Thursday, November 13, 2014


I guess this is Desert Storm III, brought to us by two Bushes and one Obama.  We've heard the news. ISIS is going to come across the southern border and kill all 315 million of us.  ISIS is building a caliphate for world domination or some shit like that.

Okay, who wants to wage war against ISIS?

If you do then you agree:

1.  Congress must declare war now.

2.  A war surtax must be enacted now.  Unlike the Bushes, who'd charged it to the unborn taxpayer, if we wage war, we have to pay as we go.

3.  Revive the draft now.  51% of the forces have to be draftees.  Everyone has to have some skin in this third round of bullshit in the desert.  Oh, the draft will also apply to women.

4.  Now, really go to war, as in ground troops who will kill every damn one fighting for ISIS.

If we're not willing to do 1-4 then I suggest we bag it all and let the folks over Mesopotamia way kill each other off in a massive celebration of mortal sectarian violence.

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