Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hope and Change Front

If you hoped that pols would be honest for a change you're delusional. Did you really think Obama was telling the truth when he promised that people could keep their insurance plans if they liked them. I guess, as with all those folks who voted for it, he didn't read the full text of Obamacare---For thousands, keeping your old health insurance policy isn’t an option.

Oh, forget the Dems will play the "greater good" card.  That card means the ends justify the means and that is just flat-assed wrong.

Suicide Bombings

Life is normal in the land of the Muslims---

Spate of attacks on Shi'ite Muslims kills 59 people in Iraq

Suicide bomber kills 16 in Somali cafe attack aimed at foreign troops

Fighting Rages in Damascus Suburb After Suicide Bomb Attack by Rebels

Five Yemeni soldiers killed in suicide attack on military base

Pakistani official killed in suicide bombing

Afghan Taliban attack Isaf convoy near Kabul compound

I can't wait until they get their hands on drones.

Frankenfoodphobics There's Hope

Are you sure that plaid salmon you ate last night really used to run wild in one of nature's waterways?  Come on plaid?  Well, it was genetically modified so...

What can anyone do prevent plaid salmon?  The GM crowd will buy off Congress and prevent labeling.  That's right, every aspect of life is for sale in Washington, it's bi-partisan too.  Well, how about not buying salmon unless the retailer will certify that it's salmon is natural (whatever that means).

Maybe consumers do have a hand they can play since they won't bother to elect anyone who has their interests at heart.  Funny how irritation in one area rarely leads to a change in Congress, but that's another issue.

A new method against genetically modified salmon: Get retailers to refuse to sell it

Pope Frank

Frank may think he's getting his Dudley Do-right on, but there are a lot of Snidelys in the Vatican.  He may begin with the bank, but I bet he won't do much else--women, contreception, etc.  Let's put it this way, Frank won't save Nell from the oncoming train.  The guy is no John XXIII at all.  The best thing he could do is shut the damn place down.  Who really needs a pope anyway?

Pope Francis launches reform of Vatican bureaucracy, with cleanup of Vatican bank

Friday, October 18, 2013

After three years!

Three years on and the uninsured have a for shit website.  Hold it, that's not a big deal since the uninsured are the ones who have not been informed about Obamacare in the first place.  I'm not sure which sucks more, the blown website or the lack of advertising for the ACA.  Hell, both blow chunks.  Is this an example of effective community organizing?

Uninsured not learning about Obamacare exchanges

Yabba Dabba Drone

Oops, the UN thinks drones can violate human space, as in kill people whose only crime was existing.  Who's the biggest contributor, #1 in the world, to the wastage?  Why it's team Obama.  Of course he and his minions deny that they've killed anybody (it's a state secret, can't talk about it, would give away secrets, etc.).  If we, that is, the assholes we elect, are going to kill in our name then those douchebags need to bag all that CYA secrecy and proudly proclaim and display their (our) deeds.  Hell they should make a YouTube Uncle Sam Drones for Democracy and You Channel and show all the video they collect from drone strikes around the world and at home.

Drone strikes by US may violate international law, says UN

Frankenfood Fight?

Will Washington state break U.S. logjam on labeling GMO food?

Okay, will the cups get cheaper?

If other companies can make "K-Cup" clones, will Keurig vendors get reasonable on the price of their cups?  We'll see.  The machine is nifty, but the cups are too costly.  I bet they'd sell three times the cups if they cut the retail price in half.  Now they'll just have to compete and that will not be as profitable as it could have been.

How stimulating: Keurig loses coffee-device patent case

Bottom feeders take heart, there's a future for you in Virginia

McAuliffe and Cucci etc.  have spent most of their lives wallowing in muck.   Are there any others this election?  Yep, how about the Repub Lt. Gov candidate--

Jackson’s stump stories of childhood deprivation challenged by acquaintances


It's more than disconcerting to think that there are 60,000 slaves in the U.S.  Slavery is alive and well around the world.  It's disgusting.  I'm not a big capital punishment advocate, but when it comes to slavery, I think can accept a cruel and unusual execution for anyone who enslaves another.   When it comes the sex slavery, I'm also okay with beheading the customers.

This map shows where the world’s 30 million slaves live. There are 60,000 in the U.S.

Cruz Speak Decoded

Ted Cruz’s claims on Obamacare focus on losers, not winners

Hmm, the Dems better round up the winners and turn them into voters to more than offset the losers who already were voting for Trogs anyway.  Can we make 2014 and 2016 the steps to a Trog free political space?

It Gets Dumb and Dumber

This is brought to the Afghans by the same folks who gave this nation our recent shutdown and debt ceiling threat. We elect 'em.  They get sworn in and proceed to fuck up about everything they touch. Can anyone name one thing that the elected ones have gotten right in the last twenty years?  Okay if not 100% right, then 90%?  80%?  70%?

In Afghanistan, army struggles to wage war with damaged equipment, poor logistics

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Did anyone, other than cousin Bubba, really expect a Bigfoot?

Hair from a Yeti?  Bubba bet his succotash it's true.  Aw shit, it's a bear hair Bubba, but you can keep your succotash, I don't like limas.

  Yeti mystery solved? Geneticist links Abominable Snowman hairs to bears

The Confederacy Lives On!

Study: Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South, West

More from those outstanding defenders of whatever it is they think they are defending

With friends like Obama and his henchmen at the NSA, I'm not sure I feel any safer at all.  Oh, they may have stopped a jihadi, once, but have set up the nation for an absolute disaster when folks elect the next Tricky Dick (all he had was J. Edgar and the FBI and look at what he did).

The NSA is part of Obama's drones for peace program.  That's the option he's given the world.  The world has to do as he says.  That way they will have peace, otherwise he will drone them into a peaceful end.

Documents reveal NSA’s extensive involvement in targeted killing program


I read somewhere the GOP Trogs liken themselves to William Wallace as depicted by Mel Gibson in "Braveheart."  No compromise, just fight for whatever you believe to be true and hang the cost.  I'd like to cut to the real outcome of Mr. Wallace and have all the Teabaggers show up to be hanged, emasculated, eviscerated, beheaded, then drawn and quartered as soon as possible.

Very little is really known about William Wallace, it's reasonable to say that much beyond his war activities in 1297 and 1298 and then the last three weeks of his life and death are really unknown.  In other words, a couple of battles and one death are documented, the rest is fantasy.  It's fiction.  It's bullshit.  Oh, that explains his appeal to Teabaggers.  They resist reason, logic, and facts at all costs and get all of ideas from the movies.  They need to watch more Disney flicks.

Government reopens after shutdown; Obama urges Congress to resist ‘extremes’

Will Anyone Remember This Mess

What mess?  Oh, the shutdown and debt ceiling crises that were manufactured by the GOP because a few of their rich masters don't like low income Americans having access to health insurance.  The mess cost the nation over $24 billion in lost economic activity.  The GOP is party of fiscal responsibility?  I have no idea how pain and suffering the shutdown caused to the least amongst us.  No one really speaks for them and no one listens to them.  Yeah, we've seen American exceptionalism on display from Oct 1st until today.

The shutdown is over for now, but expect those petulant children in the House to do it again in January and the then in February over the debt ceiling.

Government reopens after shutdown; Obama urges Congress to resist ‘extremes’

We don't need Obamacare to wreck the economy, we have the GOP!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Franken Food or Not?

Here's a piece that may help if you are giving yourself a wedgie over genetically modified food.  The author's assessment method is quite reasonable.

Genetically modified foods: What is and isn’t true

Grit Brains Take Note

All you god fearing, gun toting morons please note who defended the right of the guy to publish his book about Fast and Furious.    Yep, it was, gasp, the very same ACLU y'all tend to rail against.



I used to post more on food.  I haven't for a while so here's a recipe for the last pot of Minestrone I made--


Saute in 3 T. oil, about 5 minutes--
1 c. minced onion
1/2 c. chopped zucchini
1/2 c. bias sliced green beans
1/4 c. chopped celery
3 cloves minced garlic

To 4 c. of veg. broth (I use Better Than Bouillon) --

1 c. julienned carrots (I like lots of carrots)
8 oz. 1/4’d or so mushrooms    
1 can diced tomatoes (I use Muir Glen)
1 can rinsed dark kidney beans
1 can rinsed cannellini beans
spices mix:
2 T. minced parsley
1 1/2 t. dried oregano
1 1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. black pepper
1 t.+ dried basil
1/4 t. dried thyme

Bring to a boil then simmer for 20 minutes.

Either cook separately or add in for another 20 minute simmer, a small pasta of choice (orzo, small shells, etc.)  You may have to add in a bit more fluid--water is fine or make a bit more veg. broth

When heating for service add 1/4 to 1/2 inch cubes of firm tofu and a chiffonade of greens (baby spinach, arugala, fresh basil).  

Adding cooked sausage makes another different meal.

As with most soups and stews, it gets better over time.

Former Yellow Dog

I'm a bleeding heart Democrat.  Well, I will always be a bleeding heart, but I will not be a devout Democrat any longer.   I have been a staunch Democrat since I was five or six years old.  I remember being irritated with my parents upon learning that they voted of Ike instead of Adlai in 1952 ( I was six).  I have voted for two Repubs in my life.  Now I'm giving up my yellow dog habit for good.  The current mess in Washington proves that both parties place greater value on a bucket of spit than than they do the nation.

Then there is Virginia.  Virginia's Democratic Party accepted McAullife as the candidate.  He's a sleazebag.  I would not allow in my house.  After reading this profile, I think it's supposed to let Dems hold their nose and feel a bit better after voting for the scumbag.  There is a Repub, Cucci etc. I could vote for.  Yeech, with that thought I may have to gag and heave.   I have decided to vote for Sarvis.

McAuliffe is a man in a hurry to try to get from fundraising background to governor spotlight

Our political pot needs to be stirred.  Give it a stir by voting for the Libertarian.

Reverse the shooter and shootee and let me know how you feel

Feel?  About who or what?  Oh, how about Iran.  They have very good reasons to desprise and distrust those who govern the U.S.

Here's one most of us have forgotten about, but they have not--

The forgotten story of Iran Air Flight 655

Idiots and Flags

I find it most irritating when white guys parade around waving the Confederate Flag (the battle flag we all call the Confederate Flag).  I grew up in both the North and South.  I compared notes from both sides and learned very early on that the South lost.  The war was all about slavery, period.

So what's with the flag waving?  Waving that flag is about the last public act these idiots can do to keep alive the the dehumanization of non-whites.  Those flags do not speak to any bit of heritage or honor.  Every time a confederate flag is waved, worn, or put on display the person do the waving, wearing or displaying the flag vicariously and silently screams the word "nigger" at every person whose skin is not white.  The confederate flag continues the long history of dehumanizing blacks and others.

Why de-humanize? Hmm, that's not hard to answer.  Why not read about it by checking out-- "Less Than Human: Why We Demean, Enslave, and Exterminate Others" by Livingstone

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New American Center, See Next Post

I wonder about the New American Center a bit.  Okay, here's what's I don't know.  The Esquire survey tapped registered voters.  That leaves out a bit over 25% of the adult population.  Now, what is the center?  Since only about 50% of registered voters bother to vote, I bet the New American Center is mostly that 50% that doesn't bother to vote.  This leads me to conclude, this survey about the center doesn't matter since it's the other 50% -- more committed lefties and righties -- who do vote.

If the center wants change, then they have to vote in all the elections, otherwise fuck them since they do not count.  The non-voter has to put up with whatever those who do vote, do in the name of governance.  

Here's a quiz about the New American Center

Here's the story -- The New American Center: Why our nation isn't as divided as we think

Where are you?  I'm not in the center, I'm in left field.  I'm classed as a bleeding heart liberal.  How about you?


Printing a real Glock is just around the corner...

Amaze project aims to take 3D printing

Believers Are Fucked Up Everywhere

It takes a lot of irrationality to believe.  Once committed to illogic and a fact free existence then anything can make sense and be demanded.

Malaysia court rules non-Muslims cannot use 'Allah'

Virginia Voters Take Note

A new poll shows that more Virginians prefer a sleazebag over a douchebag for their next governor.  Wow.  Despite the poll, I think the race is really up for grabs.  There are too many disgusted voters this cycle.  They won't show up at the polls.  It's damned hard to say who will win.

Okay, disgusted voters,  it's a risk, but go ahead and vote for the Libertarian.  If we did and he won, you can bet the Dem and Repub bosses would take notice and never insult Virginians again as they have this cycle.

CNU poll shows McAuliffe up 7 points over Cuccinelli

Hope and Change Update

Hey there suckers, you voted for him  in 2008 and 2012.  What do you have to show for all that hoped for change?  Not much but a broken government, gridlock and by the weekend, default.  I have to wonder if we'd have been worse off with the other guys.  Well we would, but we're not doing that well with the Dems now are we?

Hold it there has been a reduction is a government opacity.  The NSA is becoming a bit transparent, but not because of Mr.  Cool.  Hell, Obama would lock Snowden up in Gitmo if he could.

NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally

I can hardly wait for Barry eight volume memoir, "The Audacity of Deceit."

Monday, October 14, 2013


I'm probably wrong, but I thought the Muslims had thing about planning since the future belongs to God.  If you planned at all, you'd be insulting God.  Hmm, you know a virus is out and about, you stop people from making a pilgramage because they might get sick and inconvenience your infrastructure.  That seems like a an insult to God.  God might really want millions to hajj, get sick and die in the desert.

Muslim hajj crowds thinned by virus concerns

Religion remains creepy.

Hope and Change

If you were hoping that Obama would do something do change our merchant of death status, he's fulfilled your desire. He's doing what he can to insure we will always be the world's #1 merchant of death.

In Big Win for Defense Industry, Obama Rolls Back Limits on Arms Exports

Do you remember explaining what your Dad did to your school chums back in the day?  I wonder which child has the harder time, the one whose Dad makes dildos or the one whose Dad makes land mines and cluster bombs?

Virginians Take Note

Look we know that Cucci etc. is a knuckle dragging, saliva drooling Trog who wants to restore Va, to the 17th Century.  Oh, he's a dishonest prick too.  So, you'll vote for McAuliffe instead?  Come on, he's a money grubbing sleazebag that will turn the state into a giant fiscal infected boil--

McAuliffe did not disclose Rhode Island death-benefit investment

 Feeling screwed by the masters of both parties? We should be, they mastered dickhead selection. Hold it, we can try something new and different, we can vote for the Libertarian and see if he has any innovative ways to fuck up the state. Then again, you know, it's possible, he might just govern the state without any sleaze or evangefundie value voter crap. Yeah, vote Sarvis.

I hope he wins

The world would be a better place without Paul Ryan in Congress.  Here's to the new guy, may he win and then in turn be ousted by a newer new guy after one term in office.  Elective public office is not supposed to be a career.

APNewsBreak: Son of slain Sikh leader to challenge ex-VP candidate Ryan for Wis. US House seat

In case you haven't noticed..

Our douchebags of liberty, the U.S. Congress, continues to abuse animals--they've been screwing the pooch all weekend.  The dogs' ass is worn out and we're still shutdown and continue to inch closer to unknown fiscal/political territory when the debt ceiling is not raised.

If Social Security payments are reduced or cut, do you think there will be hell to pay in Nov '14?

Collins cites ‘progress’ in talks; Obama, Biden to meet with congressional leaders

Impeach every last one of those elected turds for bestiality!


When I hear a Trogs like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or Mike Lee drone on about liberty they usually tend to fan the flames of fear of lost liberty.  They seem to imply it's gone, or what's left is in peril.  They treat liberty as the ability for anyone to do whatever he or she pleases whenever they so desire.  They may say the  the word "liberty," but what they're doing is mispronouncing "anarchy."

Liberty cannot be discussed without bringing in freedom and a bunch of political theory about the role of government, law and justice.