Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keeping it well dehumanized

We've all heard our assorted "leaders" make reference to collateral damage and wastage.  No one wants to say "Innocent people who were killed by what we did."  I think L.A. gangs referred to people accidentally killed in drive-bys as mushrooms.  I'm sure there are many other terms we use to allow ourselves to keep a distance between what we say about what we did.

Oh, how do the aces who  drive our drones refer to the people they kill?  They call them bugsplats.  I wonder if anyone will ask Jay Carney what a bugsplat is?  Someone should ask Obama the same question.

Drone Art Project Hopes To Make Pilots Think Twice Before They Shoot

I think every commander beginning with Obama and going on down the ranks in the Army, CIA, and other agencies should be required to watch at least one drone screen as it's piloted in for a kill.  Obama and other leaders then have to take command and push the launch button as they watch the effect of their simple act.  At least then they will be actual killers instead of paper pushers who hire others to do their duty work.   If you can't kill then don't order others to kill for you.  Would Cheney have done a water torture?  Yeah, he shoots friends in the face for sport.

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