Friday, November 14, 2014

The Schmucks Never Quit With The Dominos

Do you remember why we waged war in Vietnam?  Well all those little nations in Southeast Asia were like a set of dominoes lined up one behind the other.  If one, say Vietnam fell, then it would cause the others to topple and become Commie states.  How'd we do on that one?  Vietnam went Commie and the others?  So now we come to ISIS and I'm getting that deja vu all over again feeling.

What begins as a touch of aid and assistance can, as it did before, grow into a full blown mess.

I saw this headline when I opened the Richmond paper today:  U.S. may play wider combat role in Iraq!  I'm not quite sure I want another war. Do you?

It didn't take us long to go from a MAG to MACV.   60,000 American deaths plus a couple million Vietnamese death later we left.  What's going to happen in the Middle East?

Repub. seem to love war.  I guess it's good for business.  Dems don't like war if a Repub is in the White House, but apparently are just fine with it when their guy is the commanderator.  Hmm, business would be better off backing the Dems in 2016, that way both sides would support the war and profits would be assured.  Odd, vote for war, vote for the Democrat, will that be Clinton's mantra?

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