Friday, November 14, 2014

Tree Hugger Stuff

How do you feel about paper vs. plastic?  Most tree-huggers get real frothy when one mentions plastic bags.  They really don't like them.  They've even had them banned in some areas.   Now they're trying to price them away--The surprising reason why those 5 cent charges for plastic bags actually work.

Of course paper may not superior to plastic.  Paper has it's own problems. Which is more environmentally friendly: paper or plastic?

Okay, we can all buy reusable bags and haul them to the store.  I assume anyone who takes their own bags to the grocery does wash the bags after every use.  One thing about paper and plastic, they are clean and minimize contaminants getting on this weeks food from the prior weeks purchases.

I'll stick with plastic and paper.  I'd probably pay the nickel a bag for sanitation.  

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