Friday, December 19, 2014

Want to know why things go bump in the night, all day, and throughout the evening?

Well, it's us--

...65% of U.S. adults believe that all of these aspects of the Christmas story – the virgin birth, the journey of the magi, the angel’s announcement to the shepherds and the manger story – reflect events that actually happened. Among U.S. Christians, fully eight-in-ten (81%) believe in all four elements of the Christmas story. Even among people who are not affiliated with any religion, 21% believe all these events took place, and 37% believe at least one (but not all) of them occurred.

Little things, like reason, logic, facts, science, etc. don't stand a chance against a nation over blessed with a frothy faithful who put stock in mass illusions and delusions while advancing gullibility as their guidon.


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