Monday, November 10, 2014


I'm an old fart so my memory may be flagging, but I do not remember grade school testing at all.  I do remember SATs in my senior year of HS.  Other tests may have occurred, but not in a quantity that  imprinted testing as a theme bubbling up when I have have an occasional school days reflection.

Sadly, I fear that is not the case for the younger crowd today. At least I infer so based on the number of pieces I've read about the schools, accountability, and the testing industry that has apparently taken control of public education in all of our states.

I wonder how much federals and state tax money is transferred from public treasuries to private testing business bank accounts?  If you know the amount, then you might be able to give us a probability for the end of government funded massive testing in out schools.

Yep, our problem is government but it's not government per se, it's based in all those fill-in the blank industrial congressional complexes that we've allowed to be created in the name of governance.  Anyone for shutting down the Military Industrial Congressional Complex?  Let's do that one first and then zap education.  Oh, you have a friend of relative who benefits from the MICC...

I'm a lefty as anyone who reads my dreck knows, but on education I more align with Libertarians and Trogs--get the feds out of education, that is, out of the classroom.  A decent first step might be ridding ourselves of about 90% of the Dept of Education (fold the E back into what was HEW).  The federal government has a place in education, yes, they can build classrooms, but they have no place in who or what goes on in the from of the room.  Teaching is up to locals.  Local school boards will educate their urchins or not as they are wont.

Of here's a piece on testing--

States Listen as Parents Give Rampant Testing an F

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