Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Next Two Years

Now that Obama, Boehner, and McConnell have spent their entire 10 year allotment of Kumbaya time on Friday, does anyone expect anything other than very partisan gridlock, laced with minimally requisite governance, over the next two years?  I don't.

I expect more of what we all want--gridlock.  If we did not want it the way it has been, we would have replaced the House and Senate with a new type of narcissist.  We did not.  It does not matter who wins.   For all practical purposes, as an example from Virginia, what the hell is the effective diff between Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie?
Warner won, Gillespie lost.  Until the GOP (or the Dems) have veto proof majorities in Congress, it's no big deal.  As all of us witnessed the end of seniority being used to determine Congressional Committee positions and we watched Congress end earmarks, we have seen gridlock ensue.  Did anyone wish the end of seniority or earmarks?  If you did, did you anticipate gridlock?

Oh, the "we" in "what we all want" above, consists of just those voters who at least vote in primary elections (or attend party conventions).  We want it the way it is.  We want it our way and screw the other side.  Since we determine the candidates, it's our way no matter how many other decide to join us in the general election.  If you don't like it, then how about a new party or three?  Otherwise we will all continue to see our politics decided by about 15% (at best) of registered voters.

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