Friday, November 21, 2014


Obama spoke to the nation, kinda, sorta, last night.  The networks opted to carry regular programming.  Obama lived up to Trog expectations.  This allows them to make full use of their consultant's previously prepared bullet point conclusions.   Yep, we know Obama is evil and does bad things to the Constitution, etc., etc. etc.  You can fill in the GOP blank:  "Obama is pure ____."  Yawn.

Now we will wait and see if and how the Troggies will become sillier than they've been in the prior six years.  They might just suck on their thumbs and pout for a few months and return to the nation's non-business.  Or they might collectively perch and rotate on each others thumbs for two years and forget they have non-business to not attend to.  Trogs are hard to understand.

However,  I am confident whatever they do, they will not win over any new members.  Their tent will remain pretty old, pretty white and mostly male especially if they conform to Tea Bad illogic.  The Trogs will probably be consistent with that logic and continue to effect a return to the good old days of 1855.  In other words, the status will remain quo (oh, there will be minor changes, for example, instead of referring to Benghazi all the time, they will scream immigration instead).

Obama acts on immigration, announcing decision to defer deportations of 4 million

The sad part if this is, they GOP has the chance to demonstrate that they can govern in a manner that helps our nation.  Not like last time though--two wars charged to the unborn taxpayer, loss of freedom  due to uber-patriotism, torture, massive spending increases, grundles of earmarks, and so on.  Come on, have you already forgotten the Shrub's years of the unitary presidency?  Maybe we're better off if the Trogs remain in full snit.  They can sit and pivot for two years.  Whey they really run things it's bad for everybody except the top 2%.

Yeah, I'm glad Obama did his immigration thing, it  helps some folks and more importantly it really pisses off the GOP.

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