Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nanny State Update -- Vending Machines

This is the kind of rule that arms the GOP and the knuckle draggers as they in turn make fools out of those who support government.


This is just sad, very sad

Polio and children do not mix.  In most places children are valued more than polio.  That is not true in Pakistan amongst the Taliban.

Vaccine Aide Gunned Down In Pakistan

Legacyland - It's Just Such a Bush Kind of Place

The Shrub made it to match his ideas of the modern democratic state.  Hmm, now why did anyone vote for the schmuck?  Twice?

7 killed as Iraqi troops arrest Sunni lawmaker

Did The Security Industrial Complex Influence Him?

It would not surprize me at all.  Before one runs to agree with the judge who loves spies, give this piece a read--

Judge on NSA Case Cites 9/11 Report, But It Doesn’t Actually Support His Ruling

A judge in New York on the pad?  Well...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Prepare for some future Deja Vu

Iraq had a dictator.  We armed him.  He pushed the envelope a bit.  We invaded.  We occupied. We made sure the dictator died.  We left Iraq.

Hmm, I guess this is the deja part: Iraq has the makings of a new dictator.  We're arming him---

U.S. sending missiles, drones to help Iraq government fight al Qaeda

In another 20 years some asshole from El Paso will be elected Prez.  He'll note the dictator is pushing it a bit.  He'll invade Iraq and...  Yep, that the Vu.  Anyone surprized?

I'm not sure this means much

Kids find something neat to do.  They do it.  Their parents discover what their kids are doing.  The parents begin to do the same thing.  Gee, the whole family can do a neat thing.  Together even.  The kids quietly move on to something else (bet they don't tell mom and dad).  Oops they must have told some researchers---

Facebook 'dead and buried to teens', research finds

One More Time

Obama and his ace crew of health care reformers really should have opted to go to the mat for either a real national health care system or at least Medicare for all.

ObamaCare: Older Workers Could Pay 25% Of Income

Golden Dukes

Seventh Annual Golden Dukes recognizing the year's best purveyors of public corruption, outlandish behavior and The Crazy


I do not understand those who oppose gay marriage or polygamy for that matter.  Marriage is, as far as I'm concerned, merely a contract between two people (or more) and the state.  The parties have rights, responsibilities and benefits per the contract.  Dissolution of the contract requires participation of all of the original parties.  The state plays the primary role when it's time for contract's end (divorce).   Note just about anyone can be allowed to represent the state for entry into the contract but it takes a court to end it.

If folks desire to find a sacred side to marriage, that's fine.  However the state has zero interest in those other aspects since they are usually religious.  If the state allows a marriage, that does not mean a religion must concur.  Religion does it's sacred stuff all by itself, the state cannot intrude.

Now, let's bag the religious quibbles and just update the state side of marriage.  There is no reason to preclude gay marriage from the state's perspective.  LIkewise with polygamy, it's fine provided that the state sets the rights, responsibilities and benefits for entry and defines the rules for exit from the contract.

At least gay marriage should be allowed in every state.

Utah Ruling Means No Respite for the Supreme Court on Same-Sex Marriage

I thought this would have happened nationwide by 2000

I missed the call by 13 years and 48 states.  Back in the 90s I would not have predicted that Colorado would become the nations' first legit weed dispensary.  How long before pot is sold in every convenient store in the country?  Make it legal, control it and tax it is better than the mess created by keeping it illegal.

Denver Gives Out Recreational Pot Sales Licenses

Happy Days Are Hear Again!

The Arabic world keeps trying to drive itself back to the 9th century.  They think can kill their way to a renewed Caliphate.  Right.  The past is that, the past.  If they cannot rid themselves of sectarian based killing, then what we see today will persist for several more generations.  If they would note one thing, religion and the state really don't mix well, then they might have a chance and all could see their children and grandchildren grow to adulthood and old age.  Until then, death will accompany too many lives.  Death is will remain the Arabic way of life.  Oh, Lebanon has returned to the Islamic way--

Powerful explosion rocks downtown Beirut; former ambassador to U.S., 4 others killed

There's money out there

If we combine Medicare, dying, and capitalism what do we get?  Well, given that capitalism has one single rule, maximize profits, period, what we have is profit off of the, "gee we thought you were going to die folks."   Yep, combine health care, federal money, and for profit companies and we get fraud (if the feds can catch them), lots of fraud.  It raises the cost of Medicare for all.  Shouldn't health care be 100% non-profit and/or government run?

Hospice firms draining billions from Medicare

Before you go see "American Hustle"

It didn't quite happen like the movie version--

To the players in Abscam, the real-life ‘American Hustle,’ the bribes now seem quaint

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Can Arabs Really Govern Themselves In the 21st Century?

I doubt it, look at Egypt.  Egypt  has now joined the rest of the Arabic Islamic nations and turned into a sectarian shithole.  It will get worse since the only way these folks know to deal with sectarian issues is to kill and kill and kill each other off.  And to think they want to go back to the 9th century, perhaps we know why.

Blast Injures at Least 5 on Cairo Bus

Remember the good old Mujahideen?

Yeah the freedom fighters we armed in Afghanistan to oust the always evil Russkies.  The Commies left, we left, the Mujahideen hund around and morphed into a well armed al Qaeda supported by the new local government, the Taliban.

Okay now let's look at Legacyland, Iraq.  Did the Shrub create the foundation for al Qaeda 2.0?  Maybe.  If we arm the locals and they in turn wind up supporting al Qaeda, then it will be here we go again.

Funny how the Shrub's Iraq fuck up, keeps on shafting both Iraq and the U.S.  I really have to wonder about the folks who elected that bozo, twice.

U.S. Sends Arms to Aid Iraq Fight With Extremists

Time to cut the cord?

It appears that Dish will be sending me an Xmas present, a $5 increase in my monthly invoice for services.  Wow.  I'd bag the damn thing, but Mrs. Jake is a football fan.  I'd never hear the end of it if she could not watch SEC ball games (especially the Vols, even when they have seasons like the current one that really, really sucks).

I don't subscribe to premium channels such as HBO, I'm patient and see the better shows on DVD--I prefer to binge them.  Most networks make their shows available on-line after the initial broadcast (you can't bypass the commercials so it's a value for them I guess.)

I don't think there are even two dozen channels that I watch in any given month, but I pay for a couple hundred things.  I'm tempted by the idea of a la carte for cable, but I'm sure the individual stations would gouge even worse the the cable folks do today.  Maybe I'll just turn it all off.

Dish and DirecTV wish customers a Merry Christmas… by hiking prices

Postage going up

As first class postage moves towards 49 cents on Jan. 26th, we can expect complaints galore.  Don't send bitching to the USPS, send it all all to the U.S. Congress.

Actually, 49 cents for a stamp is a reasonable value.  For 49 cents I can write a letter, put it in an envelope, add the recipient's address and affix a 49 cent stamp.  Then someone will come to my door, take my letter and see that it is delivered to the recipient anywhere in the country and it will be there within a day or two of being mailed.  That's a value, isn't it?

First-class stamps to cost 49 cents as of Jan. 26

Santa Uses Drones to Deliver Gifts to Goat Herders In Pakistan

The Post's anonymous sources say that militants were killed.  What is a militant?  Frankly at this point, I don't believe much that comes from our side, even when it's said by someone with a real name.  Do you?  Some people were killed by a drone attack--I still think drones, if used by them on us in our villages and towns, would be called, by our assorted punditry of patriots, pure acts of terrorism committed by cowardly terrorists.  Hell, our aces in the White House hide their behavior behind secrecy laws and such.  I think I know where the real cowards reside, do you?

  US drone strike in Pakistan kills 3 militants

Are they still Chicomms?

Well, yes and no.  Mao is out and you know what's in on the 150th anniversary of his birth--

Mao’s home town of Shaoshan has spent $320 million in preparation — renovating historical sites and museums, organizing galas, and building new roads and other infrastructure. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pass through. Many hotels have been fully booked for days leading up to the anniversary. Merchants in town say they have stocked up on Mao tchotchkes of every kind — busts and statues, key rings, commemorative liquor, little red books of his sayings and photos from every phase of his life. 

Whatever else Mao may mean politically or ideologically these days, at least for a week, those in the industry hope that interest in the founder of China’s socialist state will translate into little mountains of cash.

Communist Party feeling uneasy about Mao ahead of his birthday celebrations

I guess the rest of the Chinese people would like the opportunity to live as well as Mao and the party bosses have since they took power.  Warlords or Chicomms are all the same from the average slob's perspective.  What about our party bosses?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Utah is making Indiana GOP Squirm?

Yep--Indiana Finds It’s Not So Easy to Buck Gay Marriage Trend


I think that today's GOP and their Christian base still agree with what was done to Alan Turing.  They're not upset with his death but are really pissed with his posthumous pardon--

But Turing, a gay man, had the misfortune to live in an intolerant era. In 1952, he was prosecuted for "gross indecency" for having a sexual relationship with another man. He lost his security clearance and was forced to take hormone treatments. Two years later, he was found dead of cyanide poisoning. His death was ruled a suicide.

Given the duck dynasty crap they've  defended, why would anyone support the GOP unless they hated gays, blacks, women and anyone who was not just like them.  They can try but it won't work to cast it as "free speech."

Good News for Barry!

Hot damn, Prez Barry has a nice new Africa Command ( of course it's located in Switzerland).  Now all he needs is somewhere for the Command to act.  Bless my Bantus, there's a new civil war going on.  Go Barry Go, this war's for you and all of your Africa Commanders.  Get involved, fuck it up, and build a bunch of bases in Africa.  Now that's a legacy--waste a continent, that'll beat Clinton and the Shrub.

In South Sudan, ethnic attacks spark fears of civil war

Merry Christmas from Iraq

At least the Muslims share their love of sectarian violence.  Gee, maybe all of our devout, Bible thumping, duckheads should take their well armed arms to Iraq and make that Islamic land safe for Christians.  How sincere is their belief?  Hell, I'm confident, they're lazy and not all that devout.  It's easier to just attack locals whom they think are Arabs (watch out Sikhs, the rednecks will get you).

Christmas Day bombings in Iraq’s capital kill 37

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Not being a Bibler I have not any idea about what the Quacker ranted

However, I found a piece by a guy who seems to understand what's really being said.  To bad the Quacker doesn't read his own source material before he spews nonsense.

Does the Bible Say What Phil Robertson Thinks It Says About Homosexuality?

It's a different type of movie review

Instead of stars or tomato splats, they use writedowns.  I wonder what the rating symbol for "we're going ot lose our shirts on this turkey" happens to be?  Hm, maybe it really is the turkey.  I guess the folks who paid for the flick have given it, maybe, four turkeys.  Will I see 47 Ronin? Will you?

Exclusive: Universal Takes Writedown for New Keanu Reeves Film

It Will Be a Good Christmas (provided the Dish works)

Why?  Because it's when the Doctor Who Christmas Special airs!  And this year, we'll see the current Doctor re-generate into the next incarnation of the Doctor.  It will be a good day for all whovians and non-whovians alike.

BBC America’s ‘Doctor Who’ heading for a change of Doctor

Aging and reading

I've noted over the past few years I don't quite read everything as it is actually written.  For example, in a recent crossword puzzle I scanned the 23 across clue.  I thought it said "precious oyster people."  Needless to say I moved on to another clue.  As I came to the end of the puzzle, I went back to 23 across, looked at the clue and saw it was precious oyster product.  Geez, it's so much fun becoming a lazy reader.  Aging sucks.  However sometimes it makes for bit of humor.

I was scanning the on-line Washington Post to see the main events of the day.  I'm sure I saw "U.S. Navy to give away gay spouses in Japan."  That seemed most odd.  I went to article to find out who was really giving spouses to our gay troops.  Could it be like a mail order, er, bride, but done through  the Supply Room?  Ooops, my eyes had done it again.  Yeah, the lead in was really "U.S. Navy to give gay spouses benefits in Japan."  Hm, I'd best bag the scanning and do more reading.

The headline attached to the article is--

Navy adds Japan to overseas assignments for gay couples

which is a bit odd in itself.  Does this suggest that if you're gay, married and in the Navy you may pick overseas duty from a list that now includes Japan per the headline.  I wonder if the headline writer has vision problems too?

Workers of the World, Merry Christmas, And Don't Waste Your Time On That Uniting Shit

Basically the boss has found a way to be rid of you forever--

Eight ways robots stole our jobs in 2013

Is Egypt Islamic? It is Arabic?

You betcha to both!  How do I know?  Uh, car bombs.

Car bomb kills 13 at Egyptian security headquarters north of Cairo

That Arab Spring thing sort of went down the Nile.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

There are times I'm okay with being an old fart...

My days of worrying about spying on and being spied upon are over.  Hell, given where I live my main concern will become how long it wold take for someone to discover I was dead  (it's rural and I don't get out that much at all).  The use of smartphones and the Internet today in the family setting are a bit almost beyond my ken.  I guess you grow into your age's technology, learn it, live with it, then get old, and are amazed at what the latest gizmos you never knew exited can do, and of course then tap out.

Do you worry about being spied upon?  Do you spy on your kids?  We're schizoid now aren't we?

Americans uneasy about surveillance but often use snooping tools, Post poll finds

Suicide Bomber Check In

It's been a while since I took a peek at sucide bombings around the world.  They've been at it.  In Libya, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Hmm, it must be a Muslim thing.  Weird way to worship but what the hell it's their life, er, death.

Suicide bomber kills seven outside Libya's Benghazi

Many Die In Syria Strikes

Suicide Bombers Attack Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq

Pakistani military, Taliban clash in North Waziristan after suicide attack

Attention Extreme Tourists

If you may go out and about in Yemen, Afghanistan, or Pakistan this year, then this is a must have:

Drone Survival Guide

Uh, our government is sort of fucked up

The headline says it all -- ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ leak investigators now target of leak probe

And don't forget how the year began  -- Senators: Did CIA tell 'Zero Dark Thirty' filmmakers torture led to bin Laden?

Now how about those spooks at the NSA?  Trust anything they say?  Trust their boss?  If so, why?

More New War Toys!

Drone warfare is passe.  The new (old) war is tunnel war.  Hence the aces in DoD need tunnel war weapons.  At first I had visions of mole like weapons so the Army could scurry around under the ground from one shithole to the next.  Nah, they want detection and destruction tools, but I like the mole idea.  Yeah, I can see it, the First Morlock Division...

Army Wants New Tunnel Gear

Time to Go Back To Cash?

The good folks at our fine banks and assorted financial institution want us to use those convenient credit cards.  They make a lot of money off them.  Of course the cards themselves and the assorted readers are dated.  They are a security risk.  Oh, do you have a Target card?

I think the Visas, MasterCards and AMEXs would update the mess they've made.  As long as I'm not on the hook for their fuckups, fine, but wouldn't it be cheaper to use the smart cards that the rest of the world now uses?  Bankers are fucking strange short sighted people.


What will happen when Amazon gets hacked?

Bobble Heads Today

After listening to assorted bobble head shows today, I guess we're supposed to think that Obama's last year really sucked and he will recover from it or he will not.  Then there's Obamacare.  Everyone agrees, even Obama, that the website launch blew chunks.  Yeah, then we, if we're Trogs we know the ACA will fail by Nov. '14 since it's just such a bad, bad law or if we're Dems then we know for certain it will succeed as did Medicare and Medicaid.  The Spookery came up next, how about those NSA peepers!  This one didn't quite follow Trog versus Jackass, but it's close.  The NSA crossed the line and needs to be reined or it's doing a great job and those carping about it need to be stopped (they know who you are too).  Finally the biggest item was Duck Dynasty.  It's funny the Duck Daddy was praised or lambasted for his comments about gays.  The praise was for exercising his 1st Amendment rights to trash talk.  The lambaste was for the trash he talked about  gays, they weren't that nice.  Funny how his idiotic comments about happy blacks under Jim Crow didn't get much mention at all.  All of the duck shit was discussed in the context of A&E.  About the only show I remember from A&E was the New Year's Show from Boston that they dropped long ago.  Duck Dynasty is a reality show on A&E.   After reading about it, I have trouble understanding why it's so popular.

That wraps up last week.