Saturday, November 9, 2013

Medicare for all would have been so much better

But then I didn't need grundles of reelection cash or want an impressive Rolodex upon retirement.   I wonder how many idiots will buy Obama's sure to be 12 volume memoir of his eight years in office?

The ACA has good stuff in it but that's in comparison to having done nothing.  Had the Prez decided to actually lead and been a Democrat he could have fought for National Health Care at best or Medicare for all as next best.  He didn't, I don't think that was audacious.  He's really rather ordinary.   When I think of him the word puny comes to mind.

Analysis: Tens of millions could be forced out of health insurance they had

What do you believe?

Did Obama really get blindsided by HealthCare.Gov or not?  If he did, then combined with a string of other things "he didn't know about," he's not competent to run the Executive Brach.  If he did know about it and did nothing, then he's also incompetant and a liar (but we know that, he's a pol).  Did he or not?

A White House in Crisis Mode, but Some Allies Prod for More Action

Go Navy

Two admirals face probe in Navy bribery scheme

Still trust the military?  Why?

Who needs voter suppression when you have Fairfax election officials in action!

Bless my broken voting machine, there are uncounted votes.  Oh, it also appears that many absentee votes were absent from the totals.  Who will be A.G.?  Flip a coin...

Nearly 2,000 votes in Fairfax possibly uncounted

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oh shit, it's begun

Look!  Up in the sky.  It's a bird?  It's a plane?  It's Superman?  Nah, it's the neighborhood creep's drone peeping in your yard and house.  Yep, the drones are coming and the FAA is paving the way.

I wonder what the law will be about shooting down drones.  I can and hear a new drone  based movie  now:

I'm bitter, I got god, all I need is a six pack of beer, a folding chair and a pretty damn decent shotgun.  Don't tread on me damn well includes the space over my property.  Yep, infringe my liberty and die!  With a blast a drone comes down.  Of course it sets the house on fire, kills the dog and roasts the goldfish.  Now who will pay?  Can I lynch the creepy peeper?  

FAA Releases Initial Roadmap for Drone Use 

Will we see drone insurance become part of homeowner's policies?

Obama Screwed the Health Care Pooch

Health care is firmly in the hands of insurance companies for at least 50 more years.  Instead of a national health care system or Medicare for all, we're stuck with the the Dem's chickenshit ACA.   Does anyone really think he'll be remembered all that well for this mess?  Here's an example of what can go so very wrong--

Answered: Why Two Obama Loyalists Lost Their Health Policies

Did you watch House of Cards (the Spacey one)?

Did you enjoy it?  If Netflix can pull off that show's quality with Marvel for four superhero series, then their competitors better watch out.  Could Netflix become a cable channel without the need for a cable company?  Why not just stream?

Marvel, Netflix reach deal for 4 new superhero series, including ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Luke Cage’

Changing Times

Were you ever a Blockbuster customer?  I was.  Before Blockbuster showed up, I rented tapes from a number of Mom and Pop video rental shops.  Then came Blockbuster.  It had a better deal, better choice and for a while was a decent store.  About the time their move to part time uncouth youth labor savings program was becoming my last straw a place called Hollywood Video showed up.  I never went back to a Blockbuster.  Hollywood was a great store.  Unfortunately for them as the DVD arrived, some guy named Net Flix came along.  He was too alluring.

Hollywood bit the dust, now Blockbuster has too.  I've never used a Redbox (I now live way to rural for that service).  Netflix DVD rental and streaming work for me.  I wonder who and what will unseat Mr. Net Flix?  What's next?

Netflix has won: Blockbuster is closing its last retail stores

Glad it's a typhoon

If it was a hurricane it would be in our neck of the woods, er, water, er, ocean.  Typhoons are hurricanes in the western Pacific.  The Phillipines are going to be scrubbed clean.  Can you batten down the hatches and expect them to remain battened when a storm like this one come ashore?  Can you imagine if Sandy had been Haiyan!

Super typhoon Haiyan closes in on Philippines, among strongest storms ever

Good News Out of Virginia

I hope the GOP uber-Trogs bitterly stick to their guns, god, and tri-cornered hats.  No comprise.  Don't give an inch.  Be idiotically ideologically pure, it will help.  Let your inner Confederate run free as you  wave that "Don't Tread on Me" flag.

Close result in Va. governor’s race hardens GOP divisions

Yep it will help, it just won't help them.

Headline reaction

I saw this on WaPo's main page--With poll numbers down, Obama pushes to reinvigorate his base.  My reaction was sure, that'll happen when Obama opts for two things.  First, he has to start telling the truth (the change his backers hoped for in 2008).  Second, he has to quit being a foreign policy bully like George W. Bush.  If he does those two things, he'd get all of his 2008 fans and more back.  I think his approval will stay below 40% for the rest of his term.  Come on would you vote for him today against Willard?  McCain? Christie?  

Here's the piece--Obama making aggressive effort to reinvigorate his base

Oops, Warn the GOP

The economy seems to be getting a bit better.  Of course the shutdown and debt nonsense the GOP  turned into a crisis will have an effect for a quarter.  Have you noticed that in order to get noticed they have to wreck the economy.  They think it will get them the White House.   That's why they're called Trogs.

I hope they keep on saying no to everything.  That single syllable is the best thing the Dems have going  for themselves as we head into the future.  Every utterance helps Dems win in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, etc.  By 2024, the GOP may change since most of the rich old white guys (and their obedient wives) will be well on the way to dead.  When you hit 70, everyday may be your last.   Of course they may be replaced by young white guys, but it will be harder and harder to throw a party based Jesus and racism.

Economy expands 2.8 percent in third quarter, but consumer spending slows

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Will the Fracken Be Released?

Maybe not, at least in a few areas of Colorado.  Other areas are fine with fracken beasts.  I wonder does fracken shit cause farm produce seeds to mutate and ultimately produce "naturally" occurring frankenfood?

Colorado's Elections Were Fracked

Okay Patriots Get Chanting!

USA, USA,USA!  We're the world's biggest merchant of death and we're closing fast in another area on China.  Yep,

The United States is the second-largest consumer, behind China, of illegal animal products like elephant ivory, rhinoceros horn and tiger blood.

In a Message to Poachers, U.S. Will Destroy Its Ivory

Look Ma, that carrot has eyes and they're staring at me!

Frankenfood was endorsed in Washington State.  Oh, well, eat your spinach and see what grows out of  your abdomen.  Hmm, combine potato chips with DEET at the genetic level.  Eat chips and the bugs don't bite.  Okay Monsanto get cracking.  Could you really really do a tick repellent food or do I have to wait for Bug-Off nanobots?

Washington State Voters Turn Down GMO Food Labels

Teabaggers Demise?

Chritie won in New Jersey.  He's not a teabagger.  Cucci etc. lost in Va.  He is a teabagger.  And in Alabama's 1st District--

Bradley Byrne wins Republican House primary in Alabama over tea-party-backed Dean Young

Maybe the GOP needs to have it's won internal Tea Party and throw all the knuckle-draggers overboard.  Of course that means they might have to boot some of the religious crazies Nixon invited in.  Oh, well, the GOP won't, which is great news for Dems.

Sleazebag Defeats Douchbag

McAuliffe is the next Gov of Va.  Wow, that's exciting.  Let's put the numbers in perspective.  First, the turnout of registered voters was about 37%.  That means 63% of Virginians yawned and told voters to pick whomever they preferred.  If you did not vote, then you really should keep silent about Va. politics for the next four years.

The 37% of voters have to be divided between the three candidates.  Sleazebag won with 48% of the vote.  The douchebag lost with 45% as the Libertarian racked up a mighty 7%.

This means that McAuliffe was chosen as Gov by 16.7% of Virginia's registered voters (.37 x .48=.167) .  The percentage of Virginians selecting their next Gov. is even lower when one recalls that 82% of possible voters are registered, which means the real number opting for Sleazy was about 14% of possible Old Dominion voters.

As we proceed through the next gubernatorial term of office, bear in mind that it was 37% of 82% of Virginias who voted.  So, two out of three of y'all need to be very, very quiet for four years.  Maybe four years of silence will give you time to collect your thoughts and find more acceptable candidates next time around.

Now do you have any questions about why things appear to be a tad fucked up in Va. government land?    

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Here's a movie idea...

"Attack of the Killer Platypus"

Place your bets, start a pool on HealthCare.Gov

The CMS boss says that the “...experience on the site will be smooth for the vast majority of users...” by the end of November. I assume she means Nov. 2013. One little matter, how does one define "vast," "majority," and "users?" Got metrics?  Suggestions for operationalizing those puppies?

Taken individually those words are prime weasel words. Taken together we have the ingredients for mind numbing world class bullshit. Now about the words "experience," "site," and "smooth...."

CMS chief: experience will be smooth by November end

Why Did Willard Lose?

I think it's fairly simple, overall, more people thought the GOP and Willard sucked.  He spoke their ideas and their intent.  Voters listened.  Voters voted for the other guy.  It really is that simple.

Did Romney lose because he wasn’t likable enough? Probably not.

Don't forget, unless polls reflect actual voters they don't mean much at all.  Using crude numbers, only about 75% of possible voters are registered.  Of the 75% registered only about 55% vote, or 41% of all possible voters.  The "winner" then gets 50% +1 of the votes, which means he or she wins with 21% of all possible voters.  Yep one in five people determine the course of government for the elected's term of office.

Pick whatever issue you care to.  Find a national poll that says 70% of the American people want X.  Okay, who amongst regular voters gives a shit about X?  Until 70% of regular voters feel the same about X, X's future depends on which party can run rough shod over the other and the fight may just not be worth it.  It all depends on the X.

Here are two Xs to ponder.  X, gay rights and marriage.  X, gun control.    Why the difference in public policy?  Did gays get to the 1 in 5 that formerly hated them?  Did gun control nuts fail to nail that one in 5 on the other side?

Liars all

The Prez has been labeled a liar, by the Repubs, over his repeated statements about "keep your insurance if you want to."  Of course he lied, he's a pol.  Have you ever met one who is really honest?  The Dems are all huffy and puffy over the Repubs tagging their Prez as a liar.

Since they all lie, I suggest the out party will always label the incumbent as less than truthful and the incumbent's associates will give themselves reactive wedgies over the accusations.  Have you forgotten "Mission Accomplished?"

Monday, November 4, 2013

They found the Higg's boson, now...

The boson shows that the Higg's field must also exist.  It gives us mass and the stuff of our days.  Hmm, is the field eternally immutable?  Well,  no.  That means you have to read the article to find out if you will be here next week or not.

Finding the Higgs Leads to More Puzzles

Faithful Folks Are Nuts!

Think not, then give this piece a friend sent me a read.  That damn rock and roll, even Jesus rock, will change you forever.

Ex-Utah rep Carl Wimmer: God guided me away from Mormonism


New York City Will Go Down the Tubes

Both candidates for Mayor will open the city doors to religionists.  It doesn't matter what flavor, they are all practitioners of their own type of Sharia Law.  (What are the other names other than Christian, Jewish, etc. for the varieties of sectarian theocratic rule possible?)The only way to keep them out, is to keep them out, period.  No government has been improved by giving religious types a seat at the public table, but many have been destroyed.  After four years of either of these guys, if they do open the doors to religion, the city will be far worse than it was well before Bloomberg came to office.

Top 2 Candidates Vow to Make City Hall More Faith-Friendly

What's GOP Code For "Fags Are Not Quite Human?"

I'm not sure, but I have a clue.  The U.S. Senate appears to have gotten over its long term homophobia.  ENDA backers now can override a cloture vote on the bill (it prevents workplace LBGT bashing).  The House, however, per Speaker Boehner, says,  "no way" since all ENDA will do is produce tons of frivolous litigation.  Frivolous litigation is how a Repub says "I, at God's command of course, hate queers."  Repubs are very strange folks.

Heller becomes 60th vote in favor of ENDA

Another Smashing Obama Success

Well, I say that humorously.  Has the man had a smashing success in anything other giving a big speech?

As U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan, poppy trade it spent billions fighting still flourishes

We could have done better in Afghanistan if we had legalized opium and its deriviatives in the U.S., then modernized and built a strong poppy based agriculture over there.  Drugs, legal or no, will be used by lots of people--think booze--so why doesn't the U.S. own and operate the drug biz?  It's a better bet that drugs will pay for more wars than oil.


I was wondering where and when the anti-Shariah law mess began in the U.S.  I found this nice article in the NYT.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Man Behind the Anti-Shariah Movement

Shariah law is just one groups religion sticking it to everybody to the decided advantage of their prelates and adherents in terms of very mundane human desires of power, fame and fortune.  I am as opposed to Shariah in the public square as I am to any religion holding sway in legislative, judicial or executive aspects of government and public life.  Christians and Jews can be just as strong a force for repression, decay, and devolution as Islam.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Remember this about climate change

It's God's fault not ours.  Pat Robertson told me that, so I'm not sweating it.  If God wants to kill us off, then so be it.  Fatalism is so much fun!

Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies

I bet the average Afghan is tickled that we fucked up their rubble pile

That Other Big Afghan Crisis, the Growing Army of Addicts

Afghan job crisis: why the fight against terrorism is the wrong motivator

Afghanistan Unemployment: Despite Billions In Aid, Afghans Can't Find Work

Hi! Ho! Hi! Ho! It's Back To War We Go?

The Shrub remains in the White House.  Now we need to give Joe the man safes put in storage back in '09.  Then we'll be ready for a rerun of "Freedom Flowers and Liberty Chips (chocolate of course)" or how we make Iraq into a sectarian democratic nation.  Will we send troops back into that wasteland?

Obama, Iraq’s Maliki pledge to combat al Qaida aggression

Headlines that make me shake my head...

Amid Syria’s civil war, a 40-foot statue of Jesus rises on mountain top between front lines

When I saw this, I envisioned a giant 100 ' tall day-glo plastic dashboard Jesus complete with a really huge magnet.

Government Runs Like Government, Not Like A Business

I've listened to various bobbleheads and profound pundits comment on the debacle that is HealthCare.Gov.  I've heard a common theme of the fundamental incompetence over the creation and roll out of the website.  The palaverers imply that the private sector would do it so much better.

Well, that's bullshit, self serving bullshit.  The private sector does not have the same environment as government and when the private sector is hired by government, government constraints still run the show.  Oh, take some time and check out SAIC's "success" in government agencies over the last twenty years.  You might be surprized at how poorly they've done from a purely private sector perspective.

Here's a piece that points to the problems ObamaCo dealt with (well or poorly) with the design, development and roll out.  It's government at it's... How political fear was pitted against technical needs