Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Worth a read

Some things in the world are beyond my ken.  This is one of them.   However, that does not mean anyone has the right to bash, trash and brutalize folks of any kind.  I can try to understand, can you?

Transgender teen who died of an apparent suicide: ‘Fix society. Please.’

What's Your Perspective on Angels With Guns?

Someone painted an angel and a police officer on a Detroit building. The angel was holding a gun.

Why is Repub Land Really the New Confederacy?

Well, it may have more to do with race than they want to admit.  Repubs are the party of well off white guys, period.  Scalise's biggest problem is a blogger who found a bit of Southern normalcy and reported it for non-Southerners to read.  Scalise says he's not a racist,  By Southern standards, he's not since he's not a member of the Klan or other kindred white power groups.  However, by Southern standards he cannot refuse to deal with those folks, they are the majority of GOP voters in the state.  I guess it's de facto racism.

Steve Scalise distances himself from racially charged politics of the Deep South

Gee, it's New Year's Eve (already)

When you become an old fart, time seems to fly  by.  There's probably some reason for that, body parts failing that affect one's metabolism and then one's perception of time.  That and knowing one has fewer New Years ahead than behind may make it seem as though yesterday was the beginning of February 2014.

Needless to say parties are in the past.  Some years we've even had to take in for granted that the ball rose, New Years came and it's now Jan. 1, 8:45 am.  Then we put away the unopened Champagne and unused glasses.

I am sure the world turned to total shit after Guy Lombardo died and quit ushering in the New Year.  The pop music shows are full of singers I don't know and usually have no desire of coming to know.  So, we're left with CNN and Kathy Griffin and that white haired guy.

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve TV specials

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Good Cartoon

Hmm, he's just a oud mouth bully.  If he said follow me, would you?

The best editorial cartoons of 2014

Packing for Safety

Gun nuts have an uncontrollable need to pack.  If they don't have a weapon concealed on their person they become nervous wrecks lost in fears that a nefarious guttersnipe will gun them down at any time.  Yep, pack it, but what are you going to do when it's your own two year old that shoots you with your own gun.  Gun culture is nucking futs.  It's safer to be nervous.

Toddler accidentally shoots and kills woman in Idaho Wal-Mart, police say

First, let's kill all the lawyers...

Well, let's do that after we zap all the execs at GM.  Oh, wait, second we have to fry all the state legislators who decided it was good law to cap damages.  Okay now we can waste the lawyers.

Victims of G.M. Deadly Defect Fall Through Legal Cracks

Repub. showing their true colors

Let's hear it for their felons:   Rep. Michael Grimm Resigns.  I guess his constituents were all crooks since he was elected even though he was under a 22 count indictment.

Crooks can be voters and ditto with the Klan and white supremacists.  Hey, the Trogs have a man who knows how to work the white sheet crowd: House Majority Whip Scalise confirms he spoke to white nationalists in 2002

The may drool acid while they drag their knuckles, but remember if you're white and male, you can find someone to represent you (donations are required) in Congress no matter how despicable you may be since they are worse.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Sometimes, sometimes

I have to wonder about the folks who are so upset over Mr. Tyson's tweet.  However, they do provide light Xmas entertainment.  Now where's my sprig of holly?

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why his Christmas tweet wasn’t ‘anti-Christian’

Are you a Repub or a Dem?

Here's how to find out.  Answer a question.   Assume a man owns a number of slaves on his successful plantation.  Now assume that there is a proposal for the state to free all slaves next Tuesday.  Is the state's action right?  The slave owner's property rights will be infringed and as a result he will be denied his right to pursue happiness.  The slaves however obtain their liberty.  Oh, don't entertain any ideas such as compensation, just what's above.   Which side is right?  Why?

I suggest that the Repub will support property/happiness rights and the Dem will support personal liberty.  If I am right, then maybe you can understand why you are a Repub, Dem or Indie.

Yep, there's a problem in Ferguson

To those folks who think Ferguson was just one cop doing his job and don't understand the brouhaha over his actions, I ask you to ask yourself is the memorial a pile of trash in the road or not?  If you think it's just trash, then can you explain why so many people put it there and keep it there?  We have a problem in this country, the focus just happens to involve police and justice.

Ferguson Police Department puts officer on leave after remarks about destroyed memorial

China and U.S. T-Bills

Does China "own" us?  Nonsense, but both of our political parties are chock full of folks who pretend that China does.  That way we can focus on China and not how we amassed the debt and who really holds what.

What portion of our national debt does China carry?  Oh, a bit over 10%.  Be aware there are many ways one can categorize debt, but when you come down to it, debt is just money one has promised to pay to someone in the future.

No, China does not hold more than 50 percent of U.S. debt

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Want to know how Repubs govern?

If you really want the Trogs to run the show, read this piece on the Secret Service.   Here's how they work.  They get patriotic.  They demand more from others who actually do the work as they cut their budgets.  Then they get really pissed off at what results from their oversight.  Sad part is, the morons who elect them, eat this shit up since all the pols do is, is blame the victims for choosing to be being victims.  That way no Trog is ever wrong.

Critical decisions after 9/11 led to slow, steady decline in quality for Secret Service

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Place Your Bets

Will the Taliban types win or will Pakistan kill them off?  Well, I bet the core of the bad guys will just hop across the border into Afghanland, wait a couple of years, and come back and kill Pakistanis.    Gee, whose going to stop them?  The Afghan government?  We're outa there and I bet the Taliban will retake a lot of territory as they all return from Pakistan where they've been hiding out from us.  Now why have we been fighting a "war" in Afghanistan for 13 years?

Pakistan military wins free rein against terrorists

He's too old, but I'd take him over anyone else in the Democratic Party

Vermont’s Sanders will decide by March on presidential bid

Clinton and Warren are DINOs, they are both really Repubs.   At least Mr. Sanders have been a Socialist for a very long time.  The issue is not just income inequality, it's equality in many, many respects.

Arab Splat, Thunk, Collapse Update: Egypt

Unseat a dictator, install a democratically elected government, watch the new guys become a theocratic dictatorship,  watch the military get pissed at the loss of profit, and finally watch the  military run a new dictatorship that takes care of business today and tomorrow--there will be no more exercises in democracy, freedom, etc.  Until Arabs bag religion Egypt is just Arab normal.

Worse than the dictators: Egypt’s leaders bring pillars of freedom crashing down

Fucked Up Shit: Religion

This one is about Islam, but any religion can and probably has operated this way.  We keep forgetting that religion has very little to do with a deity, but has much more to do with meeting the needs of people who want power, fame and fortune.   Parents do their kids a service by foisting their faith on them?  Like I said, it's fucked up shit.

A Boy in ISIS. A Suicide Vest. A Hope to Live.

Better Than Nothing?

Obamacare is better than done nothing?  That's been the main reason to back his feeble attempt at providing health care to all via health insurance (private and public like Medicaid).   I'm beginning to have visions of Bush's donut hole approach to drugs for seniors except this time it's all hole an no donut for those on Medicaid.  Yep, Obamacare is so much better than a national health care system or at least Medicare for all.   Are  Obama and those of his ilk really Democrats?

As Medicaid Rolls Swell, Cuts in Payments to Doctors Threaten Access to Care

What's the matter, the Shrub and Dork spread liberty on them

I wonder, if Iraqis were given the choice, go back in time to Hussein or persist with what the US gave them what they would choose?  I have an inkling about that, note no statues dedicated to that great liberator George Bush have been erected.  The Shrub or Saddam?

Iraq faces new crisis as winter descends on millions uprooted by Islamic State

Friday, December 26, 2014

Doing a bit of stand up?

Unless it's a joke, one has to ask "we're safer" because our solider fought the Afghan War for 13 years?  I would sure like him to pass on his safety metric.

Obama tells troops, “We are safer”

Hey, Zombies Have Religious Freedom Too!

I was not quite ready for a Zombie nativity scene, but what the hey.  It makes as much sense as any other kind.

Zombie nativity scene ordered taken down by Ohio town bureaucrats

It is called junk food

This bit of research is doomed.  It matters not if it's true, there's too much money in fast food to allow it to be accepted and acted upon.

Fast food consumption is out of control—and it could be blunting children’s brains

The Past

When you try to return to the good old days, if successful, you may live to regret your success.  That basically says the good old days weren't.  Perhaps ISIL and the idiots supporting them are learning this lesson.  As they aspire to restore the 7th century Caliphate, they also restore a 7th Century standard of living (except for those in charge).  Religion does a lot of damage to a lot of people

The Islamic State is failing at being a state

An Anti-Clinton?

At this point I cannot see the majority of power wielders in the Democratic Party allowing much of a challenge to Hillary Clinton.  Ms.Clinton has the name, popularity and money despite the fact she is not really a Democrat.   She, as with most of the power brokers, is more Republican Lite than anything else.  That says the Democratic Party has morphed into  the old moderate GOP and has left its core ideas behind as they attempt to collect money and win elections.

The Democratic Party's core concept is found in one simple word--equality.  Do you think that the current head of the Party, Barrack Obama, really embraces that idea?  Do you think Ms. Clinton does?  How about Bernie Sanders?  Elizabeth Warren?  Jim Webb?

Democrats see rising populist sentiment. But can it shake Hillary Clinton?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Once Again the Internet Propigates Total Bullshit

The viral claim that a black person is killed by police ‘every 28 hours’

Shooting is not a sport!

Pistols are designed for one purpose, to kill, main or render harmless another human being.  Target practice improves the speed and accuracy with which one can kill another person.  It really is that simple.  Ditto for all those assault weapons.

Pistols or there ilk don't protect squat, they do increase the probability that one will be shot or shoot someone else (most likely to be a relative).  Guns in general are conducive to mayhem.

Now weapons have become Xmas gifts for women.  The sickness is spreading.  I have to give it to the NRA and there sponsors for their marketing abilities.

A Hello Kitty gun for Christmas? More women are getting firearms as gifts.

Here's another story on pistols.  This one is a common story.

Tracing the Gun Used to Kill 2 New York City Police Officers

Gun culture leads to a whole lot of death.  

Merry Christmas.

I'll wait for the DVD from Netflix

Seeing "The Interview" is not high on my list of things to do.  Had the North Koreans not interfered with the original distribution I still would not have seen it since the closest theater is about 40 miles from my house.  Then there's the matter of the cast, Rogen and Franco are not my favorite or much liked, okay with, or even will do in a pinch if the alternative is watching paint dry.

However, if you are one who was rabidly awaiting the flick and have been over over-wrought with massive ennui after Sony caved into the son of Bad Hair Guy who runs N. Korea, there's good news:

Sony may be releasing “The Interview” on YouTube

Another Death

It appears that a white cop shot and killed a black man last night.  It also appears that protesters spontaneously showed up.  There may have been an assumption that this killing was akin to Ferguson's or NYC's chokehold killings.  It was not, but how could folks predisposed to protesting be misinformed?  Oh, they get their info from the Internet sites such as the Huffington Post--Huffington Post gets it wrong.  If it's on the Internet it must be true???  Arrrrgh!

Here's a more detailed and accurate account.

Another police-involved shooting death of black teen sparks tensions in St. Louis

However, as with any event, if you are interested in truth, keep reading credible source as new details become known.  Hopefully, in time, you will have as close to the truth as you can get.

College Football Fans Abet Criminality

Next week, the Seminoles will play in college football’s first playoff, meeting Oregon at the Rose Bowl in a semifinal that Florida State hopes will be nothing but a speed bump on the road to a second straight national championship. Fans at the game might want to bring a towel — not to swing over their heads as they cheer, but to use after the game.

To use after showering.

Unless you wish to be considered one who abets crime, do not watch or support in any way Florida State football. If you watch the bowl game, in essence you approve of rape and other crimes.  

Transcript of Winston Hearing Reveals Accuser’s Words, and Florida State’s Complicity

Monday, December 22, 2014

We need a Crusade

American Christians should band together, arm themselves and get their faithful butts over to Iraq.  The ISILists are killing Christians.  Get cracking Christians.  It's your duty to kill heathens for god.  If you have true faith then you will sell all your posessions, use the proceeds to arm an Army of Jesus, enlist you and your family and go off to Arabland and kill Muslims.

Wow, that's a pleasant daydream.  Gee,  to be rid of all of our wicked out, batshit crazy, zany zealots in evangefundie land makes for a very pleasant fantasy.

As Christmas approaches, Baghdad Christians lament empty pews

Pope Frank

Go get 'em Frank.  Of course, it won't do much good.  It's very hard to change culture and institutions.  The Catholic Church will need more than a Papal chiding to shed the perception that it's really just a collection of misogynistic pedophiles who make a living by shaking down its membership.  Yeah it actully has to rid itself of the misogynistic, pedophile, shakedown artists and that isn't gonna happen anytime soon.  After all, it's tradition.

Pope Francis warns Vatican leaders against ‘spiritual Alzheimers’

Possibly, possibly

Marriage is on the decline.  Porn usage is up.  Hmm, people watch porn and avoid marriage?  Maybe.

Americans aren’t getting married, and researchers think porn is part of the problem

Governemnt for sale

It will take some time to find out who bought the FAA, but it will come out (I hope).  It should not embarrass anyone since elected officials and their designees have been selling government for decades.  It's what we seem to assume is normal.  We approve the normalcy since we keep electing the same kind of sales people to office.  I am hard pressed to name a single honest pol or appointee who is not a whore servicing business.  Our politics is all, for a fee, meet and eat, know and blow.  Can you name an honest pol?

FAA drone approvals bedeviled by warnings, conflict, internal e-mails show

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Life on Mars?

Maybe, maybe not.  Actually who really cares?  If there are other sentient beings out there, fine.  If not, ditto.  I do not understand the fascination with this matter, but for those who wonder about it...

Why methane on Mars has reignited our quest for life on other planets

Maybe we need to all become vegetarians...

Give it a read.  Then go to your pantry and wonder what's really in that can of Spam.  Now look in the fridge and freezer for chicken, pork and beef and ask who is doing what for whom, how, why and with what effect.  I doubt the public will demand federal food inspections that are real, they eat too much fast food crap to care--bring on the silent green.

Obama's Role

With respect to Trogs, Obama purveys red-meat.  It does not matter what Obama says or does, Trogs negate it and react.  They react as one or they react by trashing each other over the issue (agree with Barry at your knuckle dragging peril).

Obama, sensibly, normalizes relations with Cuba.  Ready, red-meatize that sucker.  Cue the acid droppers.  And the stage is set for a potential 2016 issue (unless Obama's actions actually work in the interest of the average Cuban in Cuba, not Miami).   The Sunday bobble head shows provided the GOP them a national charcuterie of rancid rotting political piggery.

Rubio slams ‘Obama-Paul’ Cuba policy

It's Stupid People Time! (maybe)

Okay, cops are responsible for the deaths of a couple of black males.  The killings may or may not have been righteous.  The black community (whatever that means) rallies to demand justice and an end to whatever it is they dislike about the cops.

The cops bristle a bit, but can't do much.  Now a black man has killed two NYC cops in revenge for the other cops prior deadly behavior.  Looks like we'll have another group demanding something very soon in NYC and elsewhere.

Will we see two groups of stupid people in action?  I bet we will.  If so, watch out, since we should never underestimate their power.

What will happen?  Who knows.  Perhaps the flap will fitter away now.  Perhaps not.  It depends on what occurs within the next week.   More death and we'll likely see the onset of the Stupid Wars.

In New York, rising tensions and calls for unity after two police officers are killed

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Good Music

I was watching Austin City Limits last night.  The featured group was one I had not heard of before. They are Rodrigo y Gabriela.  After about forty minutes of wonderful mesmerizing sounds, I think I will have to buy their CD--they are in my cart, have to check the budget.

They are a pair of classical guitarists who filter their Spanish guitar througho Mexican and Latin sounds as they meld flamenco, jazz, rock, heavy metal with seemingly limitless enthusiam.  They are different in that wonderful positive way. Go to Amazon and listen to some samples (or with iTunes).

Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, et al, take note

Quite farting around with lethal injections, chairs, chambers, and bullets.  Quit hiding the executions.  Hang 'em!  Hell, save the state some green and get a judge to expedite carrying out all the sentences of everyone on death row today.  If y'all need some advice on how to get such a deed done, send a death planning team over to Pakistan.

First of 400 Pakistani militants hanged in wake of school massacre

Dead Goat Herder Front: Drones in Pakistan

I wonder if a decade or so into the future we'll see a Senate Drone Report akin to the Torture report which no one seems to give a rats about?  I bet even more of us support death by drone than approve of forced rectal feeding.

US drone attack kills at least five Taliban fighters in Pakistan – report

See, The NSA Did It!

North Korea says "not us."  They've asked and threatened Obama to jointly investigate or die (I guess).  What if the morons from Korea have accidentally told the truth this time?  About the denial, not the threats.

Okay who did it to Sony and stuck the Koreans with the blame?  Why, it's the fun loving spooks who work in a highly classified, hush-hush, sub-sub basement of the NSA of course.  They wanted to know is one of their new programs,  "Blame it On Mame," works.  It does.  They can crash a company, control commerce and make us all believe it's the fault of whomever they want us to.

 Now what country and corporation is next?  Oops,  the GOP's RNC  is going to hack Media Matters and threaten to blow up the PCs of all who read that liberal website.  Hey, it's step one on the road to establish a democratic dictatorship that protects us from fear.

North Korea, Angrily Denying Sony Attack, Proposes Joint Investigation With U.S.

It'd make a great movie starring Rogan and Franco naturally.

Please Note

Never underestimate the power of large groups of stupid people.  What groups?   Oh, how about the religious ones.  This article features Muslims.  I guess too many folks are over blessed with the god gene.

Battle with the Islamic State for the minds of young Muslims

I'm not picking on Islam.  Come on, 75+% of Americans believe in the virgin birth.  Yep, large groups...

Friday, December 19, 2014

Stating the obvious award--American Prospect

Here's the award winning headline--Has the GOP Become the Pro-Torture Party?

Uh, one little quibble, becoming?  They aren't referred to as knuckle-dragging, acid droolers for no reason.  The Trogs (GOP) in the 20th and 21st Centuries have been the go to guys if one needs patriotic zealots who will support your particular barbarism (provided there are votes and cash along the way).


Want to know why things go bump in the night, all day, and throughout the evening?

Well, it's us--

...65% of U.S. adults believe that all of these aspects of the Christmas story – the virgin birth, the journey of the magi, the angel’s announcement to the shepherds and the manger story – reflect events that actually happened. Among U.S. Christians, fully eight-in-ten (81%) believe in all four elements of the Christmas story. Even among people who are not affiliated with any religion, 21% believe all these events took place, and 37% believe at least one (but not all) of them occurred.

Little things, like reason, logic, facts, science, etc. don't stand a chance against a nation over blessed with a frothy faithful who put stock in mass illusions and delusions while advancing gullibility as their guidon.


Science: 2014

Breakthrough of the Year: The top 10 scientific achievements of 2014

Snake-oil is snake-oil regardless of who sells it, even on TV

Half of Dr. Oz’s medical advice is baseless or wrong, study says

North Korea

Here's a piece on the N. Korean hack of Sony.  Sony, erred is pulling the film.  Had anything blown up, that'd been enough pretext to vaporize the schmucks.

U.S. attributes Sony attack to North Korea

I have to admit as I mused on this idiotic bit of criminality, my mind wandered over to our domestic  cyber-thugs, the NSA.  What if the NSA is the real culprit of the SONY hack?  What if they spoofed the techniques and methods of the Koreans and did it so well that any expert would conclude the North Koreans were guilty of zapping Sony?  With that kind of control, the NSA would be able to run everything as they wanted it run.  It's sketchy, but with some additional thought, I think we could make a follow up movie to the Interview.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's EIT If we do it, otherwise it's Torture

Who's most down with torture?  Let's see, white, male, over 65, has some college, follows news very closely and is, of course, a Republican.  It's a bit bothersome that so many of us approve of torture and believe it did anything other than harm both the victim, the torturer and the rest of us in this representative democracy we call the United States.

About Half See CIA Interrogation Methods as Justified

Are we this damn stupid?

I can't think of much dumber than having another Clinton or Bush in the White House, but that may be what happens.  The monied crowd likes to bet on sure things--those who will continue to sell government to the biggest donors, wholesale.   A Clinton vs. Bush in 2016 is the safest contest Wall Street  could imagine.  From their perspective, it's not even win/win, it's just win.  Their  odds of winning are 100%.  So are we that damn stupid?  I bet we are...

Bush, Clinton and the mixed appeal of political dynasties

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Election's over so who gives a shit about, what were the issues anyway?

Seen any ramblings and ravings about ebola or ISIL lately?  Out concerns seem to be in the hands to TV news readers.

How we forgot all about Ebola and ISIS, in 2 charts

Lying Dog Front: Dick Cheney, Again

I don't understand why anyone listens to Dork.  He spent his career making shit up and spewing it as gospel truth for idiots to lap up.  He's really a vile piece of work.  Here's a piece that gives one more sample of his lying crap.  With his logic, the guy would make a good Islamic Jihadi in ISIL.

Cheney’s claim that the U.S. did not prosecute Japanese soldiers for waterboarding

On the pad

I  swear that everyone in this country is on the pad in one way or another.  Here's a slick bit of pad news--keeping those salaries coming is the feature,  It's brought to us by Congress and the good folks who administer what Congress creates.

If you don't like it, remember, voters elected the dickheads and headettes who do this shit for us everyday--to get donations and votes to be reelected to do it all again.  Didn't vote?  Well then don't complain.   Want change?  Then form a new party, elect folks who aren't dickheads/headettes.  Oh, make sure you never reelect folks who spend federal money on boondoggles just to keep the salaries coming for folks in your state, district and neighborhood.

NASA’s $349 million monument to its drift

Monday, December 15, 2014

Seems About Right

Torture Isn't Really About Information; It's About Revenge

Police Culture Front: Now we have WWB

The cops have developed crimes all on their own.  There's DWB--driving while black.  Then one I heard about this weekend.  It's NIP- cops stop a person for being a nigger in public.  And here's a new one, I guess it would be BWWB--being a witness while black.

In all instances of these "crimes" I do wonder if there's a counterpart for whites?  Flip the race.  Is the situation the same?  Cop culture needs to be talked about and repaired (if it can be).

Video shows John Crawford's girlfriend aggressively questioned after Ohio police shot him dead in Walmart

Where there's smoke there's fire front: Cosby

More reaction to the smoke.  Another group assume there's a fire burning in Cosbyland.

Spelman College distances itself from Bill Cosby

I wonder if Vegas is making book on how long it will take for Cosby to cop a plea?  Did they offer odds on Clinton's denial being faked?

Is Bush Really Prez?


We're taught to obey.  We're rewarded for doing as we're told.  We're punished for disobeying.  Hell, god told Abraham to off his kid and he proceeded to obey.  God was the authority figure and Abraham was just a good old schmuck who did as he was told.

How do government employees become good little Torquemadas?  Here's a piece that starts to answer that question.  Oh, as a kid, when I first encountered the Abraham story I was repulsed.  I guess I totally lack the god gene or found a god not made in man's image.

What makes patriots perpetrators of torture?

Similar folks

As I look at politicians and how the American public at large reacts to them, I've found one pair that elicit the same reaction but are so very, very different.

Hillary Clinton.  How'd you react to that name?  A number of people cringe, think vile thoughts and then mutter any number of gender based obscenities.  Hell it's been that way since the first time they say a picture of her.  She seems to engender a lasting reaction.

Bearing in mind how folks react to Ms. Clinton, let;s say the next one's name-- Ted Cruz.  Double Ditto for reaction.  And triple ditto for how folks respond to his visage.  Make that a quid on the obscenities.  At this point he's suckier that her.  Give him another 10 plus years and he'll be about the same.

God, if both were their respective party's nominees in 2016, it would be a stink-off.  Which do you think would be elected as the least odoriferous?

Gag and Heave Update: Ted Cruz

Ready to make some upchucky cakes?  Well, to get the main need ingredient you have to G&H.  Here comes the G part--Ted Cruz.  Yeah he makes everyone gag.  Now for the H--thinl of him as president!  Puke.

Ted Cruz doesn’t care what you think

Upchuck cakes are the GOP's official snack food.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Batshit Crazy Update: Texas

What can I say, they are an odd lot--

Gun-friendly Texas prepares to roll back ban on open carry of firearms

Sixth Extinction

It's on the way.  Does anyone really give a shit?

Earth faces sixth ‘great extinction’ with 41% of amphibians set to go the way of the dodo

Good Luck Governor McAuliffe, but...

Every Trog in the Old Dominion loves guns, hell they even sleep with them.  Sadly 95% of Virginia's Dems do too.  I fear that the Guv's push may backfire.  The dolts in the legislature may pass a bill removing every state based control.

McAuliffe to unveil gun control measures, including expanded background checks

I would like to see gun control come under city/county administration.  

Arab Splat Continues: Egypt

You can take the Muslim Brotherhood out of power, but you can't rid the people of their loopy Islamic based hate.  Kind of reminds me of our locally grown evangefundies.  Now, if all our frothy faithful moved to Egypt....

Cairo bathhouse raid spreads fear in Egyptian gay community

It's Time for Warren In the White House

Obama has compromised his way into the GOP.  I think he's been given a complimentary membership in the RNC.    His "signature" accomplishment, Obamacare, is really an old Republican health care plan.  Look at this way, he's paved the way for another fine moderate Republican, Hillary Clinton, to run and win in 2016.  Is there any part of our government left for her to sell?  I'm tired of the Demicans and Republicrats.

Elizabeth Warren was told to stay quiet, but she didn’t – and it’s paying off

Didn't another group use doctors to help them win the war?

Yeah they lost, we tried them, but what the hey this is the USA...

CIA report describes medical personnel’s intimate role in harsh interrogations

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I've been wondering

It seems as though each national outrage receives attention, appears to be a basis for change, and then dissipates into national short attention span trashcan.  Who needs to think about Ferguson or choke holds when we have torture and the Dems threatening to shut down the government.  National outrages get their 15 minutes of TV fame and fade away.  So--

Will police protests fade like tea party and Occupy?

If I didn't know better I'd start thinking the assorted protests are created and staffed by political operatives from both parties.  Since Obama been in office seen any big anti-war protests?

Arab Spring? Nah. Arab Burp? Yes!

Until Arabs bag their obsession with the need to have Islam pervade all aspects of their lives there will never be an Arab Spring.  Ever.  So how's Egypt doing on the Burp front?  Oh, pretty good--

Egypt bans former US diplomat as nation continues crackdown on dissent

Oklahomans are Batshit Crazier than Buckeyes

Ohio botches executions so badly they want to hide their fuckups from everybody, including the courts.   I guess CIA sadists who are looking for work could find employment in Ohio.  Yeah, how about Oklahoma too.

Scene at botched Oklahoma execution of Clayton Lockett was 'a bloody mess'

I have to assume the citizens of Oklahoma and Ohio want to kill people and they are indifferent to the means and methods of offing those they've decided to kill.  And I thought ISIL was violent.

Bush Didn't Know

That schmucks whole presidency seems to have been eight years of not knowing anything about what his government was doing.  The guy is a dim bulb, but damn he can, plausibly, deny that he was president.  Was George Bush president?

Documents Shed New Light on Legal Wrangling Over Spying in U.S.

Obama seems to have emulated the shrub.  How often does he claim to have found out about the latest mess, scandal, or government fuckup at the same time as we did from cable news?   And it's his folks who have screwed up.  I guess the guy doesn't chat with folks in his Departments  He's not a people person.

Wow, for the past few decades we've been led  by a liar, a dolt and a misanthrope.  We elected them so they are exactly what we wanted.  We do have remarkably poor taste.

Makes ya proud to be an Amercan, don't iit

The Senate Democratic staff members who wrote the 6,000-page report counted 119 prisoners who had been in C.I.A. custody. Of those, the report found that 26 were either described in the agency’s own documents as mistakenly detained, or released and given money, evidence of the same thing.

Amid Details on Torture, Data on 26 Who Were Held in Error

I don't know why but this kind of shit reminds me of Ohio--

Ohio lawmakers remove death penalty bill measure that could have led to drug shortages

Ohio Lawmakers Want to Remove Transparency on Executions, So Capital Punishment Can Resume

If Ohioans are hellbent on killing people to assuge the need for collective vengence, that's their choice.  However,  they should exercise their mortal actions in public. Ohio should drop the needle, the chair, the chamber, the rope, and the bullets. Ohio should have public executions.  The Governor should be the only one allowed to pull the cord on the Ohio State Guillotine.

The execution site should be at the top of some exterior steps so the head may roll to the bottom. Only with public executions can potential felons be deterred from committing crime. Note, capital punishment has not been a deterrent for some time, it's also not been public for decades. Ohio can become the nation's leader in capital punishment justice if it adopts my suggestions.  Now Texans...

Happy Afghan War!

Wow, we're ending the war, kinda, sorta.  We'll leave about 12,000 or more soldiers on the rubble.  I have a feeling within a year or two (2016 election time), we'll hear Prez Barry ask for more troops.

At least 21 die in attacks in Kabul, other parts of Afghanistan

I have a feeling that when the history books are written on this war, they will show a war designed, run and botched by the CIA, State Dept., and White House.  The military will be seen as attempting to recover from war designer's ineptitude.  I've long thought Vietnam was pretty much a civilian SNAFU.  Afghanistan is similar, but it's a civilian FUBAR.

This threat should never have been there at all

Attacking the press was not part of the hoped for change voters wanted when they listened and believed Obama in 2008.  At any rate, after a few years of ragging on the reporter the DOJ now says they won't compel him to name sources.

Justice Department won’t compel Times reporter Risen to reveal source in leak case

Obama keeps proving he's more Bush than Dem.  I hope Democrats will listen and think before they nominate another Obama.  I have the same regard for Hillary Clinton as I do for Obama.  I held my nose, I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.  After all, the alternative was a Trog.

We need a new party.

Torture Issue

I've read some of the report.  I've listened to cable news.  I've read reporting.  The Senate makes serious claims that we, the people of the U.S., through our government and our employees in the CIA, tortured captives for information.  Torture is and was then illegal.  The techniques and program used were reverse engineered from what enemies have done (and were condemned for ) to some of our soldiers in the past.  It was, no matter how you cut it, damed stupid and very, very wrong by any standard.

Needless to say, those who were in the CIA or involved in some level of decision making that approved the use of torture are scrambling to paint a very different picture.  In a nutshell, they claim, sure, some employees were over zealous, did some bad things, but they got some intel that saved lives.  John Brennan is the strongest apologist for the CIA torture program.

How do you feel about this?  The Senate or the CIA?  The Senate has made some rather extraordinary claims about the CIA and their acts.  The have provided evidence, their assertions are documented.  Evidence for their claims is available for any neutral party to examine.  In other words, they have argued from documented premises (facts) to factual conclusions.  Rebutting the Senate report requires  one to show the evidence does not support premises that lead to the asserted conclusions.  If one cannot refute the evidence, offer new evidence, or find a flaw in the reasoning, then the report holds.

The Senate has in a political context provided extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims.

The CIA response can be summed up in two words "trust me."  The CIA makes claims, but instead of providing factual documentation to support their claims, they say "trust me."  They make claims they provide no evidence.  I do not trust that kind of reasoning.  Don't forget we recently had a President who said "trust me" over and over again.  Evidence surfaced, he had lied to all of us.  The CIA appears to be acting very presidential in the face of its own blue dress.

When we speak of things in this world, horses as opposed to unicorns, and make statements about those things, we have to be able to provide evidence based in this same world otherwise the claims are bullshit or lies.  Brennan is either bullshitting the public or lying, He heads the CIA, I assume he is lying but cannot provide direct evidence about him.  Either way he is not trustable.  His and the claims of other CIA shills are merely noise used to distract us from what they did and to preclude any modicum of justice.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Trust the cop to be, well, cops

When you arm a dolt, don't be surprised at the results.  Once again, votes matter.  Think about it.

Undercover police officer pulls gun on Oakland protesters after cover blown

This is governance?

Senate poised to consider $1.1 trillion spending bill before new Saturday deadline


Have you listened to the CIA apologists?  They admit they tortured folks.  They claim it benefited us all (made us safe), won't do it again and want us to just move on.  I bet Bob McDonnell would like that kind of justice---

Former Virginia Governor McDonnell’s sentencing guidelines: 10 years at least

About time

The 12 year old killed by an inept cop has been ruled a homicide.  I guess it will go to trial.  However, if the cop is tried by a jury of his peers, he will be found innocent and be declared a national treasure.   Sometimes you have to wonder about dolts judging dolts.  If the media attention, garnered by the mess in Ferguson, had not occurred, I bet this killing would have received no attention and the killing been ruled righteous.

Death of Tamir Rice, 12-year-old shot by Cleveland police, ruled a homicide

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Old Fart

I'm an old fart.  I don't pay much attention to pop culture these days.  Come on, I'm in scene one of Act III of my life.  I ran across this piece on "bro country" and since I had nary a clue as to what it meant, I had to read it.  It's dumb, but what part of the pop scene is not?  So for the edification of fellow clueless oldsters--

‘Girl in a Country Song’ hits No. 1 by mocking bro country. The bros aren’t laughing.


Turn on cable news, read a newspaper or listen to the radio and you will, before long, encounter some kind of coverage of torture (or enhanced interrogation techniques).  Is torture right or wrong?  Well, you have to decide for yourself.  You cannot and should not turn to some schmuck like me or putz like Dork Cheney.

I will share my thoughts, but please think it through for yourself.

 I do not accept it for the simple reason that if I condone such acts, then I have to accept that such  acts could be done to me legally by an enemy or person in our government.  Both would be seeking intelligence which they believe I may possess.  If I accept torture, then I could not realistically  complain.

I cannot torture others and others should not torture me.  When I was in the Army, I did not expect enemies to torture POWs and certainly never entertained the idea that we would torture POWs.  Please don't play semantic games now.  Torture is unacceptable to me.  Since I do not want to be a victim, I cannot abide with any other person being a victim.  It's really that simple.  Yep, it's the golden rule and the idea that the ends do not justify the means.  What we accept in the behavior of others, we ultimately have to accept being done to our person.

Hmm, do you think suspicion is a crime?  Think about your answer and then ponder the idea of torture.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Orphan Black

I am an Orphan Black fan.  If you haven't seen the show, stream the first two seasons.  I have been a bit surprized at the show's absence from award nominations.  Looks like that's changing

'Orphan Black' fans relieved at Tatiana Maslany's SAG Awards nomination

Now when will season 3 begin?

Quiz Time

How well do you know the world of spying? Take our CIA and NSA quiz.

Crack Intelligence?

Defense?  CIA?  State?  They all keep on living up to historical expectations.

Why didn’t U.S. know about South African who died in failed Yemen rescue mission?

Now about all that torture defense bullshit...

This is governance?

You tell me.

This is governance?

You tell me.

Fundraising expansion slipped into spending deal could power financial bonzana for parties

This is governance?

You tell me.

Congressional leaders hammer out deal to allow pension plans to cut retiree benefits

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

He'll always be the "Ooopsman!"

Rick Perry in 2016?  Maybe a Trog gets excited about that.  I guess they think glasses make a person  smart and improves their memory.  I have a feeling non-Trog voters see the joke under those glasses.

Rick Perry, hungry for redemption, says he’s a ‘substantially different’ candidate

I guess we really can't complain about ISIL's behavior now can we

The 10 most harrowing excerpts from the CIA interrogation report

Did we execute any prisoners in our assorted military or black ops prisons?  I bet we did.  Trust in the CIA?  Come on.  The military?  Nah.  How about you?

A black chapter in our recent history

Senate report on CIA program details brutality, dishonesty

Uh, the logic is nucking cuts

This ranks right up there with "to save the village, we had to completely destroy it.  Or how about using rape as a an interrogation technique?

Yep, after CIA employees in some shithole location use rape as a technique,  a CIA agent then claims "We had to fuck her (or him) in the ass until she (or he)  told us what we wanted to hear.  It took days, but what we heard, in some way may have produced intelligence that helped thwart attack plans, capture terrorists, and save lives. I didn't enjoy fucking her. It wasn't my idea.  I obeyed.  I did as ordered by torture consultants employed by the CIA"
If you, the CIA, fucked up massively, you have to defend your fuck up or go nuts. There's always the off chance someone will believe you.  Anyone met a con who readily admits, without reservations,  their guilt?  There may be a few, but not many.  The CIA, Congress and the White House failed us.  They failed morally.  They failed legally.  They subverted the Constitution.  Fear does funny things, but does not justify abdication of law and morality.

CIA director rebuts report, says interrogation techniques ‘saved lives’

The first step in atonement is confession--state your sins, what you did, aloud.

For all the pols and appointees who approved torture..

Here's what they need, they need to have a tube shoved far up their ass, then lie there and let gravity force feed a nutritious slurry into their intestine.  Now where did I come up with that idea?  Oh, it's what I read the CIA did.  Yeah it ends a hunger strike and exerts behavior control.

Senate report: Uncooperative terrorism suspects faced rectal rehydration, feeding

I wonder if any CIA thugs superglued a prisoners ass shut?  The CIA is full of really warped fuckers.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Race Question

Imagine you are a retired Barack Obama.  Now imagine you have ducked your secret service and for some reason are driving a Lexus in the white part of Staten Island.  Do you think you'd be pulled over by the cops and be found guilty of DWB*?  Still think everything is hunky-dory in American raceland?  Now pick any spot in rural or suburban Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, etc.  Shit, imagine any rural place in any state, the outcome is pretty much the same.  Imagine too if you, as Obama, objected.  Would you be bashed a bit and busted?  Do you think the arresting officer would be indicted for any crime?  

Garner case puts Staten Island’s racial divide in spotlight

Did you forget Pearl Harbor Day?

Yesterday was Dec. 7th.  Other than an op/ed piece or one on the remaining vets from the Arizonia, there was little mention of the Japanese attack on Pearl.  Why did that attack happen?  We have our explanatory lore, stories, and a bit of history too.  What about our former enemy, Japan?  Do we share the same account?  Here's a piece that gives us a bit more info from their perspective so we can better  understand that day of infamy--

In Japan, Pearl Harbor is seen as just another battle in a decades-long war

If you are interested in some our military antecedents to Pearl, pick up a bio of Billy Mitchell.

Funny how history is just one long tit for tat.  Wonder when it all began?   Setting aside the Cain and Abel myth, I do wonder who began this endless feud of humanity.

Sadly, SSDD

What was $115 in June and now runs about $69?

It's not a hi-tech gizmo or merch priced to go for Xmas.  Nah, it's a barrel of oil.  How long will the lower gas prices last?  That's hard to predict?  Did you expect gas at less than three for Xmas?

Opec and American shale keep the oil price spiralling downwards

Agree or Disagree?

Agree or no--

"The “secret, massive and indiscriminate” surveillance conducted by intelligence services and disclosed by the former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden cannot be justified by the fight against terrorism, the most senior human rights official in Europe has warned."

Before you disagree, in the name patriotism of course, ponder what undergirds things such as democracy, freedom nd liberty?

More Looney Tunes

Here's more on The New Republic--

Revolt at the New New Republic

Who'd a thunk the Shrub would defend his torture team?

Wow, the Shrub backs the CIA for doing their patriotic duty.  Patriotism makes it all okay?  Look, instead of torture substitute some other actions see if you still support the Shrub, Darth and the CIA.

How about serial murder?  Still down with the patriotic times making the crimes okay and non-discussable today?  Hmm, now try genocide?

If the Germans had used this defense, then using Bush logic we'd have agreed and would have become silent about the holocaust!  To put it religious terms, when we commit mortal sin, it's easy to give ourselves a pass, but we're still going to do an eternal sentence in hell.  In socio cultural terms, if we follow Bush logic, our silence then then legitimates the behavior and institutionalizes for future use.  Without atonement for our deeds, we increase the depravity in our collective lives.   The Germans would have found it easier to sidestep their Nazi past, but we would not let them, we forced, regardless of cost, a continuing discussion of hate and genocide.  We said no to them.  We need to say no to Bush and his criminal cronies.  His acts were not patriotic at all.

Still agree with the torture team patriotism defense?

Bush and C.I.A. Ex-Officials Rebut Torture Report

The simplest way to have avoided today's mess is to have follower our law and ethos and never tortured anyone in the first place.

Trog of 2016

Which knuckle-dragger will win the GOP nomination?  I kind of agree with author of this piece and would also love to see the Dems rid themselves of the Clintons and nominate Elizabeth Warren.

Who’s most likely to end up as Republicans’ nominee in 2016 presidential race

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quiz Time for Tubes Fans

How much do you know about the web and digital technology?

Play the fear card. It's more CYA.

There comes a time when we, as a people,  have to come clean and admit we allowed shitheads to be in charge.  We allowed those turds to do rotten things.  We called crime patriotism.   If we don't fess us, then we all become permanent shitheads who put torture right up there with apple pie, mom, and Chevrolet. The new American way?  There is a price we have to pay for our acts, too bad the Rep finally realizes the cost of his wallowing in filth for years.  We have to rise out of the sty, but I bet we won't.  We've become accustomed to a life guided by fear.

House chair warns violence abroad would follow Senate torture report release


Here's the headline--US defends Yemen al-Qaida raid that led to deaths of two hostages.  Come on, do you expect to see one that says the US deplores the action it took in Yemen? Of course the bozos who decided to do the deed are going to defend their acts.  The problem is we are blessed with bozos who act like clowns.

If the guy finally closes Gitmo, it won't matter

It looks like Prez Barry has inched a bit closer to shutting Gitmo down.  So what?  He failed to close it when it really mattered.  Hell, he didn't even fight the good fight.  He folded so he could be reelected and not close it down again.

When you start thinking about Hillary Clinton and other Dems for 2016, which one do you think will Obamafy us the least?  Obamafy?  Yeah, talk the talk, but never walk the talk?  Here's one, I can't back his politics, but I have a feeling he's walks his talk.  He's Jim Webb.

Six Guantanamo detainees transferred to Uruguay as Obama works to close prison

Radio Peeve

I enjoy  community radio.  The music they play is quite diverse, I think it's called eclectic.  I used to listen to KRCL when I lived in Salt Lake City.  It's still a great station on the weekends.  It used to have one of the best Bluegrass shows on Sunday afternoons.  After I left SLC, I looked for other stations.

I had to use the Internet since local radio really sucks--reception and stations.  The Tubes delivered some really good community stations.  I listen to KXCI, KRCL, WMNF and others.  Usually when one of them goes into jibber-jabber mode I can switch to another for music--I am not a fan of talk radio at all.

I used to have about six to eight stations set up in iTunes until my Mac died.  My approach, when talk commenced was just click on an entry and change to music. That worked on all days except Sunday.  On Sunday morning, every station I like like was turned over to the local godzealots.  They prayed or played Jesus stuff all morning long.  I'm not a fan of god, much less Jesus music or preaching.  I had a problem.  Would Sunday AM become my Pandora day?

Then I discovered WRUV, University of Vermont radio.  They play jazz followed by some heavy metal on Sunday.  I listen to "sludge, doom and gloom" until another station bags the church swill.  Then I switch if the metal elections aren't to my liking.  I do like metal.

Tubes radio gives us an Internets full of great radio.  I imagine the evangefundies use the Internet to  overdose on Jesus chit chat and their godawful music (and can avoid my kind of music).  Now if the stations I like would just bag the religionists....

Race Question

If you are white and think that the non-whites are making too big an issue out of the recent police killings of a couple of large black men, I have a simple question.

Would you trade places with any black person in this country?  Would you become black and feel the same about cops and the justice stuff as you do as a white person.  Think about it.  Hell, I wouldn't even become Obama, would you?

Got those confederate dollars?

Except for Virginia and Florida, the South is solid Trog.  I assume those confederate bucks are legal tender in the New Confederacy.  I have no doubt, given the opportunity, that southern whites would reinstitute slavery.  It's a state's rights thing and would be a way to celebrate all that southern heritage bullshit.  Break out the bedsheets and confederate flags, the South is back.  Watch out the loons are rising.

Sen. Mary Landrieu loses runoff in Louisiana to Rep. Bill Cassidy

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Misogyny's sustenance

What keeps it going?  Well, how about the Old Testament, New Testament and Koran?  With what these three violent religions promote, it's a wonder every women doesn't get the shit beaten out of her every day in the name of god and salvation.  Damn it's righteous too.  Okay, here's an interesting approach to banning theologically inspired misogyny--

Why angry Australian gamers want to ban the Bible

I wonder if wife beater shirts with a pic of Jesus are available at Amazon?

Over the Air TV

I have Dish. I didn't notice CBS was gone. It must have been real brief. Well, I'm not sure when I have CBS on anyway.

When's the last time CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox had any must-see shows?  News?   Do you think a show such as "House of Cards" or "Alpha House" could or would ever show up on the networks.  No way.  A sponsor or some bloc of ideological/theological fuck ups might object.  Cable bested the networks, and now cable is getting bested by streaming.

When you can't compete what do you do?  Well, try to increase profit any way you can.  You make television distribution systems pay more for the same old shit.  They in turn pass it on to their subscribers.  Doing better programming appears to never be an option.

I'm looking forward to it all being streaming. I Tivo some network shows, but I can erase them without watching and not miss a thing.  Can't say the same for some cable shows, Netflix and Amazon.

If CBS disappeared who'd even know it was gone.  When CNN disappeared, after a couple days of changing habits, I didn't even think of CNN's absence except that is was nice to not see or hear Wolf Blitzer.  I wonder if CBS has asked how many would pay for a CBS streaming service?  I wouldn't unless they radically improved the quality of their product.  Would you?

CBS, Dish reach deal on retransmission fees

Still think the Ganer killing was righteous?

If so, follow the link in this piece and watch the video (about 71/2 minutes long).  Then tell me it a legit death.  Mr. Garner was effectively dead as seen in that video.

As you watch, examine the look and feel of the cops.  There is no place for cops to be dressed like punks--shaved heads, tattoos, camo shorts, track shoes and t-shirts.  They look like hoodlums.  If you dress like a thug, you will act like a thug, and then you become a thug.

Check out the faces of the cops, they know they committed a murder and are trying to find the story to cover their asses.  Do you trust those folks?  I do not.  Are they peace keepers?  No, they are the modern version of the folks who used to lynch blacks.  Similarly, the killing was as legal then as it is today.

Every cop at the scene, when the life was choked out of Mr. Garner, abetted a murder.  Since the crime was committed by police no one will call it murder.  NYC is not safer and more secure because Mr. Garner no longer sells loose cigarettes on the street.  The nation is not better off because of the police actions in NYC.  Cameras and re-training will not fix this problem.


There is a second Eric Garner video. It may be more disturbing than the first.

So When Did the Jim Crow Era End?

Well, it didn't.  Want a clue to the current red/blue divide in this nation?  Well, think back to the Civil War, then ponder over Jim Crow, and reflect on the Civil Rights Movement.  Using today's colors, we can't use party labels since their respective core ideas change over time, what side was red and what side was blue?

Actually the roots of today precede the Civil War, even precede 1776.  This socio-cultural-politico divide begins in 17th century colonial times, informs our history and remains the backdrop for today's events.

Today, it's cast as urban vs. rural, Repub vs. Dem, rich vs poor, etc.   However, it's still as back then, the contrasting idea sets driven mostly by Puritan (New England) vs. Cavalier (Tidewater Virginia) thought.  We're fighting the same battles.

Today, Blue is losing.  I'm not partial to Red America, it's not founded on the expressions of equality that permeate the "Declaration of Independence" that are so needed if a people are to be at liberty to enjoy freedom in any manifestation of democratic governance.  

Mike Brown’s shooting and Jim Crow lynchings have too much in common. It’s time for America to own up

Friday, December 5, 2014

Symbols of counter protest

If you had to name such symbols that grace the attire of folks who disagree with those protesting Michael Brown's death in Ferguson what would say?  Yep, if you guessed Klan costumes and confederate flags then you know your bigots.  I can't name the apologists of bigotry since I don't watch FOX.

Ferguson protesters met with racial slurs during march to Missouri capital


My, my, "Rolling Stone" didn't do any fact checking on it's UVA rape story.  They published and assumed it was true.  Oops.  I guess the "good" story, and associated sales, was too much too for the editor and publisher of the rag.

When pubs screw up like this it takes years to regain trust--ask the Washington Post and New York Times.  I doubt if Rolling Stone will ever regain credibility.

So much for Rolling Stone, it's now, in one swell fuck up it has become the rag its critics always knew it was, just a shoddy music mag.

Rolling Stone Casts Doubts on Its Story of UVA Rape

Headline Misread

I saw this and figured it must be from a Trog rag about Bohener's suit against Obama.  It's not, but my misread might have been more interesting--

Criminal Court Withdraws Charges Against Kenyan President

Obama Bashing

Trogs have done to Obama what decent Dems did to Bush, trash him whenever and however possible.  I haven't been all that bothered by the knuckle-draggers attacks on Barry, it's our politics today.  I have to admit, I had too much fun when the Shrub and his Uncle Darth tried to usurp all power, overturn the Constitution, and establish a new world order.  Those were the days.

I assume the mouth breathers, after blaming Obama for the lousy economy, will not blame him for-- More Jobs and Higher Wages: U.S. Recovery Starts to Hit Home

The only good thing  I can say about our Prez is he's a Democrat, a DINO, but a Democrat.  Are there any real Dems out there?  Don't mention Clinton, she's not.  

Who want the putz in the White House anyway?

The fat man can't sing yet.  His office cleared him of any wrongdoing.  Now the Jersey legislature has  done so.  The Feds are still investigating.  What if the Feds do have the smoking gun?  Oh, if so, then New Jersey will have lived to the rest of the country's expectations of the place as Christie jumps into the ashcan of history.   Do you really want a governor of NJ running the nation?  That's almost as bad as electing a governor of Illinois into office.

   Christie cleared again of involvement in New Jersey 'Bridgegate' scandal

If Eric Garner's killer can't be indicted, what cop possibly could front: Phoenix!

Here's another one to mull over. Play it out in your mind. Righteous shoot? Is you think so, change the perps race to white with his white wife and white 15 month old child. Same outcome? I doubt it even if the white guy had the same record.  We have a serious race based problem and had best find a way to face it, discuss, and fix it. The alternatives are not pleasant.  It's supposed to be the case that we are all equal under one law.  To make that real we have to work at it and always be vigilant.  

Don't expect an indictment.

The story of how a white Phoenix cop killed an unarmed black man

At one time cops were called pigs, but that was an insult to pigs.  What is the appropriate term  today?

What do you get when you cover horse shit with chocolate?

Well, you get the new "New Republic."  In a population of 300,000,000+ people there are probably sufficient numbers of dipped horse turd fans to make a go of another Internet waste.  I dropped the New Republic years ago when it was sold to some Canadian company.  They'd gone downhill and wallowed in their inabilities for some time.  Of late, they seemed to be returning to their roots a bit, but that's over.  It's all about maximizing shareholder value, so to speak.

Gee, they will Facebookize "The New Republic."  What will they call it?  Farcebook?  Suggestions?

Most of The New Republic’s staff quits

I guess I am too old to appreciate Internet media as much as the young farts.  If I can't have a print copy in my hand, then the site is really less than a rag.  I steer clear of such sites as much as possible.  I do not go to Politico, Slate, etc.  No paper, no eyeballs,  Paper has this little habit of opening one up to slander and libel that electrons do not.  If it's a fact, print it and then post it.  If it's good I willingly pay for it.  

Uh oh!

They aren't dark asteroids.  The Brachensvarks have been amassing an massive alien armada to invade earth.  Those dark things are space going battleships.   Well, not really, but that's more fun than just asteroids we can't see...

Eight billion 'dark asteroids' may lurk in Oort cloud

End of Days?

Now quite, but it will seem pretty much like it for those who live on East coast today.  The water if going up and it's pretty much irreversible.  As a species, we're about the only one that shits in its own nest; it shows.

As a kicker to ice melt at the poles, consider the effects of gravity. The ice mass in the Antarctic is so great if pulls the ocean towards it.  When the ice melts the water goes up and when the ice mass melts the oceans level a bit and the water goes up a bit more.

At the rate it's going, I think I am more glad to have been born 60 some years ago rather than today.

Antarctic ice shelf being eaten away by sea

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Honest Politician? Right & there's military intelligence too!

Name a pol you really believe is honest and not, effectively, a whore.   It's hard to do, no?  Most of us do not trust our government at, I assume, federal, state and local levels.  Hmm, most of us don't vote.

The remarkable collapse of our trust in government, in one chart

Democrats should have worked to unseat Obama as soon as he failed to, for example, close Gitmo or fight for a real health care system (or at a minimum  Medicare for all).  He didn't do a good job and Dems still allowed him a second term.  Is any Dem surprised at his poor second term showing?  Even those who vote usually screw the pooch too.

Damn Good Question

If Eric Garner's killer can't be indicted, what cop possibly could?

I wonder if there will be more to the story?

Remember these are the same folks who left small pox on a closet shelf for decades, missent some deadly bugs to a business, and provided such really stellar advice about ebola ( the guy died of Ebola).

That's why I figure after excessive deaths this year, we'll discover some CDC aces were silent about the problem, let it go forward but got their ticket punched for the next screw up at a higher level of course.  I'm tired of our government's failure to do much of anything right.  It seems that too many federal employees have to work in the face of management opposition, especially the appointed ones.    Do you trust the CDC?  Do you trust any part of the federal government?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  Anyone trust the President?

Flu vaccine protects against wrong strain, US health officials warn

St. Louis has cops?

Nah, they have hired thugs who can't take much criticism.  Hell, they're down with a cop killing a 12 year old.  I do think that if the kid had been white, they would not have arrived, warned and put two in his chest all within 2 seconds.  Are there any decent police departments in Missouri?  In the New Confederacy?  Anywhere else?  It's looking pretty shitty.  Do you trust cops?  Do you think they respect you, your rights, and the Constitution?  Or do you think most cops do pretty much whatever they want and get away with it because they can?

Mamas, if your child's not white, don't let them play with any kind of gun, toy or otherwise, anywhere near a guy in blue,  especially in St. Louis, because to preserve public safety and get medals,  they will do as they are trained and kill your non-white kid.

Anyone know how many white 12 year olds the cops have killed?  18 year olds?

St Louis police rebuked for Facebook warning after Tamir Rice shooting

What if it is a conspiracy?

It's probably not, but what it all the women are making it up to get their 15 minute of time on TV?  If the allegations are not borne out, then who will retract the trash done to Cosby?  However, if the allegations are borne out, then what else needs to be done to him?  Even the Navy is dissing the guy.  Cosby is just one more schmuck who used his money and power to fulfill his wishes.  Sadly, his wishes are just a bit sick (at least he wasn't into corpse fucking).  One really has to wonder about money and what it does to folks.

Navy revokes honorary title given to Cosby

Maybe Cosby should be given something.  Yeah, the guys at UVA's Phi Kappa Psi fraternity could make him an honorary member.

Give the DOJ a "No Shit Sherlock" Award!

Gee, the cops aren't trained, they violate the law,  they are brutal and they are reckless.  So, what's new?  Tell me what city or burg is not Cleveland?  What about Albuquerque too?   Find me one city  where the cops are actually the good guys?  Find me one city where most folks in all demographic strata see them as good guys (peace keepers?).  I bet you can't.  Why does the word thug come to mind all too frequently?  

I suggest the cops behave exactly the way their respective city bosses want them to behave.  Votes matter, but shit I'm tired of saying that.

US: Cleveland police poorly trained, reckless

Oil or ISIL?

As Saudi Arabia cuts prices to regain market share form U.S. shale oil producers I wonder what will happen if oil goes well under $60 a barrel.  Many oil producers (pretty much third world shitholes run by dictators) need oil selling at $100 or more.  If the Saudi dictators can keep their shithole going at $60 what happens to the rest?  Will we see more turmoil around the globe?  Will Arab despots try to sidetrack their people from their own incompetence by declaring war on Israel?  2015 will be very interesting just on the oil front alone.

Police Cameras Solve What Problem?

Hmm, bunch of cops, black guy jumped ( he didn't obey fast enough), black guy taken down, black guy can't breathe, cops put dead black guy on gurney.  If guy had been white, well...  Medical examiner says death is a homicide.  The grand jury does not indict any cops.  It was a righteous kill?  Yep,  the camera prevented police brutality?  Oh, forgot the killing occurred in Staten Island (it was part of the Confederacy wasn't it).

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

White Cop + Black Male = Dead Black Male?

Okay, how true is it?  If chokeholds can kill, have cops used them on non-black males?  How many deaths have resulted from NYC police actions?  What are the facts?  What are the demographic distributions of abuse, arrests, death, etc.  Unless the criminal justice folks release about all the info they sit on, to protect their asses, then the rest of us can assume whatever we choose to.  If there are no facts one way or the other, then one can make them up at will.  At times I think everyone is just winging it and fears facts.

No Indictment in Eric Garner Chokehold Case for N.Y.P.D. Officer

Thinking about 2016

It's a longshot, but what if Gillibrand has decided to challenge Clinton?  Here's how to kick off a name recognition program--

Gillibrand Seeks Another Vote on Military’s Handling of Sexual Assault Cases

Now about the white vote, can any Democrat win the majority of whites?  I have my doubts.

Can Hillary Clinton win white working-class voters? Probably not.

Then again, what about Elizabeth Warren?  Jim Webb?

There's Something About Texas

States should not kill people. However, we have a number of states that do kill people. Their residents  call it justice. Citizens are proud of their state's kills. Citizens, especially in Texas don't mind if the person to be killed is mentally incompetent. Revenge is revenge. Kind of sick, but that's Texas.

Sane enough for Texas: the Lone Star State's history of executing mentally ill inmates

The enemy of my enemy is...

What about ISIL and Iran?  Well--

Iranian air force bombs Isis targets in Iraq, says Pentagon

Glug, glug, glug

Want to buy beach front property in South Florida?  Why?

This West Antarctic region sheds a Mount Everest-sized amount of ice every two years, study says

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I'm Getting Too Old For This Shit Front

Facebook?  An employer's Facebook?  Phones that take pictures?  Porno pictures?  Revenge porn?

I think I'm getting a bit lost in the hi-tech manifestations of people showing us how destructive and self-destructive they can be.  Okay, an anti-revenge porn law?  Yep-

California man first to be convicted under state's revenge porn law

Guess that dude wasn't made in god's image...

Like they need a vote to show they think Obama blows chunks?

After four or five gazillion moronic votes to repeal Obamacre, the Trogs have a new issue to flog.  Of course flogging is a technique which allows elected Repubs to drool and knuckle-drag for their base voters, and at the same time do nothing.  Actual legislation might, by accident,  cost them donors or voters.  It's better to flog than govern one's way to the next election day.

Today, the flogging replacement is not Benghazi, it's, surprise, immigration!  Well, it's not really immigration per se, it's Obama's executive action on immigration.  Even Trogs know that Hispanics do vote, so they'll just kill the messenger instead.  Look at what 50% of 37% has wrought--landslide?  Wave? Nah, it's indifference writ very large.

House G.O.P. May Cast Symbolic Vote on Immigration
Our Universe at 380,000 years--

It's about time!

Let's hear it for bridgmanite.  Oops, what the hell it that stuff?

Earth’s most abundant mineral finally gets an official name

Why aren't we chimps?

Uh, because we're drunks!

Ability to consume alcohol may have shaped primate evolution

Does that mean that teetotalers will devolve into sub-humans?  Well...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Botch An Execution? Man that sucks, What can a state do..

End capital punishment?  Nah, the need for collective revenge voting bloc remains large.   Change to a sure fire form of killing?  Come on, does anyone even make guillotines anymore?  Okay, what does a state that botches them regularly do?  Well, a state can make it illegal for anyone to collect any info on any execution!  Hell, then the state can botch them all and no one will know.  Does that sound really, really dumb?  Yeah it does to me, but I'm not from Ohio.

Ohio Republicans push law to keep all details of executions secret

Is Ohio running to become Kansas?

Elections Do Matter

Voters, in low numbers, not seen since 1942, turned out for this past election.  Those who did vote, voted more for Trogs than Dems.  The House stayed very Trog.  The Senate is now a bastion of Rebub Neanderthals (it used to be Democratic cave people).  And in state  offices it's even worse.  63%  of us, stayed home.  Does it matter?  It does if you don't want to be ruled by knuckle-draggers.

For example, if you think a woman should be able to obtain an abortion as a matter of her choice as a medical procedure that is between her and her doctor then how much longer will that be more true than not?  Uh, remember 63 percent's, the Trogs won and they will act.

The coming wave of anti-abortion laws

Abortion is just one issue.  Others will follow that the same pattern.  Unless you voted for a Democrat then I have to assume you want this country to be re-built in the very conservative Teabag GOP image.  Do you?  Now did you vote?  If not, I give your non-vote to the side that won, so you non-voter are also acid-drooling, knuckle dragging, Troglodytes.  

And what are you thankful for...

Well, if you are a gun nut who wallows in gun culture, then you know T-Day time is when your kind emerges out of the caves and other dark cultural recesses and  buys, buys, and buys.  Can you ever have too many guns and an excess of ammo.  Be prepared, uh, what are they preparing for anyway?

Black Friday is America’s premier gun-buying day

I don't get it

I guess we can only cope with one dead black make at a time, so Ferguson trumps Cleveland.  Come on, 2 seconds of warning and two in the chest over a BB gun?  Why hasn't Rev Al showed up in Cleveland?  Oh, cable news doesn't have extra cameras and mics.

I think the Cleveland story is far more insidious that Ferguson.  Do you?

Cleveland Cops Failed to Administer First Aid to Boy in Fatal Shooting

Nothing like success breeding, succe, er, what?

Our massively be-medaled GI Joe commanders, with ace assists from the warriors in the CIA, at State, and god know where else in our militarized government, have a plan for Syria.  They're gonna train Syrians to fight ISIL and Assad.  After a stellar record in Afghanistan and Iraq, they're going to use that same method to pick the winners for training and field ops.  We did win the war in Afghanistan didn't we?  Ditto for Iraq?  Same guys, same techniques, and I predict same results.  So much for the change voters hoped for--peace.

U.S. will use psych evaluations, stress tests to screen Syrian rebels for training

And the Dems want Clinton?  Why?  Togs seems to like Willard again or Jeb?  Why?  Well both are good for the Military Industrial Congressional Complex!