewart grills Health secretary on Obamacare: Who won?"

Let's put it this way, Obama's shill didn't win.  So how many have signed up?  Why did the system fail, repeatedly?  Why didn't they delay the individual mandate?  If you missed it, watch it.  It's sad.

Gee Birds of a Feather

As I read this piece on polio, I thought "they have the Taliban and we have the Tea Party."

Pakistan bomb blast: why health workers keep getting attacked

If You Thought They Couldn't Fuck It Up Even More...

Then you have been paying attention to the Supremes.   This month kicks off their "Dredd Scott Revvial" tour.  Roberts and the Robes will sing a lot of Stephan Foster ditties as they pull the nation back to it's ante-bellum days of 1845.

How will the Trogs get the job done?  Simple they will make it legit for rich pricks to buy the House, Senate, White House the Supremes and call it free speech.  If you pay the piper, then...


Fill in the blank time

Here tis, fill in the blank with other nations and other people.  Does it sound good if they invaded, say the U.S., bagged a citizen and removed him to somewhere else?

"I hope the perception is in the world that people who commit acts of terror and who have been appropriately indicted by courts of law, by the legal process, will know that NAME YOUR COUNTRY is going to do anything in its power that is legal and appropriate in order to enforce the law and to protect our security," NAME ANY HIGH OFFICIAL said, during an economic conference in Indonesia.

By our logic we must approve such actions for all.  So it's legit for any country that has tried someone for terrorism to bag and grab that person from any location on the planet if they claim their own law, propriety, and enforcement are on their side.  I guess the expectation is that no one will object.  I think I'm missing something about sovereignty.

Oh, I'm not missing the 800 pound gorilla factor.  I wonder how 800 pound gorillas are perceived in other nations?

White House defends al-Qaida capture in Libya as US ponders legal options   

I can't help but think that we would have won more allies with blues jeans, rock and roll, and 7-11s than we have with rendition and invasions.  I guess there must not be a Blue Jeans & Rock and Roll  Industry Congressional Complex.

At Least He Gives A Decent Summary

Summary?  Karzi sums up the Afghan War--

"...a lot of suffering, a lot of loss of life and no gains because the country is not secure."

After 12 years, that's about the best anyone can reasonably say.

Oh, once again, it looks like the good guys dropped some bombs on bad guys but managed to waste some non-bad guys. As usual, the Afghans say we screwed up. As usual we deny it. As usual we appoint investigators. Then as usual we will admit we did what the Afghans say we did. Then as usual we'll argue about he number of people we killed. It gets old.  I guess it gives some folks patriotic goosebumps, it makes me shake my head a lot.

Hamid Karzai blasts US and Nato over attacks as security talks drag on

Tell the Speaker

Have you called or written Speaker Boehner?  Why not?  If you approve of his actions let him know.  If you think, as I do, that's he's a horse's ass over the budget and debt ceiling, let him know.

Email the Speaker

Monday, October 7, 2013

Washington Redskins

I was reading a piece in the Guardian on the Redskins today.  It appears that native Americans, the real Redskins, really do find usage of the term to  be offensive.  R is to them as N is to another group.  If the team owners would be a bit more historical and patriotic then they would use the description The Declaration of Independence, but I doubt it would be well received today since the team would be called The Washington Merciless Indian Savages.  Yes it really is in there.

Native Americans don't like being called names anymore that any group of folks.  It is a tad racist.  The author pointed out that "cracker" was seen by whites as offensive and racist during the Zimmerman trial.  Gee, how about the Washington Crackers then.  Turnabout being a bit fair, it should be an option.

Perhaps Washington Rednecks would be better.  They could even hire Larry the Cable Guy to be the team mascot.

Or perhaps it would be most appropriate to name the team after our government or elected officials.  Gee, the Washington Whores?  Washington Douchebags?  Washington Debilitators?  Washington Twits?  Washington Teabaggers?  Washington PayToPlays?