Sunday, November 9, 2014

Question about the Democratic Party

If I asked you to come up with one word that summarizes the Democratic Party, that is, what one word captures the essence of what you think the Democratic Party stands for and works toward?  What is your one word?

Okay, before I tell  you my word, can you also come up with one for the Republican Party?  I have trouble with the Repubs.  I do not understand them at all.  So, I have to go the one word that, for me, nails the Trogs.  That word is "obedience."  

Okay what's your word for the Dems?  Leave me a comment if you can.  Now it's my turn.  My one word that captures the essence of the DemocraticParty and why I, despite much recent disappointment, remain a Democrat is "equality."

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