Saturday, November 23, 2013

Doctor Who

Did you watch the 50th Anniversary show today?  I did, it was time well spent.  I have to admit, I've watched a lot of Doctor Who this week.  Here's a review that does the show justice--

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, BBC One, review

Now we have to wait for the Christmas Special.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Obama Death Squad Delivers!

Until Obama and his henchmen begin to tell all the details on the record about every drone strike, I think we should believe the folks on the ground who were hit by the drone delivered missiles.  Did Obama hit a church school (a madrassa)?  Sure, I have no reason to believe anonymous sources at all.  Until we have open, candid and transparent factual statements made on the record by our government employees, I will deem Obama et al to be liars at best.

Suspected U.S. drone kills six; U.S. denies Pakistan’s claim that seminary was target

Ooops Or No Ooops!

Reid, Democrats trigger ‘nuclear’ option; eliminate most filibusters on nominees

Does this seem okay?  As the Senate moves to become the House, it's great if your party has the majority.  What happens when your party becomes the minority?  Imagine a filibuster free Senate and a House and Senate both dominated by right wing Trogs like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and other batshit crazy folks.  How much damage can a party do in two years?  Will this lead to a Supreme Court that becomes more central to legislation when majority crazies pass crazy laws?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Word of the year -- Selfie!

Selfies are a bit of something, I'm not sure exactly what, but the descriptor will point to a touch of mental imabalance of some kind.  I have to admit to taking one picture of myself for use on Facebook years ago.  That picture has not changed in years, I have not used Facebook much at all.  I don't even want to waste the time finding out how to delete my account.

Why do we routinely take pictures of ourselves?  I do not understand, but then I don't take pictures of anything much at all.  I have a camera somewhere, but would be hard pressed to find it within a day or two.

Why selfies?  I guess "why selfies" is as simple as why Bill Clinton got a blowjob from an intern, because he could.  Why selfies?  Because we can.  The word that refers to taking pictures of ourselves is the world of the year. I really doubt that selfie takers are transcendentalists with iPhones, but maybe they are.

Nucking Futs -- Methodist Section

From what I learned, as a child, about the character Jesus, all I can say is these Methodists are nucking futs.  They have created a Christianity in their own bitter, self-loathing, self image.  As I recall, in simplest terms, Jesus gave us two commandments.  First, we are to love god.  Second we are to love our neighbors (and everyone is a neighbor).

Methodist pastor who officiated at gay son’s wedding is suspended for 30 days

Bless my hotline to Jesus

I am one of those folks who think we are born, we live, and we die.  There's nothing more.  It's simple.  I plan to have my carcass sent to a medical facility and be used for parts and whatever else they do with potential compost material.

I think Graveyards as a waste of good real estate.  I should not I have urns of ashes in my home and both my parents are interred at Arlington.  Not by my wish, but I respect the wishes of the rest of my family.  That said, let's look at the latest in graveyard tech.

I wonder if my mother or father would want (which really means my siblings) to have a QR codes on their tombstones?  Would they want anyone to be able to call up an informative website obit page about them?  For myself it seems like a waste of good electrons.

What about it QR at Arlington or no?

Arlington National Cemetery debated allowing QR codes on tombstones. Does technology belong in cemeteries?

Legacyland Update -- Boom! Boom!

There are still no commemorative statues erected to the Shrub.  There are no schools or parks named after Dork.  However, the state that they conceived, created and nurtured continues to thrive better than they imagined.  Dork sees a tad less torture than he hoped for.  Yes, our former fearless leaders understood Arabic Islam and worked hard to institutionalize their desire to murder each other for god's glory (and a bit of political power, fame and fortune).

Dozens Killed in Wave of Attacks in Baghdad

Get Ready for Trog Reaction

I really don't give a rat's about Obama saying we're sorry we killed so many of y'all to the still living Afghans.   If it will get us more out of there than we are now, send a letter to every man, woman and child in that shithole.

Afghans Demand That U.S. Admit Military Errors 

The apology that won't come, but should,  is from Bush and Obama for persisting in the idiotic war in Afghanistan.  The only thing less likely than an apology to the American people would be a bill to increase taxes to pay for Bush's wars.  We've already stuck the unborn taxpayer with that puppy now haven't we.  Why not have a post-war war tax?

Will it just sort of quietly implode over time?

What?  Oh, Obamacare.  The law is well intended but was artlessly crafted and evidently has been quite ineptly administered.  I am beginning to fear the rot manifest in the website HealthCare.Gov actually permeates the entirety of how the law will be administered over the coming years.  I doubt it will become akin to Medicare, accepted as part of our way of life.  Here's one more bit of depressing news about Obama, his team and implementation of the ACA.

Health Insurance Marketplace Is Still About 40 Percent Incomplete, Official Says

Now, how about Medicare for all?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oh Come On

Willard would win today?  Sure and pigs fly.  If a real election were actually held and those people who take the time to vote did vote Obama would still win.  Look sucks, it's a website not the ACA.  The ACA is making access to health care better and fairer every day.  Willard would bag the ACA, Obama's fault was in not shooting for national heath care or Medicare for all.  Trogs don't want government except when it intrudes on peoples live in ways that help them get elected.   A real Repub would be a Libertarian.  The Libs are not on every ballot in the nation.  I guess that shows their faux dedication to liberty and such.

President Romney? Yes, if the election were held today

And In The Old Dominion

We still don't have a new AG.  Will it be Herring or the knuckle dragger what's his name?  Tune in next week when the vote is certified to find out--

Herring team still confident of AG race victory; Trog thinks(?) results could swing his way

If anyone expected Cucci etc. to go find a rock to slime under, they are going to be upset.  The guy will try to restore the 17th Century by running for the Senate.

Ken Cucci reflects on losing to the worst Democrat imaginable in Virginia governor’s race, then drools on about what’s next

Harry Potter Stamps?

The USPS appears to have noticed the U.S. Treasury.  Treasury made a lot of dollars off of it's state quarter series--people bought them, we'll collect anything.  Now let;s do stamps, but who the hell wants to buy flags, butterflies, or pictures of who ever heard of that person stamps?

Why not Harry Potter stamps? They will sell out the 100 million stamp run and none of them will ever be used as postage.  The committee of cultural stamp aesthetic proctectors need to be fired until Congress corrects the mess it created in the USPS by mandating that all future benefits be covered 100% for the next 100 years, now.  Until Congress acts the USPS should take every action it can to remain solvent and even turn a profit.  Can we have a Lady Gaga series?

Harry Potter stamp riles Postal Service panel, traditional stamp collectors

Oh, collectors need to pipe down too.  Stamps will still become valuable, that's why they are collected after all.  Who gives a shit about a real pretty 1923 5 cent stamp that's worthless today?  When you cut through the crap, collectors are just one more variant on greed heads.

Obama Continues to Tank

Aw, most folks don't approve of the way he's being Prez.  Do you feel sorry for Barry?  Even more folks think Obamacare sucks.  As a result, the majority of us do not trust the putz.  Of course he never had that many Repubs, but now they all despise him.  Also he's now lost the independents as they watch him flail away.  Then there are the Dems, they need to be reelected so they have begun to leave the good ship U.S.S. Audacity.   Ouch.

Obama’s ratings tumble after health-care flaws

How Will They Polish This Turd?

Obama and Company will be hauling out another can of dung shinola.  Can you spit shine a turd?  Get ready for massive amounts of spin and clarification as we learn consultants warned of risks well before’s Oct. 1 launch.

Obama will continue to claim he "knew nothing."  It appears his staff have institutionalized Nixon's plausible deniability by not keeping their boss informed about much at all.  Now it's real deniability.  If something goes south, Obama can honestly state "I learned about it on TV just like you, period."  Of course that makes one wonder who actually runs the executive branch.  Biden?  Oh, god, Cheney outfitted one of those man safes as a command center...

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Not Quite The Same, But It's Something to Ponder

Can Obamacare be totally repealed? Trogs do promote that idea.  Have we done something similar before?  Yes, but it had not gone into effect back then.  What would happen if the ACA went the way of Medicare Catastrophic Care in '89?

Lesson Is Seen in Failure of Law on Medicare in 1989

Pushing the Pills?

When I heard that the American Heart Association was pushing statins for anyone who had a 7.5% or better risk of an adverse coronary event in the next 10 years I had a reaction.  Immediately i wanted to know if the American Heart Association and it's docs and researchers received some cash or in kind donations from the pharmaceutical companies?  I am a bit cynical in this area.  Then I wondered why 7.5%?  Why not 8%?  Why not 7%.  Not having much more to go on, other than the past medical screw ups and the lack of evidence based medicine in general, I decided to wait.

Lo, I did not have to wait to long.  The 7.5% risk which pops out of a handy calculator, in essence insures that just about everybody will be prescribed statins.  Don't buy drug stocks quite yet.  The error rate seems to be from 75% to 150%.   Once again, oops for the Heart Association.  Do they still sell those little hearts we see on food packages?

Risk Calculator for Cholesterol Appears Flawed


If the Civil War broke out again, say this year, do  you think anyone would show up to fight to preserve the Union?  Or would we sort of bust ourselves up into five or six states based on the assorted cultural nations that comprise this land?  If we did fragment, would you stay where you are or would you move?  

150 years after the Gettysburg Address, is government by the people in trouble?

Remember the Two Americas?

John, damn I got caught with my zipper down, Edwards was making a strong case about income inequality in America.  If he had not shot himself in his dick, we might even be doing something about it.  Instead, he justifiably disappeared, but sadly his ideas vanished from the public square too.

Since then the rich, well, the rich have gotten a whole lot richer. What about the poor?  Oh, there are a whole lot more of them as folks who were in the middle class begin their multi-generational descent into poverty (how do you think the rich get richer anyway?).

Will this actually become the issue in 2016?  If it does, can Hillary Clinton actually fake a decent populism?  I doubt that she can.  Think about income inequality.  What do you think is right?

In many states, the recovery is making the income gap worse

The NSA is not the Stasi, yet

The Staszi was East Germany's secret police.  They kept records on everyone.  Hell, everyone worked for them.  They were worse than any Catholic priest pushing guilt because of sin in thought, word, or deed.

The Stasi, unlike 20th century priests, could cause one to be imprisoned or executed for not much for than bad thoughts about the government.   I bet priests were envious and longed for the good old days when burning heretics was commonplace and beyond reproach.

Look the NSA is not the Stasi.  It can be.  So what was the Stasi?  It's wise to be informed about how rotten we people can be to each other, as we watch others begin to champion actions for the greater good.  We create so many human cesspools by appealing to that greater good.  No one has ever been able to quite define the good for me.

The NSA and Stasi share a simple approach to their actions, they both allowed the ends to justify the means.  And in both cases the folks doing the job were making their states safe from external threats to their national security.   So, do you support the rule of law or the NSA?

Here's a bit on the Stasi--

In Germany, legacy of Stasi puts different perspective on NSA spying

Will Your Sen. and Rep. Be Bought?

If any of them vote for a federal Internet gambling ban law, then you will know their vote was bought and paid for by Newt Gingrich's sugar daddy, Sheldon Adelson.  Oh, Adelson is in the casino business, I guess he cannot find a business model that includes the Internet that works for his approach to gambling.  So much for Repub's real dedication to the 10th Amendment.

Sheldon Adelson, top 2012 donor and casino magnate, readies to fight Internet gambling

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Why Does Anyone Watch Football?

The owners intentionally destroy players for money.  Idiot fans promote the players to their kids.  It's no wonder that brain injuries show up in the kids who play football.  They emulate the players as their parents emulate the owners.  Oh, feeling left out?  Okay go to game and the owners will destroy your hearing, there's money in cheering the team on, but at 137 decibels?

  Ground-Shaking Noise Rocks N.F.L., and Eardrums Take Big Hit

 Football needs to go the way of the Dodo.

Business Rule #1

Capitalism is great, provided it's practiced by the other guy, not me.

Everyone agrees this cellphone rule is dumb. So why haven’t we done anything about it?

Kennedy Myths

Five Myths

And Next Week He'll Be Hawking Pope on a Rope

Pope promotes prayers like medicine for heart; crowd in square gets ‘pillboxes’ of rosaries

Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

Uh, the idea is to blow up the enemy without casualties--

Malfunctioning drone strikes Navy ship during training off Southern California

This is just the military and I'm sure the CIA doing their normal work.  Come on they are not all that impressive.  I wonder what will happen when a group such as Anonymous decides to hack the drones.