Monday, November 3, 2014

The Day Before

Tomorrow we elect a new House of Reps, one third of the Senate, a slug of governors and other state and local narcissists.  We can expect a record low turnout.  Hell, the primaries were about as low as they've ever been so who really expects much tomorrow?

Our national election outcomes are pretty much determined by older, educated, white males and their spouses.  The young are marginal in elections since they just don't show up.  Ditto for non-white blocs.  Imagine what kind of candidates we'd see if the young, low income, lower education, non-whites turned out and voted at the same levels of white guys and their mates in primaries.  Do you think we'd sees better breed of pol elected to office?  I do.

It would be nice to see some changes, but to be honest, if nothing much changes I'm okay.  If Dems and Trogs want to spend the next 10 or 20 years poking each other in the eye and the government continues to run as it does today, I'm okay with that.  In 30 years I'll be dead.

Younger folks please note:  if you don't participate then you accept rule by merely adequate toadies who suck up to the rich and those who benefit from their status quo.

Is it time for a new party?    

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