Saturday, October 26, 2013

There must have been a payoff to someone at the FDA or in the Democratic Party

Why do I assert this?  Well, here's a story from yesterday about the new restrictions on America's most abused prescription drug hydrocodone--


After reading the above piece, I learned that hydrocodone is "...only sold in combination pills and formulas with other non-addictive ingredients like aspirin and acetaminophen."

Today I read this piece on the same quite dangerous drug--


So who was did a little bit of quid pro quo?  How much to whom?

It's the weekend, you have time...

You can catch up on the NSA mess--

Upset with spying? Nah...

Germany and France are miffed with Barry's spy job on them.  Why?  Oh, it's simple, they wanted to be part of the the U.S. spy club and weren't allowed in the treehouse.

In Spy Uproar, ‘Everyone Does It’ Just Won’t Do

Need a new war diversion?

Okay, how about India v. Pakistan?  It's easy to forget, but it's been going on since partition--

Indian troops engage in gunbattle with suspected rebels in Kashmir; 1 dead, 1 injured

Guilty of torture

Who?  Oh, Sen. Burr of NC.  In my book, covering up torture makes one guilty of same torture.  He can try to hide behind "errors," but he only makes himself an accomplice.   Put it out there, all the facts and let people make up their own minds.  Until then, he's just one more Cheneyite Repub torturer.

Sen. Burr disappoints N.C. religious leaders on release of torture report

Explaining the Clusterfuck

It really is more than a bunch of glitches.  Sadly, is normal for federal IT projects.  How has the mess failed?

Eight user comments that explain the failings of

Deblitators in action

Yeah, it's the U.S. Senate.  The Senate is the world's premier debilitation society.  Who's back in the diddle, daddle, and dawdle focus today?  Why, it's the idiot son of Texas's most famous dolt, yep, Rand Paul.  I've wondered for a long time if Ron named his kid after a highway atlas?  If Rand's middle name  is McNally...

Rand Paul threatens to block Fed confirmation of Janet Yellen

Why is Rand doing this?  Simple, it gets him free air time on TV and a story like this one in the papers. Does he give a shit?  No more so than Ted Cruz cares about anyone other than himself.

Va. Gov. and Abortion

Both of the candidates have a problem, they're Catholic.  I'm tired of their  religious shit slopping over into our politics.  I could care less what Cucci etc. thinks about what some old fart in a funny hat in Rome has to say about abortion.   I do care when pols like Cucci try to make the Pope's position into Virginia law.  That's unconstitutional and just plain wrong.

Abortion is a medical procedure.  It's a matter between a woman and the doctor, period.  Sorry guys, you only have, at most, three minutes invested in this, you really don't have standing.

If someone doesn't like abortion, fine, don't get one.  If your female urchin offspring gets knocked up, then you all can deal with it, but please keep it to yourself.  

Gee, if I don't like something, then I should get the legislature to ban it.  Okay, religion sucks so, if I had my way, I'd burn down all the churches.  However, I won't suggest it because that would be unconstitutional and wrong.

Abortion a fiery issue in Va. governor’s race

Friday, October 25, 2013

Doing the physically impossible, that's the GOP!

I love pieces about the GOP continued ability to fuck themselves.  Keep it up!  The right wing of the party needs to keep their party all male, all white, all old, and before long all dead.  A Republican free world is a pleasant thought to mull over this weekend.

Conservative Coalition Presses House Republicans to Act on Immigration

Start an office pool, place your bets!!!

Do you think the aces in the White House or those hired to repair their clusterfuck of a website will have the thing up and running smoothly for the overwhelming majority of folks by the end of Nov.?  There's a  chance they will, but at what cost?

I'm inclined to think the site will only appear to work and will still not be the primary way for folks to buy the insurance they want.  This site will take four or five major fixes to get it right.  It's going to become quite interesting if the site fails and the individual mandate winds up being delayed for, say, a year. will work smoothly by end of November, government pledges

Obama screwed the pooch

The pooches are pissed.  Can you imagine what McCain or Willard would have done?  That is frightening.   The NSA needs to overhauled and Congress needs to be sure to include one specific new rule.  If anyone who works for the NSA lies to Congress, then they will lose their job and lose all accrued benefits from all federal service of any kind.  James Clapper lied.  Gen Alexander lied.  With this little rule, they'd be out on street where they belong without a single taxpayer dime ever to come their way again.

Germany and France warn NSA spying fallout jeopardises fight against terror

Douchebaggery Costs the Old Dominion Cash

With Ken Cucci etc. at play in the state's legal field, his lack of integrity, will wind up costing us money we never should have to have paid. Funny how basic dishonesty gets expensive.   Who wants this kind of person for governor?

Legal bills grow for taxpayers in McDonnell investigation

Virginia's Gov. Race

McAuliffe is a sleazebag and will probably win the race by 4 or 5 points.  Sarvis will pick about 10% of the vote.  Cucci etc. will lose.  He'll lose because of two things, the federal shutdown and that he's Bob McDonnell, if Bob were a total douchebag.  Bob is more like the Dem, just pain old sleazy.  Ken brings douchery to the race, even Southwest Virginia won't elect a total douche.

Oh, the two candidates had another debate.  Who cares?

  Cuccinelli, McAuliffe face off in final debate

Thursday, October 24, 2013

NSA Debacle, Continued

I bet the aces at the NSA did not get squat from their interception of world leader's phone calls.  It's time for Congress to shut the damn thing down and if they still want such a beast, then start over.

NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts

Go see this one!

Leonard Pitts Jr.: '12 Years a Slave,' more than a masterpiece

If you have a dog, then read this!

U.S. steps up investigation as pet death toll hits 580; imported food from China implicated

What do you think?

Let's, for the moment, assume that had rolled out the way is was supposed to and was glitch free.  Further assume that folks had signed up by the hundreds of thousands.  Okay, I know that is hard to imagine, but do so and then ask yourself would Americans now be given an extra six weeks to buy health coverage before facing a penalty?

I am inclined to say no, it's more because of that cluster-fuck of a website. Mr. Cool continues to be a bit truth challenged,  but he has mastered abject truthiness.

Attention Virginia Repubs

One of your type of columnists has an answer to your Cucci etc. problem.  No, it's not staying home or voting for  the Dem.  Give Mr. Will a read--

Cuccinelli is far from the best choice for Virginia

Do you really get what you pay for?

Maybe, but if you are the federal government, then you never get anything you pay for, unless what you expect is software that fails, then you are over blessed with an abundance of well met expectations.  So how much has that web site cost so far to deliver non-performance>

How much did cost?

It's a murky world

Drones and Pakistan make for a very messy bit of  overseas contingency operation (Obamaspeak for war).  We bomb their turf with the Pakistani government's covert approval.  We claim we're very precise.  Of course if you are killed by accident, it's really not all that precise.  I wonder if Mr. Obama would risk his own life based on the precision of his CIA drone dorks?  I doubt it.

Drones are just wrong, period.  If we, our government, are going to use government employees to kill someone, then it should done be in person.  The risk of dying as one attempts to kill someone else makes one think about the murder's real value, utility and benefit of killing some poor bastard someone in Washington doesn't like.  Murder is a hands on business.

Secret memos reveal explicit nature of U.S., Pakistan agreement on drones

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's a shame

I am a bit dispirited to read that Wiki has some problems.  At least they have been found, but it makes me feel a tad less secure about Wiki's future.  It's an amazing resource that I use everyday.  If you're interested in Wiki, give it a read and follow the links to more interesting material.

Wikipedia’s “Sockpuppet” Problem

Sad, very sad

Go ahead and read this piece, then decide if you think Obamacare will actually work the way it's been more or less described to as we go into the future.

Health co-ops, created to foster competition and lower insurance costs, are in danger

I have a feeling the cost curve is not going to be broken.  Health care costs will go up and more tax money will be used to keep the ACA going.

Oh, my heck! Someone better notify the Prophet, Seer and Revelator!

Bless my lime jello, Mike Lee may be in trouble with Utah Repubs (that's everyone in the state except for a couple wonderful people I used to work with).  Actually I bet, it's not that he's overdid the Tea Party shutdown over Obamacare.  It's more a shit for brains issues.  Mr. Lee still has  a speck of brain left.  Utahans demand that its elected officials have 100% shit for brains, look at Orrin the pious, he was  brainless when he was first elected 103 years ago.  Will Lee be replaced by another shithead?  Of course he will, stay tuned to Utah news.

  In Utah, tea party favorite Sen. Lee faces GOP backlash over government shutdown

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Apple fans take note

Apple unveils new iPads and MacBook Pros; new OS also released

I didn't think a tablet would work well for me.  I thought I needed a desktop PC.  I do my blog on a Mac, but now I read most of the papers and news on a Kindle Fire.   I attend to my e-mail on the Kindle too.  I shop using the Kindle (well it is an Amazon product).  I didn't think the Kindle screen would work for movies and TV shows but it does.

Now that I've looked at the new iPad Air, I might just get another tablet...

Ron Popeil Brings You Obamacare

It was a 27 minute infomercial starring Ron Obama.  If you missed it, it was bad.  Of course, the Repubs were a couple booths down the boardwalk buying a few veg-a-matics.  They're getting ready for Ron's pocket insurer to fail.

Here's a nice summary of Ron's Barry's pitch--

In Obamacare speech, Obama makes a desperate sales pitch

Headlines I like

Here's today's:

Poll: Major damage to GOP after shutdown, and broad dissatisfaction with government

If you haven't noticed the Menken quote to the rigjht, here it is--

"A professional politician is a professionally dishonorable man. In order to get anywhere near high office he has to make so many compromises and submit to so many humiliations that he becomes indistinguishable from a streetwalker."

Let's buy a whole new set of streetwalkers and send them to Congress in 2014. Maybe we'll have better taste this time around.

First Bullshitter On Obamacare

Paraphrasing, him, he said, "Sure there are bugs.  The damn thing doesn't work quite right.  However, the Affordable Care Act is really neat and good for everybody, trust me.  We'll get a great team together and fix it up just fine.  Insurance is really good deal."

Here's a piece on the First Bullshitter's sales pitch and the glitches from yesterday--

Health insurance exchange launched despite signs of serious problems

I preferred Mr. Stewart's assessment:

Maybe Mr. Cool, ought to remember the younger crowd does watch the Daily Show.

How Jon Stewart became President Obama’s biggest problem

Do we have drones? Do we use them?

I guess Obama and his aces in the CIA and DOD can't talk about what the rest of the world knows.  It's because of all that national double secret security stuff that precludes them from even admitting their own, much less the drones, existence.  Washington is a weird fucking place because of the weird fucking people we elect and their appointees.

Look, Obama has killed hundreds of civilians with drones.  If you think not, then you probably think there were 20,000 or fewer Iraqi civilians killed by bombs and bullets when we were occupying that shithole.

Drones are a huge mistake.  Drones will be, in 40 years, what Obama is remembered for, not health care.  Drones will become a worldwide nightmare as the world's merchant's of death sell them to anyone.  Oh, don't forget there will be the equivalent of the AK-47 in drones--the drones will be cheap, armed and deadly.

Drone strikes killing more civilians than U.S. admits, human rights groups say

Uh, oh, they're crooked thieves too

The Trogs take money from business.  Business tells them how to vote.  The Trogs vote the way they're told.  No, they didn't on the  debt ceiling.  Damn, they must have new sources of quid to finance their quo.  If you're bought, it's ethical to remain bought.  Hmm, perhaps business should shift their money over to the Dems and let the Trogs become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch brothers.

Businesses backed GOP lawmakers who spurned them on default

Monday, October 21, 2013


Here's an opinion piece that discusses how we pretty much shoot ourselves in the budgetary foot by using the term "entitlement" rather than using the specific names of the implied programs.  What are some of the largest programs and annual costs?  Here goes:

 1. Medicaid/CHIP: 63.2 million
 2. Social Security: 55.8 million
 3. Medicare: 49.9 million
 4. Food stamps: 46.6 million
 5. Child nutrition: 35 million
 6. College loans: 11.3 million
 7. Unemployment insurance: 8.9 million
 8. Supplemental Security Income: 7.9 million
 9. Veterans compensation: 3.8 million
10. Civil service retirement: 2.5 million
11. Military retirement: 2.2 million
12. Farm subsidies: 1.3 million

Here's the opinion piece--Let’s get rid of (the term) entitlements

Earning our derision

Who's earned it this time?  Oh, per the Richmond Times Dispatch, both the sleazebag and douchebag  running for Gov. have proven they are of less value than a bucket of cold spit.  The paper will not endorse any of the candidates for Gov.  This does not happen very often.   Are we stuck with writing in Bill Bolling?

Our choice for governor in 2013: none of the above

This is the kind of crap that disgusts folks

It's intentional deception.  It's the "is is" bullshit that Clinton pulled.  It's weasel words.  It's political "truth?"  Pols will stretch, misstate, warp, twist, and elide over facts to reach a preconceived conclusion so that they sound profound to their audience.  The amazing thing is, less the asshole like DeMint's bullshit, but more the people who listen to his crap and accept it a deep, insightful truth.  Of course, he could have just said "Medicare sucks" and his audience would still have drooled and scraped their knuckles excessively.

Jim DeMint’s claims about Medicare cost estimates from 1965

Sunday, October 20, 2013

If you are partial

If you don't mind a longish piece about the origin of it all, you know the meaning of life, the universe and everything, then give it a read.  Of course, I accept 42 as the explanation of it all, so Mr. Birnbaum's idea may be interesting, but he's ever so wrong.  Enjoy.

Has David Birnbaum solved the mystery of existence?

If it's a suicide bombing, then it's Sunday in the Dubyadom

The legacy persists.  At this point, I'd hazard a guess that most Iraqis have fonder memories of Saddam than they do the Shrub and his sidekick Dearth.


Lets think about this a bit

The bulk of Americans may despise and want to replace Congress, but remember most Americans don't bother to vote in general elections and they really don't bother with primaries.  So, who cares about a national poll.

Show me the same poll of people who voted in their last party primary and I'll get excited about the possibility of change if the same results were obtained.  Until then, from my perspective, it's the job of Dems to find new and better ways to fuck over and rid the world of Repubs.   Don't like it, then if you aren't a regular voter, start voting and start a new party or change the existing ones.

Look, off years are great if only 40% hit the polls.  When it's a Prez year, we'll see a bit over 50% of registered voters show up.  Both parties reflect, when they win, minority rule.  Want change?  Then go round up at least half the non-voters and form a new party withe some new jackasses to elect.

I do want my Rep. replaced, not with another Repub, but with a Dem just because the incumbent is a Repub.  Both of the Senators are okay, they're not GOP knuckle draggers.  See, I'm part of the voting minority and I do vote in primaries.  I may not like the Dem party as it is, but even on it's worst day, since I've been alive, it's been far and away better than the Repub's thing.

Americans want to dump Congress members: It's not us, it's you

Now I know what the Liberty Spreaders spread all over Afghanistan

Uh, they were spreading garbage.

  With U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, American military gear sold as scrap

Frogs have Trogs Too!

It's the same shit where ever you go--French far right to file complaint after minister compared to monkey calls its ideas ‘deadly’

Aw, hell, serve her at the gala

I'd love to see Congress force her to testify about the website.  There's no reason she should not.  Actually, it would be even better if she had to be interviewed and give honest, complete answers to John Stewart.  He could do a two hour Daily Show from a Capitol committee room.

Republicans say Kathleen Sebelius will have to answer for health-care exchanges

Yes, Virginia, Both Candidates Really Suck

Your job is to vote for the one who sucks the least.  I can see it now, a lot of Dems will stay home, the Repubs who do vote, will vote, but vote for the Democrat.  The Libertarian will receive at least 10% of the vote (some Dems and Repubs will vote, not for the Sarvis who has his share nuts that have been a tad over-torqued, but against one party's Sleazebag and the other party's Douchebag).   When McAuliffe wins, it will not surprize me to learn that he won because of the GOP vote.  Maybe we need to look to California for some better ways of running elections.  

This is good?

Well, bless my tongue depressor, 476,000 folks have started an account to buy health insurance through the ACA.  Does that sound good?  That's about 24,000 per day out a population of what, 40,000,000 uninsured.   Of course the uninsured may not have heard about Obamacare, which fits with this administration's approach to just about everything they do.  If the uninsured have not learned about the ACA,  I do wonder why they have not.  Hell, remember Surgeon General Koop sent every household in the country a booklet about AIDS back in 1988.  Maybe Obama should have emulate Mr. Koop or maybe the ACA is even too complicated for a Constitutional Law professor who is also a professional organizer.

Hm, since starting doesn't mean more than clicking "yes" on a page, I bet a lot of them have been from reporters and other curious folks.  Hell, I think I've started two applications.  For all the hype about the uninsured, one would think, even with a really fucked up front end ( the numbers would be higher.  What if Obamacare winds up being mostly a forced buy than much else?  What if in three or four years, the Affordable Care Act winds up, on the low income insurance side, really being the GOP's Obamacare?  Will any Democrat really give a shit then?  I doubt it, look at Bill Clinton today.

We know 476,000 Obamacare applications have started. We don’t know how many will finish.

Thank Obama for locking in private insurance for at least 100 more years.  We could have had Medicare for all or maybe a national health care system.