Saturday, December 7, 2013


Yep, fear of ants!

And you thought Obamacare was fucked up!

The pros at DoD have been running a white collar welfare scheme for decades.  One of the best to date is the F-35.   If the Pentagon's F-35 masters deployed Obamacare, Congress would be totally on board, the costs would soar and no insurance policies would be sold for at least a decade (and then they'd be just like the shitty ones the ACA does eliminate).  I have my doubts about our military, it's a good thing we haven't gone up against a decent adversary since WWII.

U.S. Bomber Planes at $81 Billion Seen 47% More Than Plan

Strange, Very Strange

I bet it has more to do with not being able to get a job so they can afford the car and the gas for the thing....

Millennials changing America’s relationship with the car

Today? Uh, oh yeah, a day of infamy. Right?

It's Pearl Harbor Day.  Did you forget?

Pearl Harbor memories fading with time

Okay Old Dominionheads, Quick, Who's Cockacoeske?

Cockacoeske? She was a Pamunkey chief.  Oh hell, what's a Pamunkey?  At any rate she's one of the final 12.

12 women picked for Va. monument

Mandela and the Trogs

Ted Cruz stands on the shoulders of his supporters.  To them Ted erred when he said some positive things to say about the late Mr. Mandela.  Perhaps Mr. Cruz should look down and note that he's not standing on shoulders, but he's sinking into a good old fashioned GOP racist shithole.  Then again, who else would vote for the turd anyway.  What's that line about being known by those you associate with?

Ted Cruz Commenters Hate Mandela

Bless my goody two shoes, I'm not supposed to cuss.

Can you guess which states swear the most, least?

Keeping the world safe for the MIC!

That's our Military Industrial Complex, a.k.a., the Merchant of Death R Us shop.  It's located on the ground floor of the Pentagon.


We can be sure with the CIA, State and DOD peace does not stand a chance of breaking out anywhere.

Yeah, no war then no weapons.  No weapons and then no generous donations to political campaigns.


Here are some books you might enjoy

"Deer Hunting With Jesus" by Joe Bageant,

"Better Off Without Em" by Chuck Thompson,

"American Nations" by Colin Woodward.

Maybe the problem is not government per se, but Obama

Think about it.  Medicare works.  Social Security works.  TVA works.  Most of the other alphabet soup agencies work.  Perhaps it's not even the underlying screwed up legislation but much, much more Obama and his appointed aces who implemented the damn thing.

One in four enrollees may not be properly signed up

Friday, December 6, 2013

Why doesn't he just stay gone!

That frothy mix of santorum remains with us.  I bet the schmuck will run again in 2016.  The saddest part of his run for office is the number of whack jobs who support him.  I guess they're frothy too.

Santorum: Fight Against Obamacare Like Fight Against Apartheid

Gay Marriage In Zion?

Bless the prophet, seer and revelator, Utah might allow gay marriage.  At least the issue is in the courts. The judge will rule next year.  Place your bets.  Will the theocracy lose?  Stay tuned.

Judge hears arguments on Utah's gay marriage ban

Gay marriage opposition will be moot just about everywhere if the Mormon Church allows gay marriages in the temple.  Can't happen?  Come on, god can talk to the Church Prez as happened to Prez  Kimball about blacks and the priesthood in 1978.  Will god talk to today's top Mormon, Mr. Monson?  Stranger things have happened, but I not sure what it would be than Mormons allowing gay temple weddings.  

The Old Dominion

Since about half of Virginians attend church at least once a week I can assume, outside of the urban areas, that the state is blessed with bitterness (add in lush unemployment, lack of education, lack of health care, etc.).  Why do I say that?  Oh, gun sales are going up, up and away.

Va. gun sales set record on Black Friday

Didn't some guy from Illinois say about the same thing?

Elizabeth Warren’s not running for president.

Whatever happened to that guy, you know, the Sen. from Illinois.  He had a funny name.  Yeah, Obama.

Bless my trans-vaginal probe

The Trogs will quit acting like Trogs next year in hopes that voters will think they have morphed into very silent Democrats.  They will try to stand erect and thus quit dragging their knuckles.  They will try to quit drooling about god and guns all the time.  And they will be silent about everything else, that way there won't be any vaginagates that lose them elections.  It's going to be a hard year for them, especially the teabaggers.  Come on, nary an incumbent Trog will blast Obama about his Kenyan birth and Muslim religion for a year?  See.  I do have trouble imagining that they will behave.  Do you?

  For 2014 midterm elections, Republicans may decide to be cautious

Minimum Wage

Should the minimum wage be $15 an hour?  Should there be a minimum wage?

Since we cannot relay on the decency of people when it comes to wages, yes, we need a minimum wage (uh, it's why we need government too).   People who wind up "making it" can be most creative when it comes to justifying and acting in ways that enable themselves to make it even more.

What should the minimum wage be?  Well, what is it now?  It's $7.25.  I wonder what $7.25 would be in 1955 when the minimum wage was 75 cents and hour?   Well, I'll be damned, $7.25 would be buy you 83 cents worth of goods in 1955.  Of course in 1960 when the wage was $1 an hour, todays' $7.25 would only garner you 92 cents.  How about 1965 when the minimum was $1.25?  Oh, well at least it would let you buy 98 cents worth of stuff then.  1970's $1.60 using today's minimum would let you buy about  $1.20 back then.  I think you may see a trend there.

Here a a couple of sites to play with,  CPI Inflation Calculator and Federal Minimum Wage Rates

Maybe we need to add in the federal poverty level to find a decent minimum wage.  In 2013 a single person working full time for about $5.52 an hour would make just just under the 100% of poverty ($11,900) for a year.  Hmm, would $11 an hour be a reasonable minimum?  It's about twice the 100% of poverty level.   Here's the 2013 POVERTY GUIDELINES to look at.

So, what's the level?  Oh, I don't buy the bullshit about upping the minimum causing price increases at McDonald's or Walmart.  The inordinately well paid and stockholders can afford to receive a tiny bit less.  Prices go up because the greedy won't let go of a penny.   Greed is a constant, therefore we have government increase the minimum and raise taxes on the 5%.  Of course the 5% could decide to eat the increases as part of their social responsibility but that is in my dreams.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I don't know why, but when I read the synopsis, I thought of the Borgias.


Gitmo Still Sucks

Hey, it's still open.  How's that for a bit of dashed hope and smattering of disappeared change.  Now we won't find out about the hunger strikes as a new commanderator takes over.  I do wonder about the militry mind.

I never understood the fear of a hunger strike.  If some imprisoned person wants to starve to death, we should allow him to do so.  Force feeding is actually worse than the illegal and indefinite detention we've been practicing.  Yeah, give me liberty and all that rot.

  Guant├ínamo ends daily hunger-strike reports

Aw Hell, Just Say We Are Descended From Apes Front

The origins of our species, other than for Republicans whom we know have always been Troglodytes, is uncertain.  Folks keep finding new evidence that calls for altering our evolutionary tree.

Baffling 400,000-Year-Old Clue to Human Origins

I have a feeling that if a Repub had been present at creation, just before God kicked off the big bang, that God would have heard a chorus of "No, No, No."  Is there a Repub constant in the Universe?

Give that man the "No Shit Sherlock" award

Boehner: On women, some House Republicans ‘just aren’t as sensitive as they ought to be’

Martin Was Wrong

He's left MSNBC, perhaps he should not have recommended an old slave discipline for Ms. Palin since it would not be discipline in her case.  Her mouth has spewed nothing but shit for years.  I guess Mr. Bashir was a bit confused or it was the piss aspect and for that he's gone.

Martin Bashir leaves MSNBC over remarks on Palin

More Spookery

With every revelation about the NSA's activities to make us safe and free (at the expense of liberty, of course) I have to conclude that there is an Intelligence Industry Congressional Complex.  Why?  Simply because Congress has not taken any action that seriously investigates much less exerts control over the  NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA and all the other components of our National Spooks R Us Department.  I assume the contractors who provide equipment and services have, as so well done by the Military Industrial Complex, bought Congress and the White House too.

NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show

If the various agencies had actually not prevented one act of terrorism since 9/11 does anyone really expect them to say so?  Come on fear is a jobs program.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What do you want in the White House?

After the past few of them I think I'm ready for one who just administers the Executive Branch and leaves all the "big ideas" to Congress.  We seem to elect someone whom we think will have major a foreign policy presence to include waging wars.  We seem to elect someone whom we think will do likewise for domestic policy with new large social programs.  We elect them based on their promises then we discover their singular talent is running for election,  but are marginal at managing anything.

Obama is not an administrator.  He appears to not know any good managers.  Why do I say this?  Well, take the ACA and HealthCare.Gov.  Three years of prep for opening day.  It failed.  Two months of fixes and it still didn't work at the 50,000 concurrent user level.  Oh, damn, now we find out about the errors done to those who enrolled from Oct. 1 to date in their policies--

Health-care enrollment on Web plagued by bugs