Saturday, December 21, 2013

Come on, In Utah?

Gay marriage!  Utah.  It can't be.  It is.  I bet the Prophet, Seer and Revelator's phone is ringing off the hook.  Will President Monson chat with God?  Stay tuned.  President Kimple let Mormons know that God was down with blacks back in '78, maybe he/she/it will be okay with gays in '13 or '14.


Winning Friends for Al Qaeda

Uh, that's dumb, but it's what we do when we use drones to blow up a wedding party because some 100% all American, corn fed asshole patriot thought their was a bad guy in the caravan of vehicles.  Damn, I wonder how this would have gone down under the old policy?  This strike should reflect the new policy of  “near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.”   Wow, what did we actually  do under the old policy?  We have some really strange fuckers in the CIA, Pentagon and White House.

Yemen Deaths Test Claims of New Drone Policy

Maybe those who vote will wake up and elect a better breed of legislator

Obamacare is better than nothing.  However, we'd all be better off had he had the balls to fight for Medicare for all or a national health care system.  Oh, if you voted in 2008 or 2012 you can complain or praise Obama and ACA.  If you did not vote and have insurance problems, then all you can do is sit on your thumb, hold your breath and pivot away.  Votes matter.  The party we put in power matters.

New Health Law Frustrates Many in Middle Class

Junk Insurance

I never had junk insurance.  I've never been on the individual market.  Here's a piece that explains, with good examples, what puts the junk in the insurance.  Funny, I should have, but wasn't ready for it, expected to see that Goldmans financed one of the worst.  Junk insurance is greed driven theft.  Funny how greed is no longer seen as a sin. It still is.  It's still deadly.

‘Junk insurance’ comes back to haunt its policyholders

Pope Frank

Are you taken by Pope Frank? Why? Before you answer remember he opposes “gay marriage, women in the priesthood, a woman’s autonomy over her own body.” Okay, that's not quite Jesus, but it is very human social organizationy isn't it. Oh, one other matter, how the guy thinks. Look he's believes that God had a son, born to a virgin, who was sent to redeem the world from sin. When you make shit up, really make it up and leave reason,logic, and facts in the vestibule. Now here's a piece on Pope Frank you might enjoy--

Like Pope Francis? You’ll love Jesus.

He's not a John XXIII either.  Compared to the other Popes since John, he's the closest Catholics have seen since.  Maybe that's why they don't like a "liberal" Pope, the others have led the faithful into the Church but away from Christ.

The World's Greatest Debilitative Body Has Adjourned for Xmas

What can I say but, wow!  A do nothing Senate may be better than an activist one.  Remember when the Shrub owned Congress?  Okay, would you rather have the Shrub's wars and other crap or a Congress that does the bare minimum?  Think about it.

Senate ends session with battle over rules for nominees

Gee another Obama Christmas Blessing...

As we rescue citizens at the embassy, you can bet, the troops won't all leave.  Nah, we have an Africa Command now, and the Sudan is in Africa so they have to command something.  Our federal and private merchants of death predict a great year throughout Africa.  I wonder if Sen. McCranky will demand that we bomb and invade Sudan now?

4 U.S. troops injured during evacuation mission in strife-torn South Sudan

Friday, December 20, 2013

If you lie with redneck crackers...

If you do, then you get covered with grits, lots of dirt cold grits.  Wow, the GOP can replace the elephant with the Duck Call.  Yeah, they are the quack party.   Amazing.  As the Trogs defend they inform everyone of who and what they are.  That's outreach, but it's outreach to the ones who are already committed knuckle draggers.  I do so hope they persist as they have.

Duck Dynasty': A&E warned Phil Robertson about speaking out too much

Hold the lime Jello!

Times are changing, even in Zion!  After all, it's a theocracy, but under federal jurisdiction.  Will the prophet, seer and revelator have a convenient chat with God?

Judge strikes down Utah same-sex marriage ban

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Counter to the NSA Spiel

The folks at the NSA have had spin masters working overtime.  They have sent out bullet points and bullet paragraphs to all of the defenders of the American Stasi.  Okay Stasi is a bit over the top, but the point needs to be made.  Here's a piece of some counters to Gen. Alexander's BS--

NSA goes on 60 Minutes: the definitive facts behind CBS's flawed report

Poking the Putin


I would not be surprized to find out that Putin, Stalin and Lenin were all gay and terrified of admitting it.

AS we use more drones...

Here's something to to think about, skyjacking drones.  Yep, taking control and repurposing the beasts or making them crash.  War and business may become a bit weirder in the very near future.

'Skyjack' Drone Enslaves Other Drones, Creates Swarm

Hmm, if the NSA started to use drones to spy on us, do you think they'd be shot down or skyjacked?

Why Did GOP Not Expand Medicaid?

Really?  Come on, the GOP is the party of rich old white guys and their minions.

Minorities disproportionately represented in health care 'coverage gap'

Embrace the suck?

Aw do we have to?  Both Obama and Congress suck.  Where's the undo button?

Obama suffers most from year of turmoil, poll finds

Don't Forget, Obama's War is Still On!

Six NATO troops killed in Afghanistan crash


If you watch any cable news or read a newspaper, then you know the 113th Congress is the least productive ever.  It has done less than any other do-nothing session.  Additionally, if you've followed Congressional approval, you know that a colonoscopy or root canal is more popular.  We think the folks we elect will do something called legislating.  I guess that's their role in governance.  Do they?

They haven't done much of what most people feel is their job.  They're supposed to propose bills, pass them and fund new and old laws.  Well, most people aren't voters so who really cares what most people think of Congress?  How about those two groups who do matter, donors and voters?

Donors seem happy.  Money still flows to both parties and incumbents (if the current office holder hasn't screwed up and voted inappropriately, then a primary challenger gets funded).  Incumbents usually win reelection, 90% - 95% success is typical.  There are some new faces but usually the new faces are of the same party as the old faces.

Based on voters and donors, this has been as good as any other Congress.  Of course the real evaluation will come in Nov. 2014 when we elect the House and one third of the Senate.  A do nothing Congress only matters if the people who matter, donors and voters, are pissed at what they did or did not do.  So far, I haven't seen much dissatisfaction at all.  The 114th Congress will look an awful lot like the 113th unless donors and voters decide to change the mix.  I see no evidence for change.

As it stands right now, Congresstypes actually do their real job well.  Their real job is getting reelected.    They spend 30+ hours a week fund raising.   They meet with potential voter organizations.  They get on cable news whenever possible.  They memorize party bullet points on every issue.  They vote as told by their party bosses.  They run for reelection as soon as they are declared the winner in their most recent election.  Occasionally they will pass a bill or a a budget, but for the most part do so only when told to "get er done."  Since the face of Congress is more the same than different, I think our past few have more than met the needs of their voters and donors.

If anyone wants it to change, then find new voters, form new parties, etc.  Until then, Congress is just doing it's job, getting reelected.


Monday, December 16, 2013

About Time

Without Snowden none of us, and that includes most of Congress,  would know anything about the freedom and liberty leeches in the NSA and in other bits of our national spookery.   Let a transparent debate begin.

Federal Judge Rules Against N.S.A. Phone Data Program

The world must be coming to an end!

Glaxo Says It Will Stop Paying Doctors to Promote Drugs

I don't believe it, but maybe.  I bet they'll find other ways to compensate the Docs.

This is about what I expected


Legacyland update

No statues commemorating the Shrub or his Uncle Dork yet, but the legacy they left Iraq is still sadly strong and enduring.  Hm, better off with Saddam?  I wonder how the average Iraqi would answer that today?


And the Shrub, what's he up to now?  Oh, he paints dogs

The Shrub Paints

So, did you vote for this schmuck?  Once?  Twice?  Geeez!

Bad news for soap and vitamins

Can you even buy plain soap anymore?  I checked my liquid hand soaps, they're all anti-bacterial.  I never went shopping for such, I went for cheap.  So any plain soap out there?  Why am I concerned, well--Antibacterial soap makers would need to prove efficacy under proposed FDA rules

I was one of those folks who thought (hoped) vitamins could make a difference in health.  I read Adele Davis a lot.  I popped lots of pills.  Hell, I even used to eat lecithin granules.  It kind of sucked.  I was a lot younger.  The medical community didn't think much of vitamins.  Then some research showed up that indicated vitamins were doing a lot of good.  Then more research was done.

As more research piled up,  we had to conclude, one vitamin after the next, none of them really did any good at all.  It was a nice way of giving money to people you didn't know who happened to manufacture vitamins.  My supply of single vitamin bottles went bye-bye.

However, the one a day remained.   Some habits are very hard to make (especially if your spouse thinks they do some good).  Now we can pretty well be assured there is no case for vitamins except in some rare cases.

Do vitamins block disease? Some disappointing news

I'll keep popping the one a day, some extra C (my mother really encouraged the C), some lutein (spouse effect) and a baby aspirin (it still works for the heart, I think). Yep, more research is needed to justify giving CVS money every month for pills that are now see as doing squat.

On the way to being a coot or a crone?

I don't think I've ever been in age denial, pissed off with it, but never denial.  In case any of y'all need a clue to aging, give it a read.

In denial that you’ve reached middle age? A survey identifies some telltale signs.

I need a glass of wine and a nap.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Attention Fundamentalists!

It is true we and you are not descended from apes.  Nope, instead, we're all, including you, descended from jellyfish.  I wonder how they'll fit the jellyfish into the creationist museum dioramas?

Are Comb Jellyfish Humans’ Oldest Ancestors?

Good News for bad guys?

Let's see, we now have a laser gun that can zap incoming artillery rounds and drones.  This means it will be on the market within six months for purchase by our "friends."  It will take our friends another six months to re-sell, or is it really re-gift, the laser gun to the highest bidder.

Oh, my, the Taliban in West Pakistan will be able to zap our drones before they kill a single goat herder.  The al Qaeda types in Yemen will lase our UAVs and allow the wedding party to proceed to the chapel.

I  bet, as the laser gun becomes ubiquitous the use of drones will drop to zero.  Damn does that mean we'll have to revert to the use of people with guns to kill bad guys?

Army successfully tests truck-mounted laser to stop mortars, drones

What happens if lasers can defend against most any kind of thing that flies through the air and it becomes available from Amazon for $10.95?  My god, if every country can, on the cheap, put up a real star wars defense, then bless my Bonzo, air war will be over.  Hmm, if lasers can blast incoming ground objects, then there goes invasions.  Gee, a laser force field. Wow war will become only civil wars.  We'll have to fight intra-national wars.  I bet our merchants of death don't like this at all.

Our Parties

Let's see, we have Teabaggers and Trogs on the right.  The Teabaggers have managed to force the Trogs to favor their right foot.  The GOP has limped along further right than right field these days.  The knuckle draggers have made it into the right field parking lot.  The Jackasses have been also been pulled along with them.

Of course most of their rightish shift came from a push by everyone's favorite non-Democrat Democrat Bill Clinton and his buddies in the old DLC.  The DLC has been supplanted by a new group, the Third Way.

The Dems shifted right, at least the leadership has.  After all, it's all about money, votes and winning.   Who really gives a shit about governing?  Oh, hold it, what's this?  A fourth faction is taking action?

Yes indeed, It's the "Progressive Change Campaign Committee." The PCCC (to bad they aren't called Progressive Reformers, then the acronym could be PRCCs, go on, pronounce it) are a bunch of real lefties. Perhaps, as we head into 2014, we'll see Teabags vs. Trogs in primaries and PCCCs  vs. Jackasses too.

Hmm, if Teabags and Prccs win, then will 2014 become a race where the right does square off agianst the left? Does this mean no Hillary and no Christie?

Rep. Clyburn too conservative? Signs of emerging Democratic divide

Gee, Elizabeth Warren vs. Rand Paul?

More words and no action

On what?  Oh, gun control that's what.  I suggest we give up on gun control.  Let the guns proliferate as they will.  Of course, I also suggest we make life hell for anyone who carries or uses a gun and commits any kind of a crime.   Quit sending the drug users to prison and replace them with gun packing criminals.  If you pull a gun on anyone for any reason, you should go to the slammer.  I'd rid us of the idiotic "stand your ground" legalization of murder laws.  Strict enforcement of gun laws with lots of jail time will help.  If the gun nuts won't control themselves, then we can lock them up, one nut at a time.  Oh, any parent who lets a minor get hold of a firearm should lose their children and perhaps be sterilized to prevent them from reproducing ever again.  You get the idea....

Obama marks Newtown anniversary with call for action on gun control

Pope Frank is Quite Resonable On This

Unless you've read both Marx and the words of Christ, you might be led to think Christ was a capitalist or whatever others want you to think.  Read both, then you might come to a conclusion that Christ if he were a pol, would establish, if not a Marxist state, then a profoundly socialistic one.

Pope: I knew good Marxists; label doesn’t hurt me

All that matters is winning

Obama, the Shrub or any of our past presidents do it.  What do they do?  They maximize their chances of winning by minimizing saying or doing things that might cost them donations and votes.  Governing and the safety of the nation matter so much less.  Remember, anyone who really wants that public office has a serious mental problem--they suffer from pathological narcissism.

White House delayed enacting rules ahead of 2012 election to avoid controversy

Trogs can have as much fun with Obama on this as the Jackasses had with the Shrub after the 2004 election.