Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thinking about Mexico

I was listening to a show on MSNBC this morning about the missing students in Mexico.  Apparently...

43 students were rounded up from the streets in a Mexican burg by the local cops who were only doing what their chief ordered.  He wanted to please the Mayor who wanted to keep his wife smiling(she thought the students doing some kind of fund raising made her town look messy).

The cops got rid of the kids by handing them over to the local cartel (affiliated with the Mayor and the cops).  The cartel apparently killed them, then burned their bodies then bagged and trashed their ashes in a river.  It can kind of make one shake one's head and begin to think how much better we are than the riffraff down in Mexico.

Nah, we're all just people who all have the capability of very destructive and self-destructive behavior.  We can control it and minimize it through our social institutions, but we can never quite rid ourselves of our worst nature.  It's constant work to be civilized.  Oh, lest we get feeling a tad too superior, have we  forgotten about our domestic forays into bits of barbarism.  Have you forgotten the Colfax Massacre?

Here's a beginning point to see our own history, it's far from complete, but it reminds me that here and everywhere, we are just people trying our damnedest.  Most of the time we succeed, but when we fail we really blow chunks.  We do tend to forget our latest bout of savagery.  Sometimes the savages emerge victorious.  Then what they did is, for the moment, deemed good, even admirable.    Are we poised to blow chunks today?  Where and why?  What's good and what's bad?  What do you admire?

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