Friday, June 27, 2014

Clinton in 2016?

I'm one of those Pew solid liberals.  I have a feeling most solid liberals are also yellow dog Democrats--if it's a Democrat I'll vote for it, period.  If Clinton gets the nomination, she has my vote, she's a Democrat.  However, if Elizabeth Warren entered the race, then I'd vote for her.

Who would win the proverbial hearts and minds of Democrats who vote in primaries?  Remember Obama bested Clinton in '08.  Given the state of inequality in the nation, I think a solid bit of progressive populism would be better than the Wall St bullshit that Clinton offers.

Bear in mind, about everything that Obama said and implied in 2008 that attracted liberals has fallen by the way.  He failed to be even 10% of what he could be.  There are days I do wonder if the guy really is a Democrat.  Clinton, like Obama,  will say a lot of good stuff for liberal ears to hear.  If we accept her at her word, we'll just be Obamafied again.  Even so, she's better than anyone the Trogs will put forward to lead the nation back to 1850.

I'm in a minority how do you feel about Ms. Clinton and 2016?

  Liberals and Hillary, sitting in a tree. V-O-T-I-N-G.

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