Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's beginning to kinda sound like game, set, match

Yeah that's ObamaCare's win over the Trogs.  The ACA is the law.  Trogs can't kill it.  Trogs can't even modify it that much, if they do the Trog plan will look a lot like the current ACA.  Maybe someone will point out that their strategy  of "just say no"  was good for Nancy Reagan's personal PR boost in the 80s but is sucks as a way to do public policy.  Hell, Trogs won't see it, that's why they are Trogs.

Republicans Warn Of New Obamacare Reality: No Repeal Without Alternative

Since Obama lifted ObamaCare from the Trogs via the Heritage Foundation, maybe the only change TRogs can come up with might have to be real National Health Care (like England, Canada and most of the rest of the industrial west).

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