Friday, April 4, 2014

Guns and Fort Hood

Since we can't control guns we can embrace them.  For example, anyone who enters Fort Hood or any other military facility in the future should be required to be armed.   If someone tries to enter, is unarmed and refuses to accept a loaner, then they should be denied entry.  Loaner?

Every base, fort office, or other unit of the military will have to stockpile weapons and ammo for temporary usage by unarmed entrants.  Of course this will require a massive gun training program.

Every man woman and child in this nation needs to be trained in the use of pistols, rifles, shotguns, mortars and howitzers (you never know what you might face on a base).  The training will be restricted to citizens,  Upon corse completion they will receive a weapons carrier ID card that will enable them to buy infinite numbers of guns anywhere  anytime.  Flash the card, membership has its benefits, and you can be a proud part of Guns R Us (and be issued a loaner).  The training will be mandatory.  If anyone refuses they will be subject to an IRS fine.  After all, guns are as vital to ones health as is insurance.    

Not everyone will opt to carry a gun, that's a state licensing issue.  Since everyone will be trained and have a guns are okay ID, they will be armed when they step foot on U.S. military property (leased or owned).

Now let some sick bastard try to kill his compadres.  Of course the killer won't become a killer because he will be killed by six hundred bullets from a base full of trained gun wielders.  Oh,  the defenders will accidentally kill a score or more of other defenders, but that's a small price to pay for the defense of the second amendment, liberty and all the other stuff.

Today we begin will mandatory arming in all military facilities, tomorrow we include all federal facitlities of any kind.  States can join in at their leisure, after all guns are a states rights issue.

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