Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To be or not to be

Uh, to be what?  Oh, that's easy.  To be an emperor or not to be an emperor, that is Obama's question. He already told us he has to obey the law, he can't play at king.  Now, it appears that he's decided being king is okay, he's headed down the royal path on immigration.

His justification is dreck.  He's pulling a Clinton, remember "the meaning of is, is," bullshit?  And he's using the Shrub's approach to presidential actions--get a lawyer to tell him it's legit and it's okay to do damned near anything.  

If Obama does the immigration thing all by himself, will the new GOP Congress decide to try to govern or act like petulant kiddies?  They won't impeach him so I'd watch for lots of Trogs pouting while they shut down the government next year.   After all this is what the voters, not the American people, want.  Voters elected these schmucks to provide this form of governance.  We have what we want (we elected it).  

Obama’s potential immigration plan could enter uncharted territory

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