Sunday, November 9, 2014

The People Have Spoken

Don't you love it when pols, upon a big victory for their party, blather on about "how the people have spoken."  This time it's the Trogs who yammer on and on about how the people have spoken for change and a new (GOP) way of governing.  Whenever I hear such bullshit I have to remind everyone about who the people are that have spoken.

Across the states this midterm about 37% of eligible voters showed up and voted.  Assume that all the victors received 52% of the vote.  When the GOP then prattles on and on about the American people having spoken they are referring to a whopping 19% of us wanting all that GOP horeseshit.  That's how we measure a majority?

The American people did not speak.  They are mute.  They do not care.  Therefore, the gridlock and all its associated stuff, is exactly the way the 37% of who did vote want it.  My side was drubbed, we'll reciprocate in 2016 when 55% of vote.

Oh, even in states where 55% turned out, remember a 55% margin of victory still refers to only 30% of all possible voters.

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