Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bush Didn't Know

That schmucks whole presidency seems to have been eight years of not knowing anything about what his government was doing.  The guy is a dim bulb, but damn he can, plausibly, deny that he was president.  Was George Bush president?

Documents Shed New Light on Legal Wrangling Over Spying in U.S.

Obama seems to have emulated the shrub.  How often does he claim to have found out about the latest mess, scandal, or government fuckup at the same time as we did from cable news?   And it's his folks who have screwed up.  I guess the guy doesn't chat with folks in his Departments  He's not a people person.

Wow, for the past few decades we've been led  by a liar, a dolt and a misanthrope.  We elected them so they are exactly what we wanted.  We do have remarkably poor taste.

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