Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gee, The CIA Really Sucks, What's New?

The CIA, under White House leadership, operated a worldwide torture shop.  They, especially the VP of the U.S., insisted their efforts kept us safer and brought bad guys to justice which otherwise could not have occurred.

If one assumed that the VP, assorted senior Congressmen and appointees in the CIA and DOJ  and White House would not lie to the American people on something as repugnant as torture,  then we, albeit grudging,  accepted their sausage making defence.  No one wants to see how a delicious breakfast sausage is made.

They were lying to us.  They weren't making sausage.  They were torturing people for no reason at all.  I guess the VP, Congress and the CIA are offices that attract sadists.  Oh, hold it, Biden's not a sadist so maybe it's the case that when a Trog is in power the offices attract sadists.  The Shrub was a powerful magnet.

How can I say this.  Well, parts of a report have been leaked.  I guess the war between the CIA and the Senate is heating up.  Has the pissing contest has commenced.

I do wish the full report would be released without any redaction or bullshit about releasing secrets.  The need to conceal is the need to cover one's personally liable ass and not much else.    Oh, well, we'll continue to be fed lies and half truths, it's the American way and it will remain so until the voters decide to elect a tad more decent and honorable people to Congress and the White House.

CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

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