Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where do you stand?

This old fart thinks Sen. Gillibrand is on target.  Sen. McCaskill still places to much trust in those who regularly prove their ineptitude.

Ms. Gillibrand’s measure, which is opposed by top Pentagon leaders, would take sexual assault cases outside the military chain of command and give military prosecutors, rather than accusers’ commanders, the power to decide which cases to try. 

The measure Ms. McCaskill is pushing, which is supported by the Pentagon and was written in part by Senator Carl Levin, the Michigan Democrat who is the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, would not go as far. The McCaskill approach would strip commanders of their ability to overturn jury verdicts and mandate dishonorable discharge or dismissal for anyone convicted of sexual assault. But it would keep control of court-martial proceedings within the chain of command.

2 Democrats Split on Tactics to Fight Military Sex Assaults

Thinking about 2016

If Hillary Clinton runs are there any Dems who would challenge her?  Let's assume the party unites behind her and she becomes the nominee.  Does it matter who she selects as Veep?  Not really since the votes are for her, not the second spot.

On the Repub side, let's assume that Chris Christie decides to run.  As it stands right now, he will have to traverse the same slime gauntlet that Romney did in 2012.   As Willard ran, he transformed.  He  morphed politically from a Repub who was quite viable into a values voter knuckle dragging Trog who could not beat an incumbent with the economy in the tank.

The primaries turned Willard into the kind of turd that excites Trogs, but is unelectable in a state wide or national election  (Cucci etc. in Va. is such a Trog turd.  He will be beaten by McAuliffe.  That has to hurt normal Repubs).

If Christie does survive the primaries and caucuses and receive the nomination, then as did Willard, he will lose to any Dem.  However, if the GOP found a way to nominate Christie as he is now, Christie 1.0 if you will, then he would beat Clinton, hands down.

Clinton v. Christie 1.0 goes to the Repubs.

Clinton v. Christie 23.5 goes to the Dems.

Of course the Dems could insure victory in either case by nominating someone like Elizabeth Warren instead.  Don't forget that Clinton has her own baggage as well as her husband's that the Repubs will put back on display.


What is the NSA up to?  Will Congress have the collective balls to rein in what they unleashed after 9/11?  I doubt it since I'm sure the NSA does have 8X10 glossies on all of them.  If you thought the FBI was bad under J. Edger, then just wait until the goods come forth on these defenders of, what is it they are defending anyway?

Portrait of the NSA: no detail too small in quest for total surveillance

If you defend freedom, but in the course of defending it, the process of defense causes everyone to lose their freedom, then what was really being defended?  Hm, jobs, that's all, just jobs.  Damn, our short hairs have been caught by yet another industrial congressional complex.

Oops, once a Yellow Dog, Always a Yellow Dog

In the dyspepsia caused by both the Sleazebag and Douchebag running for Va. Gov.  I indicated this yellow dog would change his color and vote for the Libertarian.  Now as the election nears, the thought of Cucci in the Gov. mansion pisses me off, so I'll vote for the Sleazebag.  It's hard to change after 60 years of practice.  Hmm, now that I think about it, anyone who is proud that he receives an "F" from the NRA needs our support.  That F means fine with me.  I hope everyone will vote for the sleazebag next Tuesday.

In Virginia governor’s race, gun control surfaces late as a key issue

As weak minds turn to religion, we wind up with the Supremes

Those who cannot pass a day without a Jesus daydream have trouble with purely secular public meetings.  To assuage their personal fear of facts, faithful frothers must have prayers when they gather to govern.  Of course such folderolic groups try to be ecumenical.  They allow a Wiccan, a Muslim,  and others to have a turn at being idiots in public.  This  is supposed to keep the practice legit  per the First Amendment.  I fear most fanatics, that's believers, would prefer to treat the Establishment Clause with a sectarian auto-de-fe.

Roberts and the Robes will have to decide whether or not sing to gospel air (white gospel of course) on their  Jammin' the 19th Century Tour since --

Supremes to hear new case on religion in public life

Washington Red Clouds?

This seems like a very reasonable new name for the Redskins.  However, I'd really rather see them named after Congress.  Perhaps the Washington Porkers?  The Washington Snivelers (Uriah Heep would make a great mascot)?  Washington Narcissists?  Oh, hell rename the team The Douchebags of Democracy!

The Washington Red Clouds: A team name to honor a great warrior and leader

Friday, November 1, 2013

Female Repubs?

Today, while I was out shopping, Mrs. Jake answered the phone.  She listened to a very nice woman who called to encourage us to be sure to vote next week.  The caller asked Mrs. Jake for whom we planned to vote.  Needless to say Mrs. Jake she did not say "Cucci. "  However, she did ask what organization was behind the call.  It was local Repubs.

That bothered Mrs. Jake.  She has a problem.  She cannot understand how any woman could voluntarily be a Muslim, a Catholic, a Morman or belong to any organization that treats women as subordinate to anyone.  Equal is simple, it means equal.

Gee, the GOP in Virginia does advocate things like probes for women but not for men.  The GOP wants the state to make woman's health decisions.  She asked the caller how she could be a woman, a Repub and worse yet seek support for a subhuman trog like Cucci etc. (that's how see him, I'm sure Mrs. Jake was civil with the caller) .

I'm sorry I missed the call.  It's quite pleasant to listen to the sound of another's ass being so skillfully ripped they won't realize what's been done until they sit down again.    

NSA Solution

What miffs people, is less the spying per se, but more the feeling of being invaded brought on by learning that big brother is in fact listening.  Obama and his adepts can solve their NSA problem by doing two things.

First, they announce to the U.S. and the world that every bit of electronic communication will be intercepted and stored perpetually by the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other agencies in the national spookery.  Oh, this includes written communication as well.  Every envelope that is mailed or shipped will be imaged.  Ditto for all FEDEX and UPS shipments with the addition they will be opened and inventoried.  Everything will be sucked up by our army of professional suckers.

Second, all the info, intell, data, and whatever, will, since it will be obtained by government agencies funded by tax dollars, be classified as public domain.  Yep, the digitized collection will be available to anyone who has an Internet connection.  That way there are no secrets.  Problem solved.

If this were in force, who'd even know that guy Snowden?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

More on the Bystander Front

I bet Obama just learned about U.S. drones blowing the crap out of goat herders in Pakistan.  His aces insist the Pakistan agreed in the past to the goat herder elimination program.  Of course there's been a change in government.  Maybe the new guys in charge wants to run their nation, unlike what's occurred in the U.S., a bit differently than did their predecessors.

Pakistani political leader says NATO supply routes will be cut if U.S. drone strikes continue


I bet Obama learned about this one when it appeared in the Post this afternoon.

Homeland Security workers routinely boost pay with unearned overtime, report says

I don't expect him to have known this one, but it fits with so many other instances of his rather ineffective management.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Time to Go Veghead!

USDA plan to speed up poultry-processing lines could increase risk of bird abuse

The HInds of Tennessee

Thanks to Ms. Blackburn (I watched the Sibelius hearing today) I learned that her constituents prefer Fords, presumably old, rusty, pickups. and red plastic cups (I assume they are family heirloom "china").  They can drink their hooch as they drive to an E.R. for care since the health insurance policy they have doesn't cover much but a hangnail trim.  They do like a Rep. that defends their right to be stupid, however, the ACA will overcome their deficiency.  They will be able to drive their Ford as they drink from that family cup, not to an E.R., but to a doctor's office and will no longer pass along their costs to the rest of us.  Repubs are really strange people.

Here's a summary of the hearings from the NYT editors--

The Uproar Over Insurance ‘Cancellation’ Letters

What's Next for HealthCare.Gov?

Okay, the site doesn't work.  By acclimation, it sucks.  The boss of bosses over-promised and under delivered.  Now we know that most people who buy their own policies on the individual market will have to obtain a policy via a federal or state exchange.  What's going to be the next bit of debaclery?

How about a giant hack of personal data of the HeathCare.Gov website?  It may not be all that secure.  Who knows what corners have been cut (if you know anyone from Utah, ask them about their hack of insurance data last year and how it happened).


Hmm, if Nixon were head of the RNC, he'd hire hackers to do the job.  Would the GOP hack ObamaCare in order to kill it?

Prez Schultz?

Did you ever watch Hogan's Heroes?  If you did, do you remember Sgt. Schutz?  He had tag line that he "knows nothing (said with a German accent of course)."  Our Prez seems to know nothing about his administration.  Here's one more NSA mess he's found about by reading the Washington Post today--

NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say

Website that sucks, BAD!! Busted promise worse?

The Trogs have had a ball with Obama's promises about keeping your doc and insurance.  He promised  a lot, but now it's turned into one colossal "oops."  I've tried to keep track of all the numbers I've heard  Repubs cite about cancelled policies in their Districts.  However, they seem to add up to more than the world's population.  That's okay, pols do tend to overstate things--it gets attention. Did Obama overstate things a bit?  Well, he was awarded four Pinocchios.  That seems to indicate he more than overstated, he lied misspoke.

Obama’s pledge that ‘no one will take away’ your health plan

More on the "Bystander President"

Where the Buck Stops, Some See a Bystander

Why Does the GOP Rag On Obamacare?

I have never really understood the Trogs attacks on the ACA.  It's a market solution that increases competition in health care (insurance).  I figured the attacks are just the normal partisan  bullshit.  There's money in the ACA, now I have read a piece that confirms that and indicates what we will see in the near future--

The President Wants You to Get Rich on Obamacare

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Congrats to Islam

Courtesy of y'alls rather odd approach to life, the universe and everything, polio is kept alive and well in Syria, Pakistan and a bit in Africa.  If only the disease could be restricted to Muslims then your stupidity would be fine, but it's an infectious disease that can affect all.

Syria polio cases confirmed by World Health Organisation

Did you like Buffy?

Joss Whedon: why are his strong women characters still so unusual?

Now that's leadership!

As they attempted to defund Obamacare, the GOP cost the economy $24 billion plus.  That's gotta provide a lot of jobs, right?  Now we see how the average person reacted to that stellar bit of governance--


Virginia, Who Will You Vote For?

No one will vote for someone, they will vote against someone (and more of them will vote against the Douchebag).

The three strikes against Ken Cuccinelli

Virginia Repubs Take Note

This is what happens when parties select lousy candidates, especially when there's no primary.   There are times when I can, almost, but not really, wish the Dems had dumped their sleazebag and asked Bill Bolling to run instead.  Repubs, there's good news, your 17th century tea party douchebag is losing more today than yesterday--

McAuliffe opens up double-digit lead over Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race

I congratulate y'all on Cucci etc.'s campaign.  I have confidence your party will find someone who is even a bigger douchebag in 2017.  Keep up the good work.

One little word for the Dems.  Don't blow it.  Deeds?  McAuliffe?  2017 is yours to throw away.

Plausible Deniability -- Tricky Obama

Hmm, Keep your insurance, Bugging Merkel et. al., Website that really sucks, IRS v. Teabaggers, Solyndra failure, DOJ sics reporters, Petraeus and Broadwell, and Fast & furious?  What links these stories?  Well, Prez. Tricky Obama denies that he knew anything about them until we did--he watched the evening news?  FOX?

What did President Obama know and when did he know it?

Report: W.H. knew plans would be canceled under ACA

The Bystander President

If the guy really did not know squat, why?  If he did and lied, why?  If he directed staff to keep him in the dark, then oh, oh, my!  No matter how you cut it, the guy is not acting as Chief Administrator of the Executive Branch.

Monday, October 28, 2013


This dish is easy, quick and very tasty.  I've never fried sage before...

Chicken Paillards with Squash and Spinach

By the end of November?

Come on, does anyone really expect the Obamacare website to work by Nov. 30th?  Maybe so, but we'd best define what be mean by work beforehand. site back up after Verizon problems

Legacy Notes

The Shrub's gift to Iraq keeps on giving, death after death, but they're better off than under Saddam, right?

Car bombs kill scores in Baghdad, in sign of crisis in Iraq

Okay, will the Shrub go down as great prez or just another Buchanan or Fillmore?

Truth, Justice and the American Way

Right.  Now it's Spain--NSA Making Us Safe From Rogue Tapas


As I listen to the blowhards we elect to various offices, I have to wonder how they define constituents?  I have a feeling that first it refers to large dollar donors, especially from outside the pols district or state. Second, it refers those people who voted form him or her in primary elections.  Third it refers to those who voted for him or her in the general election.   The rest of the voters are not really constituents.  What term refers to them?

When Prophecy FailsTed

Did you ever read this book?  It's a study that led to Festinger's book on cognitive dissonance.  I haven't looked at or thought of the book in years.  Then the other day it popped into mind.  Why?  Well, I was listening to Ted Cruz talk about how their failure to defund Obamacare was because they were not conservative enough.  His expectations of reality and the facts of reality radically diverged.  Rather than admit reality, he has created a new version proving to him and those of his ilk that his former faulty expectations are in fact really real.  Is the GOP a giant sinkhole of cognitive dissonance?  Gee, maybe that explains Daryl Issa.