Thursday, November 13, 2014


Dish and Turner can't seem to make nice.  Each side wants too much money at the other's expense.  The net effect is Dish subscribers can't receive CNN (the other affected channels are not that good).

When I saw CNN was gone I thought I was going to miss it.   Boy was I wrong.  CNN has become more joke than news station.  On TV I have BBC America, Al Jazerra and C-Span, I have more decent news programming than I can watch.  I found there was not a single time/show on CNN during the day that I actually tuned to.

I found that I had been using CNN when MSNBC was doing idiotic programming and I hoped for news (usually CNN was being idiotic too).

CNN is short over 10% of it's audience and I bet most of them didn't notice or care that it missing.  CNN should be just news,  but to do so it will have be taken private so shareholder value is thrown out with the trash.    


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