Saturday, November 16, 2013

Here 'tis, the news you've been waiting for!

Have we all forgotten about Bulgaria?   Here's Bulgarian current events--

Students Try to Occupy Bulgarian Parliament Building

It's Shake Your Head Time

Obama's ACA website, sucks.  It's bad.  It's led him to make an ass out of himself as House and Senate Dems began to panic over getting reelected in 2014.  Obama gave the cancelled policy crowd a break, they now can keep their policy if they like it, period.  Well, not quite period, they can if the insurance companies will still hawk those shitty policies.

How did ObamaCo spend so much on IT and deliver a health care clusterfuck to the nation?  Read this piece and you will begin to get an understanding of how and why the majority (at least 66%) of government IT contracts fail to deliver what was contracted for on time and much less on budget.  It's a racket and it's lucrative.

Health-care Web site’s lead contractor employs executives from troubled IT company

Canary in the gold mine?

I'm not sure why they used that analogy in this piece.  Canaries were used in mines to warn about undetectable toxic gases.  If the canary drops dead, they are sensitive to toxic gas, then the miners had a choice.  They were advised to haul butt out of the mine or die with their pickax in their hands, so to speak.

Amazon's canary is their new steaming program, "Alpha House."  I guess the gold mine is streaming content in general.  If the canary dies, then streaming may go bye-bye on Amazon and not be the next big thing in mindless entertainment.  Over the air TV and cable are rooting for dead birds every week.  Oh, note that Netflix does prefer that canaries pass too--competition and all that.

I watched the pilot, it was funny and well done.  It's a comedy with a great cast.  The first three shows are free, after that, buy Amazon Prime, watch the shows and get free shipping.  I prefer Netflix's approach--all episodes available at one time--binge is better.  Tonight will be mini-binge of the next two episodes.

Here's more than anyone wants to know about the show--

With Amazon’s ‘Alpha House,’ Garry Trudeau again trains his cross-hairs on D.C.

Bob's Not a Crook, He's Just a Repub

New invoices bring taxpayer-paid legal bills for McDonnell gifts scandal to $575,000

Why not have a "not one thin dime" rule on gift giving?  Also, have it apply to all elected and appointed officials in the state.  That would include counties and cities too.  Maybe if we added a mandatory minimum sentence for those who break the law it would help.  Yeah, how about loss of job and a year in a county jail.  We'd waste a bit less.

Take Your Pick, Again

Let's see, cream rises to the top.  Okay, also not that shit floats.  Now take your pick, cream or shit?  Oops, forget to specify what is to likened to cream or shit.  With respect to all those fine generals we have running our super duper military, what's floating on top, are they cream or shit?

Marine Corps fight escalates over handling of case involving troops urinating on corpses

After 12 Years, What's New?

In Afghanistan, not much.  Their pastime is killing each other off.   Why are we still in that cesspool of a nation?

Explosion hits Kabul ahead of security talks

Friday, November 15, 2013

Why the secrecy?

The Secret Service's secrecy allows them to position unnoticed bodyguards around the Prez and others.  Well, they are sorta secret.  They do tend to give themselves away with the ear pieces, suits and haircuts.  So what is it they actually try to keep secret about their service?  Oh, my--

Whistleblowers tell Senate panel of alleged sexual misconduct by Secret Service agents

Two Things

First, do you have any memory of Obama using words such as "hope," "change," and "transparency" with respect to how he'd run the Executive Branch?  Hell, he even mentioned it in his first inauguarl address.  Well, guess what--

Obama transparency edict gets lost in the fog

At least he's consistent.

Obama Has Made a Mess

It took a village to fuck up the ACA.  Obama's has built one mighty fine village.  His team did it!  Wow.  And the neat thing is, no one, over three years of work,  told the village chief that nothing would work, period.   Of course the top dog was out and about misleading folks, but he can't help it, he's a pol, period.

Now, the village people have sort of let the boss know that they've fucked up the fix up due by Nov. 30th.  It's not gonna happen.  What a crew!  Of course people in other villages and towns have been bitching about losing old health insurance policies.  Even some Dems, up for reelection, have become a tad scared over Obama's clusterfuck of a promise and how it may lead to their job loss in 2014.  As ususal actual health care has little to do with what the Trogs and Dems twaddle about the ACA.

A guy named Rep. Upyours Upton has a  fix.  He wants all those canceled, good old state regulated individual health insurance scam policies to continue.  That's those policies that don't pay, get canceled when you get sick, etc.   Until the ACA made some changes, they were regulated and approved for sale by the states.  Odd that the GOP is getting away with championing this kind of scam, but they appear to be doing so.   It's a sleazy business, but hell, we're talking core GOP ethos here.   Upton's solution is let the old insurance scams without penalty.  In other words he fixes health care access by negating the changes brought about by the ACA.  This amounts to a net change of zero.  Upton is a champion of do nothing.   He has a "Keep Your Health Plan' bill that will be voted on in the House.

This creates a problem for the Democratic Party.  One of the little problems that comes with their big tent, is they have trouble getting all members to vote the same way.   Trogs are luckier, there's only one kind of Trog.  To be a Trog, you have to say "no" on command and always vote as told all the time.

How will the Dems vote on Upton's joke?  It helps to remember that the Dems, will do what's most important.  What will raise lots of cash?  They will vote as needed to payback whomever they have become beholden to and get reelected.  Also assure that Dems move towards being in the majority.  After the election they will either begin collecting lots of money for the next election or get a job on K Street if they lose.   Somewhere in that mess, health care and governance will be jabbered about.  I'm just not sure where.  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I guess Obama really is Dubya...

Did Medicare Part D have the same rollout problems as the Obamacare online marketplaces?

Prez Forked Tongue Speaks

Obama chatted with tribal leaders.  Wow.  He made a speech.  Whoopee.  He indicated things aren't quite right for all native Americans.  Uh, WTF!  This speech has been given many times over the last 150 years.  My bet is that some Prez will deliver the same speech in 2113.  Sorry Indians, you will, as always, remain sorta fucked, again.

Obama woos tribes, says he’ll visit Indian Country in 2014

Dubya Land

Iraq remains the Shrub's idea of a nation.  And we elected the putz twice.  His legacy, Iraq's pain.  But what the hell, it's all part of that old fashioned white man's burden thing the GOP still uses as the basis of its foreign policy.

In Iraq, a Day of Religious Observance, and of Blood

So this is community organizing?

What can I say?  Any you cut it the guy is pretty lame.  So much for 2016.   Do you think he told the truth in in address on changes to ACA?  I do not.  The guy is slippery as hell.  You'd think Clinton was still in office.

Obama announces change to address health insurance cancellations

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Liar Speaks

Coming from Bill Clinton, this is a bit much.  Hell, Obama could just tell us that he lied about keeping  your insurance and move on.  It's is what Clinton did.  Why would he lie?  Oh, like Bill, simply because he can, that's all.  I do wish Bill Clinton would get over his narcissism and never be seen or heard from again.

GOP seizes on Clinton's remarks urging Obama to keep his health care promise

From Plagiarism to Empty Citations

The oops train keeps on rolling for Mr. Paul.  It's one thing to use, without citation, someone else's work. But, it's even worse to make citations, that upon being checked actually contradict the point you make and cited them for as evidence.  Citations are supposed to be about your topic and be a source that buttresses the points you make.  If they do not, at least you're not plagiarizing, but then you're just a run of the mill liar trying to hide your lies.  Oh, yeah, then you are a politician.

Sen. Paul turns to footnotes to protect himself against new plagiarism charges

Trust Obama?


In Obama we trust?

Internet Usage

Can you imagine life without the Internet?  That gives me the willies a bit.  Most of us do use the web, but some older, less educated folks seem to not find the Internet relevant in their lives.   That's sad, it's such a wonderful part of our lives today.  With tablets, PCs, laptops, and streaming devices, the Internet is part of life all day, everyday ( not every minute).  I get a bit antsy on those occasions when my WISP goes south and I don't have access (I do have a dial-up I can and do use then).  How about you?

Gap between those who use Internet and those who don’t is widening

Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah

Golly ObamaCare's website won't be fixed as promised on Nov. 30.  Did anyone really expect it to be done by then?  Granted there's still time but...

Troubled unlikely to work fully by end of November

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Intriguing Idea

Would it work in the U.S.? I'm inclined to think it would.  If the rich won't provide decent jobs for all, then they can pay a bit more in taxes to support a minimal income for all.

Switzerland’s Proposal to Pay People for Being Alive

Ooops, Obama Style III, Even Your Buds Think It Sucks

Bill Clinton has joined the Repubs on Obamacare.  Is Clinton speaking truthfully or just talking out his ass to raise money for his foundations?

Bill Clinton Urges Obama to Yield on Health Law

Oops, Obama Style II -- Medicaid

At times I wonder what kind of an organizer the guy must have been?  Now I wonder if I'd take a law class from him?  Why didn't he and his minions pursue Medicare for all?

Problems With Federal Health Portal Also Stymie Medicaid Enrollment

Oops, Obama Style

How Low Will Health Care Enrollments Be?

Once again

Yep, one more time.  Why didn't our ace Prez opt for Medicare for all or better yet a real health care system?  The ACA may be better than what exists, but what if it merely shifts problems?  Then nothing has been solved, just hidden away until it comes back to bite us in the ass.

Coming in January: Obamacare Rate Shock Part Two

Let's Have National Stuff Day

We should rename Thanksgiving to Stuff Day.  It seems acquisitiveness trumps a feast, so bag the Turkey and go eat at the mall as you buy more stuff, pass the yam and marshmallow pizza please--


Obama's Green?

Nah, he's a pol along with everyone who works for him.  Take ethanol for example--


Monday, November 11, 2013

If you don't want Hillary Clinton then how about Elizabeth Warren

For me, both are too old, but if I have to pick one, I take Ms. Warren.  Here's a piece that look at Ms. Warren's possibilities in 2016.  Do go read the New Republic link in:

Why Elizabeth Warren should scare Hillary Clinton

Obama Snatches Defeat From The Jaws of Victory?

Have you forgotten the shutdown already?  Sure, the ObamaCare debacle is so much more fun.  Hope the Dems can return a volley, but I doubt they will with Obama in charge.

Health insurance confusion may give Republicans a boost

How're Going To Punt This One?

It may be game over.  First, consider that most of Florida's 1900+ miles of coastline are, say, three feet above sea level.  Then factor in god made or man made (at god's direction of course) global warming.  Divine warming melts ice.  Holy ice water flows into the oceans.  His sea level rises.  Florida's sea level, within 100 years will four to five feet higher than today.  Hmm, three feet and five feet.  Something is going to be very, very wet.  Why bother doing anything, god will provide right?

South Florida Faces Ominous Prospects From Rising Waters

Remember The Oil Shortage? The Onion Shortage?

What's the latest item short supply?

It's the Knish!

Virginia AG

It's still uncertain, way uncertain.  Will Virginia's next AG be a decent sort or a Cucci knuckle dragging, mouth breather type?  Right now the Teabaggers are drooling and fumbling around in their drawers trying to give themselves celebratory wedgies (they are a most odd lot) .

Virginia attorney general race narrows further

Very Good Book (if you are a political junkie)

The Gamble: Choice and Chance in the 2012 Presidential Election

John Sides & Lynn Vavreck

Crusader Rabbit saves the day? Uh, not quite

Crusader Bezos, yep, if you're the USPS.  Amazon needs Sunday deliveries.  The Post Office will add Sunday to the rain, sleet, snow and other shitty weather appointed rounds.  Will FedEx an UPS compete?  Will Congress find a new way to stick it to the Post Office?

Amazon to deliver on Sundays using Postal Service fleet

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Move Over Netflix?

Netflix gave us House of Cards (Kevin Spacey version).  They won some Emmys and added lots of paying streamers to their business.  Amazon has become a streaming competitor.  Now they're doing the original content thing and guess what?  It's a political thing too!

Animal House (Republican Style)


ENDA was discussed on a Sunday show.  One of the guests as a Log Cabin Repub.  That seems to be very odd combination, kind of like being an extreme masochist living in a strong Quaker community.

At any rate, the Log Cabin guy, I think it was him,  said that gay rights is a tough vote for Repubs.   No one asked him what that means.  What does a "tough vote"  mean?  Think about it.

Oh, one other little item.  Do you remember Anita Bryant?

Another useless national poll

I heard that 73% of us favor ENDA.  An overwhelming majority think no one should be able to get away with gay bashing in the workplace.  The Senate passed the ENDA bill.  Will the House?  Nah, per Boehner, ENDA will cause massive frivolous lawsuits.  Let me translate for you.  Boehner means that in the very secure Repub Districts, primary voters prefer to be able to bash LGBTs, after all it's tradition.

National polls don't mean squat.  The polls that matter are those that tell us what likely primary voters in Repub Districts think (that's a loose usage of the word).

Old Fashioned Voter Suppression

It works unless you get caught.  It looks as though a District in Fairfax Co. gave it a shot.  Still no Va.  A.G.

Newly counted Fairfax votes narrow gap in attorney general’s race

U.S.S. Gerald Ford?

I heard that a new carrier, the Ford, was commissioned.  In my mind's eye I saw the ship steaming out of port.  The bow continued to plow on while the stern returned to its dock.  The Ford created a mess that will take others a long time to clean up.  Then I read the piece.   Okay, how long before the ship does emulate the Ford sterotype?

Navy christens newest, most efficient carrier - the USS Gerald Ford

Secession, Nullification, Sovereigns, and Other Nutty Folks

The right has its flakes, some even make the Teabaggers look normal.  The left has its own bag of bonkerites too.  A common theme seems to be that those on the tails of the political spectrum feel that no one listens to them.  They feel left out and spurned.  Well, these folks used to be kept chained up in the attic, but equal rights applies to all.

Well, in a nation that keeps the House membership set at 435, how can anyone feel they are represented much less heard?  The solution is simple, instead of one Rep for every 700,000+ of us, how about 1 for every 40,000 like the founders envisioned?

We know he's really George W. Obama

He's the same in so many ways, even the polls.

What Barack Obama and George W. Bush have in common

Remember What You Learned in 2008?

One of those things was that investment brokers created securities out of bad mortgage loans and sold the securities to anyone (other than themselves) who'd buy the junk.  Companies such Goldmans made millions, the it all fell apart for them and the rest of the nation.  Goldmans was bailed out, we were not.

When you are making money off of debt and it becomes a popular form of investment, then you will scrounge for all the debt that can be created for you by lenders and rating companies.

Then there was the attempt to parlay (securitze) life insurance into securities.  It worked, but was shut down (read about Terry McAullife's investments).  Debt and dying are grand ways to make money.  What's next in the let's make up securities that the rubes will buy market?  How about securitized rent?  Yes, rent as in the money you pay to live in house.

Wall Street figured out how to securitize your rent. Should you worry?

Plan B

Plan A didn't work, the website just sat there.  It's supposed to be fixed by Nov. 30th.  Uh, what if Obama's aces can't quite "get er done?"  Well, that's when Plan B will kick in.  What is Plan B?  Well, it's called let the private sector do it since all that's important is to have X number of people insured by the end of Dec.  I keep having doubts about what the Dems have cobbled together, but then it's not quite as bizarrely creative as the Part D doughnut hole...

White House relying more on insurance carriers to help fix