Wednesday, April 2, 2014


As I follow the mess that GM made I find myself thinking GM is the typical American company.   I also find Congress to reflect the values of American voters.  GM makes cars that kill and they make money at it.  When someone notes the deaths, then Congress harrumphs at GM for being a company that kills its customers.  Congress then lambastes the regulatory body that failed to catch GM committing corporate murder.  Of course it is the same Congress that has consistently denied regulators the funds, tools and power to actually regulate GM or any other business and prevent the next round of slaughter by crappy products.  Welcome to the USA.  You may chant "Number 1" now.

The net result is we will see something done but nothing change.  There will be no consequences.  We will then wait for the next similar disaster and a repeat of the current cycle of death, discovery and vaccuity.  

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