Saturday, December 13, 2014

Makes ya proud to be an Amercan, don't iit

The Senate Democratic staff members who wrote the 6,000-page report counted 119 prisoners who had been in C.I.A. custody. Of those, the report found that 26 were either described in the agency’s own documents as mistakenly detained, or released and given money, evidence of the same thing.

Amid Details on Torture, Data on 26 Who Were Held in Error

I don't know why but this kind of shit reminds me of Ohio--

Ohio lawmakers remove death penalty bill measure that could have led to drug shortages

Ohio Lawmakers Want to Remove Transparency on Executions, So Capital Punishment Can Resume

If Ohioans are hellbent on killing people to assuge the need for collective vengence, that's their choice.  However,  they should exercise their mortal actions in public. Ohio should drop the needle, the chair, the chamber, the rope, and the bullets. Ohio should have public executions.  The Governor should be the only one allowed to pull the cord on the Ohio State Guillotine.

The execution site should be at the top of some exterior steps so the head may roll to the bottom. Only with public executions can potential felons be deterred from committing crime. Note, capital punishment has not been a deterrent for some time, it's also not been public for decades. Ohio can become the nation's leader in capital punishment justice if it adopts my suggestions.  Now Texans...

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