Sunday, November 2, 2014


I haven't posted anything for some months.  Now with the Mid-terms upon us, it's time to resume posting.

If you watched the bobble head shows today, then you know it's a safe bet that the Senate will go to the GOP.  If you are not an acid drooling Repub, then before you start the wailing, gnashing, and rending activities, let me ask you, uh, so what?  What will really change over the next two years?  What?  Well, exactly nothing.

The Trogs will stick it to Obama as they have for six years.  The Dems will continue to be Dems.  Our government will plod along.  The Trogs won't get anything accomplished.  The Dems won't either.  We will see a two year run of political games of chicken as both try to cause an action or force an embarrassing flinch.

The Trogs will try to force Obama's hand.  In one of Obama's hand he will wield his veto stamp, in the other a pen to sign lots of executive orders designed to really piss off Repubs.  I won't be surprised if the House knuckle-draggers opt for impeachment.  I hope they do, since it will hurt them--remember Clinton and that Gingrich guy anyway?

As both side trash each other in typical fashion,   Jackasses and Trogs will both check out polls and run a few focus groups to provide bullet points for the ravings of their respective aspiring presidential narcissists.  Gridlock, chickenlock, it will be but two years of Prez wannabes scrambling for free face time on cable.  Do you really want to see Clinton vs. Bush in 2016?

I don't. Billionaires will pay for the show and decide who will be in the cast.   Come on does anyone think wed see a race that features Elizabeth Warren vs. Rand Paul?

Yep it is time to get back to it.  More to come in the coming days and weeks as we continue to watch big money patriotically buy our nation one statue and one rule at a time...    

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