Sunday, November 23, 2014

If ISIL showed up in Afghanistan...

Oops.   The Afghans have their own ISIL, the Taliban.  Let's see, we invaded greater and lesser Rubbleistan to teach those punks (the Taliban) a lesson and kill al-Qaeda terrorists.  We pretty much eradicated al-Qaeda from the rubble heap within a couple years.  The terrorist dregs fled to Pakistan where they joined the Taliban in exile.  The Taliban, of course, was morphed into an enemy since they had ran most of the nation that gave safe harbor to al Qaeda.  Then we changed focus and went to war in Iraq.  It's a dumb, dumb story.

Since we began the Iraq War in 2003, we've made the Taliban our enemy.  They are not terrorists.  They are opponents of the appointed government and pretty sick when it comes to rules of life (think sharia law).  Now we're poised to be gone, save about9000-12,000 soldiers.  Oh, our G.I.s have a new mission guidance document that pretty well allows open season on the Taliban.  We're creating another Vietnam just as we have with ISIL in Syria/Iraq.  So much for Obama being a man of peace.

Do we need to keep warring on and on in Rubbleivania?  Probably so, since at best, after 13 years, we find an Hour’s Drive Outside Kabul, Taliban Reign

Shit, If the real ISIL did show up they'd take the entire country in a day.

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