Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good question!

My guess is that the NSA has "spied" on Congress.  Hope they enjoy being treated the way they have allowed the NSA to treat everyone else.   Congress created it, overseas it, and funds it.  Congress can shut it down.  However, Congress won't since in addition to the 8x10 glossies on all 535 of them, there's a lot of money coming in from the Security Industrial Complex.

Senator presses NSA to reveal whether it spies on members of Congress

Frankenfood Update

Soon, whether you like it or not, all apples will become frankenfied.  Frankenfood pollen is akin to the bite of a zombie or vampire.  One zombie grain or bite lands on an innocent tree's blossom ands it's fruit is then zombiefied frankenfood.  Better living through genetic modification?

Genetically altered ‘Arctic’ apples may be headed to market

Remember the Surge?

Most folks forget that the surge had much more involved than a bunch of US troops killing Iraqi bad guys.  The military surge worked.  However the rest of it pretty much failed.  Today we see the effects of the surge, all the surge, as Fallujah falls.

Al-Qaeda-linked force captures Fallujah amid rise in violence in Iraq

Who was that shit for brains guy who suckered us into that war anyway?

Does Voting Matter?

Lets' assume you think a woman should have a right to choose.  Okay, then tell me how has it come about that it's becoming harder and harder for her to make that choice?  Well, once again, the majority of people favor a woman having the right to choose, but the majority of people do not vote in federal elections and even fewer vote in state and local elections.  Hence, a committed minority can win elections and effect major changes in state law.

Remember when there is a 40% turnout, usually seen as a large in state elections, that means the winner only needs one half to win.  One half of 40% means the winner was elected by 20% of possible voters.  Minorities can effectively run our states and the nation unless the rest decide it's time to vote.  Oh, primaries are terrible for turnout.  The last Va. Democratic primary saw a whopping 3.5% show up and vote.

Until most people do vote regularly, national polls do not mean much at all.

Access to Abortion Falling as States Pass Restrictions

The Basis of the "Red-Blue" Divide

I do not understand the ideological divide in this nation.  I have sought reasons.  Most often I felt I came up short.  I never quite saw the fundamental difference.  Finally I see the reason.  It's been in front of me for decades.

The basic difference that divides us civilly and politically is epistemological.  Ultimately our groups form around how we're willing to go about the business of asking and learning about our world and all that's in it.  The approach to knowledge creates the divisions.  The core divide can be seen in a recent Pew poll on evolution.

I find it incomprehensible that anyone would believe, accept, or find true that "humans have existed in their present form from the beginning."  Granted the number who reject evolution  has been diminishing, but their core approach to knowledge remains mostly as it always was.  In a word, the poles around which we aggregate are science and nonsense.

Public’s Views on Human Evolution

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Is it racist?

If the races of the target family and the TV show host were all reversed and the same banter ensued I think we'd be hearing all kinds of racism allegations.  MSNBC would cover the event for at least two news cycles.  On what did occur, apparently no one on MSNBC really noticed.  I find it odd and a bit bothersome.

MSNBC host apologizes after panel makes fun of Romney photo with black grandchild

Uh, where do I get a drone liccese?

Virginia one of 6 lucky states that’ll shape the future of drone technology

Hmm, I can't find my booze

I'm a yellow dog Democrat who hasn't missed an election in 40 years.  Okay, Where's Blanton's and Knappogue Castle?

What your favorite drink says about your politics, in one chart

The Terrorists Moved, Now It's Putin's Turn

With the Olympics in the balance, will Putin KGB the Chechen bombers and bomber wannabes?  By threatening the games, don't they invite Putin to pull a Stalin?  Round up the ones you don't kill and send them to Siberia for the rest of their lives?   What happens if the first big event at the games is a bomb that kills a bunch of athletes?  Who'd get the blame?  I don't think it would be the Russians and Putin.

Putin, After Silence, Condemns Bombings in Volgograd

It's the Republican Way

Company linked to Va. gov. did not seek required approvals for Anatabloc supplement

I can hear the Trogs gurgling away "regulations, we don't need no stinkin' regulations!"

Monday, December 30, 2013

Traditional Values Strikes Again

He doesn't have to watch CNN at all.  In fact he shouldn't if he wishes to retain his membership in Club 17th Century.  Come on, I saw the segment.  When you have Kathy Griffin on, live, be prepared.  It was funny and caught Stelter off guard.  The segment was a promo for CNN's New Year's Eve (9:00 PM Tuesday) show (which I've watched every time Ms Griffin has been part of the show).

Conservative Writer Informs Readers That Spooning Is A 'Sexual Position'

It's sad to see it go

I drove a Kombi for 22 years.  Then I started driving pickup trucks.  The Kombi, despite the lack of power, air conditioning, and any amenity other than a heater, was one hell of vehicle.  Too bad they're gone.  I doubt if we'll ever see another vehicle like it.

VW camper van: farewell to the symbol of 60s freedom

What Don't We Know About Government?

Mr. Jarvis raises some points we all need to consider as we continue to discuss the NSA mess.

The primary NSA issue isn't privacy, it's authority

I bet it's traditional values

Yeah, the way this nation lags on fast, reasonably priced Internet access for all has to be caused by the traditional values crowd.  Those folks aren't really sure that the telegraph was a good idea.  After all anything that can be used to communicate alternatives to rule by rich old white guys has to be controlled and limited in use.  I think they deem it ungodly too.  Oh, how many Repubs are all that excited about broadband? Hell to them the Internet is just a lot of tubes.

U.S. Struggles to Keep Pace in Delivering Broadband Service

Gay Marriage

The reaction to gay marriage by so many Christians provides a sufficient basis to reject their religion as just another collection of loopy thoughts and practices.  Hate is sort of not god.  Oh, I forgot the three violent religions--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam-- are all about the same when it comes to people who are not strict adherents of their particular bit of fantasy.  They do relish death for heretics a bit too much for my taste.  If you accept and value all people as decent sorts, why would you ever become or remain one of the violent three?

Oh, the above was brought on after reading--

Scalia finds his predictions on same-sex-marriage ruling being borne out

A little quiz

Do you think any of the states that have or are considering paid family leave laws are part of the new confederacy?  If you think none are, then you are correct.  After all, in confederate traditional valueland mom is barefoot, pregnant and spends her time servicing her hubby one way or another.  Even though she's not, anything done to support the current reality would preclude a return to those ante-bellum days of yore.

States make moves toward paid family leave

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Good to see!

Now we need to have a few more states get with the program and do the same as Conn.

Connecticut gun owners scramble to register weapons as deadline looms

Red and Blue

The red really refers to "traditional values" doesn't it?  What are the attributes of traditional values?  Well, I think the values are white males running everything to their advantage in wealth, power, fame and status in a cultural context that fights change.  It's a great way to live if one is an affluent white guy.

Blue values really refer to all that is wrapped up in creating and maintaining a state regulated level playing field of opportunity for all.  

Take your  pick, it's easier than ever to be true blue or rapscallion red--

Red, blue states move in opposite directions in a new era of single-party control



Nutrition labels on vending machines will not help at all, but the nanny state is partially financed by fast food  companies, so labels it will be since they do not harm the cash flow.