Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On the pad

I  swear that everyone in this country is on the pad in one way or another.  Here's a slick bit of pad news--keeping those salaries coming is the feature,  It's brought to us by Congress and the good folks who administer what Congress creates.

If you don't like it, remember, voters elected the dickheads and headettes who do this shit for us everyday--to get donations and votes to be reelected to do it all again.  Didn't vote?  Well then don't complain.   Want change?  Then form a new party, elect folks who aren't dickheads/headettes.  Oh, make sure you never reelect folks who spend federal money on boondoggles just to keep the salaries coming for folks in your state, district and neighborhood.

NASA’s $349 million monument to its drift

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