Friday, April 4, 2014

Fort Hood Again

If you watch TV news or read a newspaper you know that Fort Hood was the site of another bit of gunfire.  A soldier opened up on other soldiers.  He killed a few, wounded more and finally took his own life.  Why?

The assorted analysts will put the blame on his mental  state.  He'll go from being a bit off, to depressed, to be a raving loon.  Gee, maybe we'll end up wondering how the military signs up psycho killers.  Please note that by focusing on shooters mental imbalance and the military, we won't have to look at guns, gun sales, ammo sales or the impossibility of gun control much less pols owned by the NRA.

The NRA does show us what happens to our politics when a lot of money is put to a singular purpose.  With the rich now able, courtesy of Roberts and the Robes, to spend all they want on "free speech" we can expect to see more NRA modeled effects in our government (local, state, and federal).  We just won't know who is behind various groups.  Well, bless my ammo belt, that's the NRA, who really funds them, I know it's not from dues.

Here's a piece on Fort Hood-- Fort Hood shooter described as introverted, musical

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