Friday, December 19, 2014

North Korea

Here's a piece on the N. Korean hack of Sony.  Sony, erred is pulling the film.  Had anything blown up, that'd been enough pretext to vaporize the schmucks.

U.S. attributes Sony attack to North Korea

I have to admit as I mused on this idiotic bit of criminality, my mind wandered over to our domestic  cyber-thugs, the NSA.  What if the NSA is the real culprit of the SONY hack?  What if they spoofed the techniques and methods of the Koreans and did it so well that any expert would conclude the North Koreans were guilty of zapping Sony?  With that kind of control, the NSA would be able to run everything as they wanted it run.  It's sketchy, but with some additional thought, I think we could make a follow up movie to the Interview.

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