Monday, November 24, 2014

Rape Culture: Cosby

I have trouble accepting that rape culture is real, but sadly I must accept it's existence and dominance in our contemporary culture.  Sexual violence does appear to be a major theme on TV, in movies, in games and pervades our society.  This is not boys will be boys, and girls will be girls.  This is learned depravity.  Who did the teaching? Who perpetuates it?

Here's more on America's Rapist, Bill Cosby--An alleged Cosby ‘fixer’ comes out of the shadows

At UVa and other institutional purveyors of rape, I suggest it's time to end the frats and sororities, period.  Then school administrators will have one less source of vile campus behavior they have to cover up to maintain their "reputation."   Would you want to attend a rape school?  Would you give large dollar to rape college?

I wonder if rape culture on campuses has increased as government funding has declined.  When school presidents are hired for their ability to grovel for dollars, it's reasonable to expect that they'll do about anything at all, including abetting rape and rapists.  Obstructing justice has become the American way?

As to the current crop of rapists who not attend or have attended UVa, find them, try them, and send them to prison and along the way make sure their faces become very well known in their hometowns.

The alleged rape at a University of Virginia frat house and the fraternity gang-rape culture

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