Saturday, June 28, 2014


I have never understood non-voters.   Their behavior makes no sense to me at all.   If we go across all elections, I think we probably wind up with less than 40% voting on average.  I think I'm being generous.  At 40%,  it means the person who gets 1/2 +1 wins the election.  A 50% win is reasonable, but remember it's 50% of 40% or 20% who will make all the laws and regs.  It's 20% deciding how they and the 80% remainder will live our collective lives.

Did you vote in 2000 and 2004?  I did, but I certainly did not vote for the Shrub.  I was in the losing 20%.  What about the non-voters?  What can I say about them?  Well, by not voting I assume every damn one of them loved every action that Bush took.  They didn't actively vote for him, it's a passive vote for whomever wins.  Yep,  20% of us voted to avoid having a plant for Prez.  We lost.  The voters and non-voters, 80% of you, elected a plant, not once, but twice.

Oh, that means that 80% of us love Obama and everything he's done and will be doing.  I voted for him twice.  Come on, he's a Dem.  The only people who can seriously complain about Barry are the one who voted for him or the other guy, Willard something or other.  I disagree with Obama on some matters, but I support his presidency.  Votes matter, they elect folks and give voters complaining rights.  Non-voters can just be silent.  Votes do matter, did you ever imagine what a Prez Palin would be like, assuming McCain had won and dropped dead.  

Non-voters, by their inaction, mindlessly support whomever wins any office in their locality, State, District and Nation.  All they can do is cheer the winners on.

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