Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Afganistan as we leave

I'm not sure why we invaded in the first place.  We could have been as 9/11 vengeful as hell without invading that landlocked Islamic shithole.  After we invaded, I never did understand what we aimed  to accomplish.  I have had even more difficulty understanding why we started the Iraq war before we "finished" the Afghan one.  Then it made no sense to linger as long as we have in Kabul.  Hell we're still there and will be for a long, long time.

Oh, the Afghans recently had an election.  That's spiffy.  What was the outcome?  I'm not sure who won.  I don't really care, do you?  However, one outcome all our warrior pols can be proud of is an increase in the world's opium production.

Afghan Elections Cited as Factor in Record Levels of Opium Production 

Is there a Drugs Industrial Complex(DIC)?  Oops, there is, but it's also known as Big PHRMA.  PHRMA is really a DIC.  Damn, it's getting confusing,  we have two DICS.  Ah ha, to tell our DICs apart we can pre-pend "Illegal (I)" or "Legal (L) " to the reference and their respective acronyms.  That way we can tell which pols take money from licit LDICs and who favors IDIC.  Gee if a pol doesn't take money from either does that mean he is DICless?

Speaking of the DICless, are you ready for the 114th Congress?  After all, we have 435 newly elected dickless wonders.  I'm confident they will, over the next two years, live up to that sobriquet.  Two years from now, I do not think I will then be proven wrong for today's estimate.      

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