Monday, December 15, 2014

Similar folks

As I look at politicians and how the American public at large reacts to them, I've found one pair that elicit the same reaction but are so very, very different.

Hillary Clinton.  How'd you react to that name?  A number of people cringe, think vile thoughts and then mutter any number of gender based obscenities.  Hell it's been that way since the first time they say a picture of her.  She seems to engender a lasting reaction.

Bearing in mind how folks react to Ms. Clinton, let;s say the next one's name-- Ted Cruz.  Double Ditto for reaction.  And triple ditto for how folks respond to his visage.  Make that a quid on the obscenities.  At this point he's suckier that her.  Give him another 10 plus years and he'll be about the same.

God, if both were their respective party's nominees in 2016, it would be a stink-off.  Which do you think would be elected as the least odoriferous?

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