Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We're still waging war on our fear

Our latest fear is ISIL.  We're bombing them.  We're helping others kill them.  If we're lucky we'll eliminate this current fear and wait for the next one to surface.  Damn, why couldn't we have waited a while longer before we let our paranoia put the Pentagon back on top?

Oh, since we're at war have you written your Congressman about ISIL war yet?  I don't expect them to declare war, so asking for that is a waste of ink or electrons.  However, asking them to debate a tax increase to pay for the war is not a waste at all.  That would be an interesting debate.  I can see it now, Trogs might be for increasing taxes and the Dems would be against it.  Weird.

Ask your elected putz or putzette to put a bill on the floor to institute a war tax so that we do not stick one more war on the unborn taxpayer.

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