Saturday, November 22, 2014

When you hear a Trog yammer about the American People Have Spoken...

Trogs took the Senate and added House numbers.  They love to make it sound as though, on election day, the nation's voters suddenly woke up, started drooling bile and dragged their knuckles all the way to the polls.  The nation had screamed "Trog!"  Oh, bullshit.  Look on voting day most people went out for pizza, took a nap, or played games.  The one thing they did not do was vote.

Across the nation only 36.7% of possible voters, voted.  That means 63.3% sat on their thumbs, picked their noses or contemplated their ass crack.  Lets assume that, on average, the Trogs won each race by 55% (I'm being generous).  Okay that means that a whopping 20%, yes, 20%, that's a mighty minority of American voters who drooled on their knuckles that day.  That's not a wave.  That's not a mandate.  That's just plain stupid.

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