Sunday, November 2, 2014

Remember the Goldwater election?

I do.  I did not support that pompous ass.  When I got my hands on a "Goldwater" bumper sticker I went looking for a urinal to provide folks with a way to make a meaningful commentary about the schmuck every time they took a leak on "Goldwater."  I did stick the sticker inside the urinal and folks did piss on "Goldwater".  

Guess who supported Goldwater when I was putting bumper stickers in urinals?  Uh, Hillary Clinton campaigned for him.  The GOP has RINOs, the Dems have the same, there are Democrats in name only.  Ms. Clinton is a DINO.  Think about it as she makes speeches.  If you wind up being suckered in by her speeches, vote for her,  and if she wins in 2016, then grab the KY and get ready to be royally Obamafied (hope and change went extinct in Jan. 2009).

So, what do you think makes a Democrat, a Democrat?


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